Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130303 - http://bit.ly/XNu80V yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP negotiators must fix most harmful trade pact ever for access to medicines - http://bit.ly/13B2hoX urgent (v @DrRimmer)#NZ

#TPP: Academic Slams Report PM Used To Claim $3.5bn Gains -http://bit.ly/13zCxZI important debunking of #NZ gov claims

Verizon turns in Baltimore church deacon for storing child porn in cloud -http://ars.to/14jn5Nu this is an important precedent

#TPP to exacerbate #Vietnam’s access to medicines crisis -http://bit.ly/14jndwq so says #oxfam, and they should know

What it Means that #Monsanto Holds the Patents on Life - http://bit.ly/162CDZAgood analysis of important issue

evidence centres to drive better decisions across £200bn of public services -http://bit.ly/102C5Cu evidence-based policy (v @Rchards)

Libyan politician offers to settle UK lawsuit for £3 and an apology -http://bit.ly/YJ9Th8 why secret courts aren't needed

Life Inside the Aaron Swartz Investigation - http://bit.ly/Z9Aoxd my, it seems Steve Heymann is truly sad little human being

The history of Hadoop: From 4 nodes to the future of data - http://
bit.ly/WDjTsN interesting details #opensource

The significance of footnote 10 of the World Copyright Treaty in final text of Treaty of Visually Impaired Persons - http://bit.ly/YPjvJv

Urheberrecht: Grüne gegen Auskunftsanspruch und für Bagatellklausel -http://bit.ly/15t4rVO too timid - shows how browbeaten people are

RT @jamie_love The IPAB upholds the compulsory license on Nexavar patents in the Bayer v Natco case in India. >>yay for #india

Lord Monckton Threatens Climate Scientists, Again - http://bit.ly/Y8xl7F this man is an embarrassment to the UK

In The Security World, Android Is The New Windows - http://bit.ly/13BAYLn this has been worrying me for a while; mega #google #fail

G-8 International Conference on #OpenData for Agriculture -http://bit.ly/15t5ANa potentially important (v @okfn) 

Prenda Law Sues Critics For Defamation - http://bit.ly/YPmf9G what a crazy story

Fascist Switzerland Strikes back - http://bit.ly/Y8zTCJ Craig Murray not mincing words again...

EU #copyright law – Pirates enable citizen participation -  http://bit.ly/WFOH1Greally useful guides to responding to EU consultations

Open Humanities Awards: 10 Days Left to Apply! - http://bit.ly/Z9Npqi hurry hurry 

US #TPP trade demands for corporate rights threaten women -http://bit.ly/163936b and others

U.S. Seeks to Revive #ACTA Without European Support - http://bit.ly/15t9Goqwill #canada meekly obey?

Silberwissen – Rückblick und ein erster Blick voraus - http://bit.ly/XO4zwZgreat idea #wikipedia

Twitter to the Rescue? How Social Media is Transforming Human Rights Monitoring - http://bit.ly/VZD9DG (v @Anne_Roth @Asher_Wolf)

EU #Copyright Dialogue: The Great Sham(e) - http://bit.ly/XOphgb prejudging the outcome is not what a stakeholder dialogue looks like

Making Transparency Real – The City of Palo Alto Unleashes the Value of Government Data - http://bit.ly/VvdW4T interesting moves #opendata

No Place Like Home - http://bit.ly/YQ7fbB mean-spirited & cowardly action by UK government (v @PoliceStateUK)

White House Says Mobile Phone Unlocking Should Be Legal -http://bit.ly/W0fjHZ that's good news

Backer of Cellphone Unlocking Petition Sets Sights on Modifying Copyright Act - http://dthin.gs/ZaDh0I even better

Christian School Fires Teacher for Pre-Marital Sex, Offers to Hire Her Boyfriend - http://bit.ly/15tNhYg no comment required

#Bahrain Bans The Import Of Guy Fawkes Masks - http://bit.ly/WHUnIHsomebody hasn't really thought this through...

Secret court hearing plans pushed through by #UK government -http://bit.ly/ZiNJEK makes me ashamed to be british... #starchamber

Saying “Copy” Was A Screw-Up - http://bit.ly/ZiPkdA interesting analysis#abundance

Open Workflows for Open Teams (and closed ones too) - http://bit.ly/Vwflbufascinating glimpse into open data institute #opendata

Heise & Leistungsschutzrecht: “Wir akzeptieren keine Einschränkungen der Freiheiten und Möglichkeiten des Internet” - http://bit.ly/XSxqNu

GMO labeling in America - http://bit.ly/W0AN7E Proposition 37 was just the beginning...

Canada worries about US-EU free trade - http://bit.ly/ZYagHN interesting thought #ceta #TAFTA #opendrafts

US Groups express dairy concerns within #TPP negotiations -http://bit.ly/XHiPqj #NZ sacrifices #pharmac, doesn't even get milk in return?

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