Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130325 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Sexuelle Revolution in #Iran: Erst kommt die Lust, dann die Moral - pretty extraordinary 

ConsumerNZ raises concerns about Trans-Pacific Partnership - good: consumers main losers here (v @DrRimmer)#TPP#NZ

Property, theft and how we must breach this sacred line - analysis #commons

Mapped: Doctor Who In #London - what a wonderful combination #drwho

"statutory duty of candour" - I like the sound of this: can we have one for everyone - including politicians...? #nhs

Smuggler Caught With 10 Percent of an Entire Species - (v @BoraZ @ColinS)

do you like #chocolate? - great; but pl. make sure you boycott #Lindt & Sprüngli, #Guylian and #Thorntons #palmoil

If You're An App Developer And Concerned About #Patents (You Should Be), Here's An Event For You - US only

Crazy Idea Of The Month: Allowing #Patents On #Mathematics - what could possibly go wrong?

Will bloggers be protected? Maybe – if your blog is “small” - for some value of "small"... #leveson #uk

The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt's Great Pyramid - wish I'd done that

#Japan’s Big Bet on #TPP - "“5 fingers” guarantee that there will be a ratification showdown down road" (v @burcuno)

Please Register for the #EU's #IPRED Consultation Now - help stop #ACTA by the backdoor #copyright

#BRICS reach deal on development bank to rival #IMF - big, if confirmed, no? (v @ChinaBizWatch)

Why India's FTA with EU is very bad for its people -"negotiations that began in 2007 have hardly been transparent"

#TAFTA: Lobbying opportunities through the back door - "ultimate opportunity" (v @olivierhoedeman)#opendrafts

Morgen ist Document Freedom Day: Offene Standards feiern und fördern - don't forget #dfd2013

Have The Russians Already Quietly Withdrawn All Their Cash From #Cyprus? - devastating, if true (v @gchampeau)

Senator Fido Wants To Create Official Ambassador For Hollywood's Interests - this is getting surreal #IPout of #TAFTA

ISPs Cannot Be Forced To Store Data on File-Sharers, Court Rules - nice; pity it's not EU-wide (v @maira)#de

April decision possible on #Japan joining #TPP talks: New Zealand's Groser - interesting comments/threats on #WTO #NZ

Why #Microsoft Is Setting Up Manufacturing Plants In #Ethiopia - sign of the times (v @africatechie) 

Empire Illustrated: Peng Liyuan at Tiananmen, 1989 - a piece of history

#Monsanto, DuPont strike $1.75 billion licensing deal, end lawsuits - close parallels with #microsoft (v @DrRimmer)

"provision protecting #GM seeds from litigation in face of health risks" - er, what??? (v @joerogan @kaatje36) 

New Free Trade Coalition Focusing on EU-U.S., Global Privacy Barriers - i.e. levelling down (v @lexelas @bendrath)

FBI wants Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013 - #PGP is your friend (v @rj_gallagher @asteris)

#TPP declaration fuels other talks / European nations grow more eager to reach trade deals with Japan - (v @burcuno)

What's Wrong With This Picture? - don't ask the pope#copyright

Japan in FTA talks with S. Korea, China -  the whole world has gone #FTA mad... #TPP #TAFTA (@fifarahman @jpclark14) 

United States Chided As TRIPS Scofflaw At #WTO - no, really (v @ThiruGeneva)

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