Saturday, 30 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130328 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Amazon's Plan to Own Writing and Reading Advances With Goodreads Buy - seriously problematic: monopsony & monopoly

#FSFE Fellows unite UK environmentalists through "Green Bridge" - makes sense: it's all about the commons

#Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy's Last Safe Haven - fascinating; but will it end in tears?

#Spain Leads EU in GM Crops, but No One Knows Where They Are - simply unacceptable #transparency

Next Generation Life - more on the amazingly life-like images of humans (v @renesugar)

#Facebook To Unveil Its 'New Home On Android' Next Week - potentially big if it's some kind of smartphone 

#OUYA’s Julie Uhrman Unveils The #Android Console’s Interface And Games -  "8,000 developers" creating games

Public Comments on Keystone XL Pipeline to Be Kept Secret by State Department - dirty business ahead... #tarsands

The final #OUYA retail console is ready, we go hands-on - mostly positive #android

#China Expands List of Activities Forbidden to Tibetans -'t even promote language or defend environment #tibet

How will the #UK ban on doctors using social media anonymously affect patients? - this is worrying (v @bengoldacre) 

speaking of #IPRED consultation, has anyone had problems retrieving drafts and submitting forms? I was locked out and had to re-do mine 3x

another question on #IPRED: I'm hearing that some people didn't receive the email invitation after applying: anyone else affected by this?

anyone else finding #Gmail's spam filter's getting worse?  I'm finding more false positives these days, which is worrying... #google

"The terms “green” and “gold” are now so debased that we should simply stop using them." - clearly the plan #oa

#openaccess; Let’s get rid of “Green” “Gold” and use precise language such as “CC-BY”. And be joyous -

Bringing The Data Journalism Handbook to Brazilian Journalists - http:// great stuff #brazil #opendata

#Sainsbury & #Tesco conceal #tobacco health warnings - wants to shop where they help death? (v @bengoldacre)

US struggles with pharmaceutical goals in Asia trade talks - rubbish: it doesn't give a damn about poor (v @burcuno)

"balance" is the code-word used when people can't counter arguments directly; but it's like calling for "balance" between good and evil

The Chilling Effects of the #DMCA on research - think of what has been lost (v @DerekKhanna)

the rich say: "we must do this to create more jobs for you." they mean: "we must do this to create more profits for us." #rhetoricaltricks

EU #Copyright: We Need Actions, Not Consultations! - consultation ends tomorrow...

Alfred Anaya Put Secret Compartments in Cars. So DEA Put Him in Prison - melancholy tale (v @wearpants @Asher_Wolf)

First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam in NYC - area #openhardware

America's Robber Barons Are at War With Rest of the Country - "successfully raising taxes on middle class & the poor"

important: EU negotiating mandate 4 #TAFTA [pdf] - NB includes Geographical Indications and investor-state disputes

leaked EU mandate for #TAFTA shows why transparency is necessary: we will get hold of it anyway, so why not respect the public? #opendrafts

MT @GiselleG7 Newsnight on #NHS reforms heralding privatisation. Unless NHS exempted from EU/US trade laws, will be no going back>>#TAFTA

Closing free talks with deal to be harder than opening negotiations for SKorea, China, Japan - politics, politics..

Posts Removed Because We’ve Received Letters From Edwin Mellen Press’ Attorney - have they heard of #streisandeffect?

Laotian all-women bomb clearance team, "most dangerous job in world," to speak in U.S. - respect: far braver than me

Il Governo potrà conoscere, attraverso i servizi, tutte le informazioni dei cittadini (senza magistratura) - cosa???

How cyberwar was spun by shoddy journalism - yup: if it's got "cyber", it's probably rubbish:

Do drugs really have to be so expensive? - nope: prizes are your friend (v @burcuno)#pharma

AmCham newsletter on #TAFTA - lots of interesting stuff (v @PostActa#opendrafts #Ipout

Edwin Mellen Press Demonstrates How Not To Respond To Criticism: With Lawsuits & Bogus Threats - #streisandeffect

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