Friday, 1 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130227 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#RBS losses widen to £5bn - still paid out £287 million bonuses, while people are on the breadline in UK #insult

[RT] Content-mining: EU MUST legitimize it - & must stop bullying researchers into solutions based on licensing

GM Seeds and the Militarization of Food - "Abu Ghraib used to be the seed bank of Iraq" (v @kaatje36)

Omens - "The idea that we might have moral obligations to the humans of the far future is a difficult one to process"

Copyright's Impact on Free Expression Rights - important implications for #TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts

Future Fund drops tobacco: should fossil fuels be next? - is becoming a key question for all investment

#Iraq must not blind us to Blair's skill and seriousness - it's April 1st, or this is staggeringly myopic

Vint Cerf: 'The internet of things needs to be locked down' - has a point

Android Smartphone Users Consuming Twice As Much Data As iPhone Users - why they phone & text less

What is going on in Spain? - losing its way of#transparency, it seems #ogov

UK domain registry Nominet withdraws proposal to create ‘’ extension over lack of support - sees sense

Software Lets Scientists Assemble DNA - we need a#freesw version of this important tool; anyone?

New GMO Regulation passed by unaccountable committee - good summary of new EU approach on #GM food

Beppe #Grillo: Cronyism has hurt Italian science - unusual interview with key chap in Italy

Suppressed South Carolina Climate Change Report Warns of Big Impacts - strange how it's the bad ones get suppressed

Nature Publishing Group & Frontiers form alliance to further #openscience - well, we shall see (v @CameronNeylon)#oa

In #Zimbabwe, learning Chinese is a lucrative investment -"introducing into national curriculum?"  (v @africatechie)

High Court Orders UK ISPs to Block Kickass Torrents, H33T and Fenopy - not bullying, but better products needed

EU-Ratsarbeitsgruppe zur Zollzusammenarbeit will Zugriff auf Passagierdaten um sie per Data Mining zu durchleuchten -

Japanese Police Arrest 27 File-Sharers in Nationwide Show of Force - arrested for sharing a video clip? come on.. #jp

In Pictures: The Crossrail Tunnels Beneath #London - I do like a good tunnel

Honest Buildings is the fastest growing network of buildings & building professionals - clever: #facebook for bricks

Australian Tax Office Stores Passwords In Clear Text - as one does... #security #au

Thai, the Philippines keen to join #TPP talks - why? they have to accept everything, with limited scope to give input

Content Mining in #Europe: Further Licensing is Not The Only Way - & should be dismissed out of hand #opendata 

Mars Flyby: Daring to Venture - interesting thoughts, fab pic #space

Open Letter to Ögmundur Jónasson, Icelandic minister of Interior - about that daft Net porn ban (v @smarimc)

#Hadopi and Internet Intermediaries: No to a French ACTA! - retrogressive & ill thought-out

Veel gestelde vragen over het Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (#TTIP) - detailed info from @MarietjeD66 

Libertés sur Internet : Un pas en avant, trois pas en arrière ? - not how it should be #netneutrality

Game Of Thrones Director: I'm 100% Opposed To The Piracy I Just Said Helps My Show Survive - so now you know

No ‘intelligent democracy’ wages trade talks in public, #CA minister says - you need #opendrafts (v @PostActa)#CETA

#Android-based gaming console OUYA will start shipping to Kickstarter-backers on March 28 - exciting

MT @NeelieKroesEU New #Firefox phone is European #mobile innovation at its best >>now there's an endorsement #mozilla

RT @edwardpentin All of Benedict XVI's tweets deleted @Pontifex. Account to remain dormant till the next Pope.>> what heresy (@LifeinSicily)

Stop the #elephant slaughter - pl. sign & help stop shameful slaughter of these magnificent mammals #epetition

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