Saturday, 9 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130307 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Minister nominee alludes to revisiting controversial Investor-State Dispute clause - pretty significant #korea

Opening Product Data For A More Responsible World - important trend for the future #opendata

European Parliament blocks emails containing the word ”gender” on International Women’s Day - </facepalm>

#tobacco causes $100 billion economic damage to 4 of #TPP countries - so exclude it from investor-state disputes

Cheap drugs a bitter pill for the West - and expensive ones a death pill for the poor #generics #TRIPS

Linux Beats Mac Dramatically In Humble Bundle Total Payments - the most generous, of course

Mails von Bürgern bezüglich des vorgeschlagenen Pornographie-Verbots im EU-Parlament unerwünscht - ironic, much?

How A Fired Republican Staffer Became A Powerful Martyr For Internet Activists - useful summary of significant shift

SimCity: The Backlash - this will be a classic business school study one day: death by #DRM

re:publica sucht Helferinnen und Helfer - Die happening Stelle #de

#China plans study for free trade deal with Europe - could be useful counterpoise to #TAFTA #opendrafts #Ipout

The EU Commission's Fine on Microsoft - What's Wrong With It? - good point here by @Groklaw 

#Disney calls for extended (c) in #TPP - the #copyrightrachet/racket (v @PostActa @alisternburg)

Australian Recording Industry Continues To Fight The Technology That Is Saving It - deathwish or what? #AU #copyright

How Skype monitors and censors its Chinese users - helpful #china #surveillance #censorship

Medical Students Concerned About Patient Rights in #TPP - pity the #NZ government isn't... #pharmac

High quality #TPP needs to be concluded, urge businesses - their indecent haste for a deal speaks volumes

Actipedia is an open-access, user-generated database of creative activism - sounds useful (v @manhack)

Health experts urge greater gender balance in clinical trials - few women, here as elsewhere

Au Smart Pass, the one-year-old Android app buffet from Japan’s KDDI, hits 5m customers - interesting approach

"There's no better way to combat piracy than allowing access to your music at a perceived fair price." - yup

International Women’s Day: Profiles Of Women Fighting Corruption - more needed (v @RachelTIUK @newsbrooke)

Facing Threat of #TPP - how #NAFTA was bad, why #TPPis worse: "Free trade creates rich people not rich communities"

Pending U.S. Court Cases on Intellectual Property and Their Relation to #TPP - good roundup (v @DrRimmer)

Congress Rushes To Legalize Phone Unlocking; But Existing Bills Need A Lot More Work - @DerekKhanna leads the charge

#VP8 could become #MPEG standard - interesting turn of events

New Gigantic Telescopes Will Crack the Secrets of the Skies - exciting - maybe I should be come an astronomer...

HTC Facebook Smartphone Specs Leak Online - if you believe them

World's biggest mouth has an erectile secret - fascinating#whales

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