Sunday, 24 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130322 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

New paper on dsRNA type GMOs - Q&A with the authors - new technology being introduced with little oversight

Spain to Crackdown on Pirate Sites and Outlaw File-Sharing - #spain bends over for Uncle Sam...

Clash of the titans: Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft under fire at IT pricing inquiry - outrageous price-gouging in #AU

Open-Source #Robotic Software Advances At Kickoff Meeting - good to see (v @schestowitz)

North Dakota Inching Ever Closer to Being First State to Enact Personhood Abortion Law - truly twisted people there

iPad Hacker Appeals With Cyber Law Expert as New Lawyer - let's hope he wins this time

Bulgarian Prosecution Confirms Probe against Journalists - press freedom under threat in #bulgaria? (v @wikileaks)

‘Quarantine her!’ Top Tunisian Islamist says topless girl needs stoning - what a barbaric bully (v @Asher_Wolf)

“Gaming” can be avoided: bloggers can be protected from the Crime and Courts Bill - important point here #leveson #uk

How Cryptocurrencies Could Upend Banks' Monetary Role - & important stuff #bitcoin

Petition: increase Governmental spend on R&D 2 0.8% GDP - #sciencematters even more now (v @Stephen_Curry @JennyRohn)

Websites Can Legally Pirate Porn Movies, Prosecutors Rule - nice logic here

Cyprus crisis: UK experts fly out to advise on bailout - I hope this isn't so they try the same approach here.. #UK

#TPP negotiations speed up despite asset sale fears - get it: it's about limiting future choice (v @PostActa)

#CocaCola Machine ‘Out of Order’ in Australia - company thought it was the 1908s; forgot that people fight back today

“Castrate them!” “Burn them!”: #Facebook Israelis react to photo of Palestinian kids - (v @jilliancyork)

Google doit-il financer la création culturelle? - more crazy stuff from #france (v @cybeardjm)

Gun Deaths Continue Since Newtown - almost literally unbelievable (for me, at least...) #guns

"Technological innovation does not guarantee political innovation; at times, it might even impede it." - true

US Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Pay-For-Delay Drug Deals - "had unlawfully extended its monopoly"; important

Just Freed, Cleared Man Has a Heart Attack - life is nothing if not unfair... (v @tkibbe @normative)

Exactly 'Why' Did Bush and the Neocons Disastrously Invade #Iraq? - some interesting thoughts on this

"this is an ideological attack on the National Health Service" - clever - & very evil (v @bengoldacre)#privatisation

"Fox [News] keeps turning to the left" - you can't make this stuff up... (v @normative)#teaparty

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