Thursday, 21 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130319 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis? - disgraceful

US Supreme Court Applies First Sale Doctrine Worldwide - summary #kirtsaeng #copyright

Publishers Show Yet Again How To Make Money By Reducing The Price To Zero - how many examples do we need?

"immediate moratorium on all business-related regulation." -, the mask slips #eu #lobbying

Challenge launched to promote #opendata for #education - move

Pratham Books is "Open" for Publishing - how giving away books boosts sales #india #publishing

France draws red lines for #TAFTA - important: food safety, GMO cultivation & “cultural exception" #opendrafts #Ipout

Dear George Bush and Dick Cheney, You Are Guilty of Murder: A Letter from a Dying Veteran - powerful writing #iraq

Announcing the School of Data Journalism 2013 in Perugia - nice city

Swype Beta for Android Gets Full #Hindi Support - cool 

The Real Purpose of #DRM - plausible; further proof#copyright is broken

draft EP resolution on #TAFTA [doc] - NB: no call for#transparency or #public participation (v @MarietjeD66)#fail

Introducing OX Text -  "open source browser-based Office productivity suite"; looks interesting

MT @SMuresan @EP_trade demands to be informed by @EU_Commission before & after each round of #TAFTA negotiations >>*public* demands the same

Patents, Trademarks And Copyrights Have No Place In Trade Agreements - they are antithetical to free trade #TAFTA

#Openness, Opportunity and Innovation: capitalising on the digital revolution - by @NeelieKroesEU 

The battle to keep water out of the internal market - #watermust be a #commons, not a #commodity #EU

Regulating Code: Towards a Prosumer Law - building on "Code is Law"? 

World's giant squid are one big happy family - aaaah....#genomics

French Prime Minister instructions on the usage of Free Software in the French administration - english translation

Call For Interest: Toronto Negotiation Unconference 2013 -

#Penguin Publishes Set Of Books Inspired By Each Tube Line - excellent, creative #publishing - kudos #london

"15-year-old rape survivor sentenced to be whipped 100 times" - clearly time to #boycott the #maldives #epetition

EU Court judgment on #ACTA secrecy is a disservice to democracy - backward-looking & disappointing #opendrafts #TAFTA

#KDE Plasma Media Center - Release One - sounds very cool #opensource

Congressman Already Claims That He Needs To Overturn Supreme Court Ruling In Kirtsaeng - maximalists always want more

Mapping the Growth of #OpenStreetMap - nice study of hugely important open project (v @Liberationtech @NeelieKroesEU)

Kiwi 3 Strikes Tribunal Fines Soldier Who Was Serving In Afghanistan When Infringement Happened - how sick is this?

Updating the Copyright Act? It's up to all of us - well, if you're a Usian...

European parliament releases its amendment software as #opensource -  good to see it getting involved

Public worldwide supports ocean sustainability - especially in#china; time 2 listen to scientists (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Register Of Copyright Suggests That Personal Downloading Should Not Be Seen As 'Piracy' - baby steps

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