Monday, 25 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130323 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Coffice - Calligra on #Android available now - exciting stuff#KDE

"At Elsevier, we have welcomed the recommendations from the Finch Report" - of that I have no doubt (v @McDawg)#OA

Decentralized Open infrastructure: an example from The Blue Obelisk - great work #openchemistry

Economic ties with #Africa top agenda of #China’s new president - says it all (v @africatechie)#newworldorder

Grandmothers who are brilliant at technology - "Grandma Got STEM" - nice #science

The Small Languages Of Russia - how language, politics and power remained deeply interwined

African tech startups raise $1 million in #crowdfunding effort - #africa really moving at the moment

Criminal gangs fill void left by #Egypt's broken security apparatus - deeply troubling (v @bradleyhope @Asher_Wolf)

Do we really want doctors to profit from the pills they prescribe? - reputation of doctors will plummet, I fear #nhs

Jobs confidential: 15 people reveal the truth about their work - nice idea, nicely done

The Henrietta Lacks Genome: Consent, Trust, and Common Decency - I don't think people thought this through...

Mediziner warnen: Pharmaindustrie soll Leitlinien beeinflusst haben - #transparency: a matter of life or death

Piratas y corsarios - "el mundo de la piratería es más complejo de lo que nos quieren hacer creer" (v @PostActa)

Editorial board resigns from T&F journal to protest restrictive licensing - kudos; more please #cc #openaccess

El nuevo canon digital saldrá del presupuesto de las universidades - #es universities fight back (v @PostActa)

"even if it is plainly not in interests of patients for the #NHS to run a competition" - this is nuts (v @tom_watson)

When the mundane becomes threatening: Raising the alarm about #antibioticresistance - thoughtful analysis

Palestinians Reach For Their Tech Startup Future - & fascinating; offers hope that tech play big role here

3rd Document Freedom Day in the European Parliament: A Greens/EFA conference - good to see #openstandards #EU

The Kenyan Blogosphere Still Has Great Talent - lots of interesting links to investigate #kenya

The Pirate Bay Is A Trailblazer In Technical Resilience - is that

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