Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130310 - http://bit.ly/10tRJmZ yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

NHS efficiency savings: the role of prescribing analytics - http://bit.ly/ZerDmSinteresting & important use of #opendata (v @piawaugh)

The #Android Paradox, Hackers and Casuals - http://bit.ly/ZtgYn7 nothing new here, but well explained (v @charlesarthur)#devs

Internet Surveillance: a despot’s dream - http://bit.ly/WYjHEI excellent summary: every politician should read it (v @davispg @Asher_Wolf)

OGM : Monsanto veut attaquer l'#EFSA en justice - http://bit.ly/XCikiT#monsanto is getting desperate

Interior Minister urges Britain to leave human rights convention -http://bit.ly/XgRr65 oh do shut it: nobody's going to make you leader

US pharma firm seeks to stop EU agency releasing drug data -http://bit.ly/YVrylP surely it has nothing to hide? #opendata

'If I turn a green field into an estate then I’m not doing it 4 peanuts' -http://bit.ly/XgYPyg good work @dailytelegraph(v @tom_watson)

councils re-assess use of #CCTV - http://bit.ly/Y4u5hs about time

#OpenGovernment Systems: What should #Kenya Demand for? -http://bit.ly/WhkUtm great to see #africa increasingly active here #opendata

“Six Strikes” Boosts Demand For BitTorrent VPNs and Proxies -http://bit.ly/13Pg8I0 gosh, no one saw that coming...much

Groklaw's Proposed Response to the USPTO's Request for Suggested Topics for Future Discussion - Care to Help? - http://bit.ly/ZzK5IV

Licences for Europe – Why we won’t be at today’s meeting -http://bit.ly/ZzKxqC great post about shabby EC behaviour #copyright #bullying

Four More #China Tech Trends to Watch in the Year of the Snake -http://bit.ly/Y5xppo useful summary

#EU-#India FTA: EU pushes for IP Enforcement - IP chapter draft text under negotiation (2013) - http://bit.ly/10v7uKg important leak

As Big as Terrorism - http://bit.ly/YSFAI2 great post on why antibiotic resistance is far more dangerous that inflated threat of terrorism

Introducing the new global community Ambassador scheme -http://bit.ly/WhmHig fab idea from #openknowledgefoundation

Ardour 3.0 is released - http://bit.ly/Y5y3U5 looks good #opensource #music

Light cast on origins of life - http://bit.ly/Y5ygql fascinating - I love this stuff#genomics

FAQ zum Leistungsschutzrecht - http://bit.ly/Y5ykWY “handwerklich schlechtes und deswegen ein sehr unverständliches Gesetz”

Cyberlinguistics: recording world’s vanishing voices - http://bit.ly/Whnsb5 fantastic use of mobile tech to preserve languages #android

Google might open up certain top-level domains to the public -http://cnet.co/12I0kHH "might" isn't enough... #TLDs

The Uncertain Fate of the Government's Last 50 Medical-Research Chimps -http://bit.ly/ZtSg5Y these beings have suffered enough

EDRi's Guide On How To Answer The #IPRED Consultation -http://bit.ly/YnkyhM please do this before end of month – important

#DataProtection: Last Opinion Vote in JURI on 19 March - http://bit.ly/WZtU3Pappalling abdication of responsibilities by MEPs: v sad

Look at the graph to see the evidence of global warming - http://bit.ly/WZtU3Pshame on @dailytelegraph for this mathematical illiteracy (v +Timothy Gowers)

What the EU Pornography Ban is Really About - http://bit.ly/ZAnuf5 it's not even about #censorship... #EuropeanParliament

Owen Paterson "to call for EU to allow more GM crops to be sold" -http://bit.ly/15HTAYl why on earth trust our Anti-Environment Minister?

Tories must reverse 'great socialist coup' of last decade, says Liam Fox -http://bit.ly/Y4SEuL Fox is clearly barking

Why #OpenSource Matters, and the Limits of Pivotal HD - http://bit.ly/13RJLZwlong, thoughtful analysis #hadoop

#Obama has set a global round of trade talks in motion -http://wapo.st/13PCAAX instead of saving planet, decides to make rich richer#fail

Congress wants its voice heard as Obama pushes ambitious trade agenda -http://wapo.st/ZACOZb & what about the US public??? #opendrafts

Harper Government Centralizing, Slashing Federal Web Info -http://huff.to/ZfF5qP more bad stuff from #canada (v Heather Morrison)

Pharma battle threatens to delay #TPP - http://bit.ly/W1JrnD obscene profits or millions of human lives: it's such a difficult choice...

New wave of 'superbugs' poses dire threat - bit.ly/WEgdwh instead of tackling it, spend billions on intrusive, useless snooping db

Getting copyright right - http://bit.ly/13S9VLH "internet companies could be forced into a “gatekeeper” role as a privatised police force."

Pope's Job Listed on LinkedIn - http://on.mash.to/YUvbvl "infallibility and strong problem solving skills are a must"

#OpenAccess, “Neoliberalism”, & the Privatisation of Knowledge -http://bit.ly/W2Y3mC "resisting commodification" (v @wilbanks @skonkiel) 

On #TPP Secrecy, US And Five Others Decline To Answer UN -http://bit.ly/ZEtVMa contemptuous & pathetic #opendrafts

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