Friday, 8 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130306 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] Pentagon's link to Iraqi #torture centres - meanwhile, Bradley Manning faces the death penalty #justice #us

> 400 Groups, Representing 15 Million People, Demand 'New Direction' From USTR In #TPP Negotiations - take the hint

How two volunteers built the #RaspberryPi’s operating system - nice case of building on work of others #opensource

EFSA accused of industry bias by food policy expert - #EFSA under increasing pressure now

Unreported Side Effects of Drugs Are Found Using Internet Search Data, Study Finds - clever approach

Why #OpenScience Training matters - great initiative; really important point

Donate Now To Save The Public Domain Review! - great project that needs some help #PD

Video on remunicipalisation: putting water back into public hands - time to support the #commons

How scholarly publishers could save themselves (but likely won't) - excellent point about #openstandards 

Update from the 16th round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Singapore - useful update #TPP

WTO: Wide Support For LDC TRIPS Extension, With A Hitch - the hitch is West's selfishness

Authors call on party leaders to save #libel reform - come on, politicians, please sort this #uk

Bid to halt polar bear trade fails - #WWF a disgrace as usual: votes for trade continuing

EU caves in to pressure on new data, privacy law changes - national govs betraying their own citizens #shame

Netizens thrilled after China unblocks IMDB movie database - seems bit arbitrary

Silvio #Berlusconi convicted over publication of wiretapped conversations - pity this unlikely to have much effect

#Spotify opens its beta browser-based app to users in UK ahead of full launch “later this year” - I rather like it

Not convinced by rolling releases - says Mark Shuttleworth#ubuntu

Unauthorised TV live streaming is #copyright breach, rules European court - (v @SaskiaWalzel @lilianedwards)

rules on #GM foods "werden sich durch ein Freihandelsabkommen nicht ändern." - so says Karel de Gucht #important

#Microsoft Cuts Windows, Office Prices For Manufacturers - Is Windows 8 In Trouble? - why pay when there's #freesw?

Consult us on #UK Snoopers' Charter - too right. easy-to-use form to demand ability to give input on important bill

European Parliament censors citizens trying to contact MEPs - any MEP that asks for this should be sacked

remember, you can phone your MEPs free using - why not ask them what the problem is? #EU

#mepblock MEPs who called for blocking of constituents' messages to EP should say who they are - unless they are ashamed of their action...

OK, #EU people, here's your chance to ask MEPs to do their job by listening to you: e-petition about #MEPblock -

European Parliament Considers Banning All Pornography, Blocks Emails From EU Citizens Protesting Against Censorship -

EP responds by deleting explanation of ban of online porn but keeping its effect - (v @saragoldberger)#MEPblock

U.S. “Stalling” Could Force Acceptance of Onerous #TPP - people will die because of this shabby brinkmanship

Открытая полиция. Первые шаги - now that would be interesting #opendata #police

Lithuania's Silence on CIA Abuses Faces European Court Challenge - disappointing #lt

No More Excuses: Soaring Market Latest Evidence of Need to Tax Wall Street - meanwhile, the poor get poorer

7-Year-Old Student Suspended For Waving Around A 'Gun' Made From A Pastry - always kids, not gun nuts, get punished

Brains in Jails: Bad Metaphors Make Bad Journalism - you know, copying isn't theft. really.

Following 800 poor reviews, #Amazon stops selling download copies of#SimCity - #DRM strikes again...

Gang of chimpanzees kills their alpha male - amazing organised brutality - almost at the human level...

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