Thursday, 28 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130226 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Supreme Court Effectively Says There's No Way To Challenge Warrantless Wiretapping - where are you going, America?

Change to UK Patents Act Removes Infringement For Use Of #ClinicalTrialData - small but welcome change

Downloads don't matter - saith "Game of Thrones" film director David Petrarca #piracy

"immediately make all [#ACTA] documents available to the public." - (v @Act_on_Acta @PostActa)#EU

Variety doubles down on digital — drops #paywall in what it calls “end of an error” - interesting #publishing

Cabinet Office’s procurement reforms start to pay off - slowly #uk

#ITU Sees Busy Year Ahead, Hopes To Overcome Divisions - right; so how's that gonna work?

Father Recreates Classic Paintings With Daughter’s Portraits - charming stuff to start the day with

RT @Stunning_Earth Very rare 'roll' cloud seen in Australia #stunningearth - >>dramatic (v @Asher_Wolf)#meteorology

Maybe there's hope for the music industry yet - there's always been hope: problem was obstinacy in face of change

EU fish discards deal welcomed by UK - let's hope it's enough & not too late... #fish

RT @klang67 Affluence is sick. Swedish library burns old books instead of donating them via @juliapennlert>>shameful

WTO: LDCs To Press For Extension For TRIPS, Plain Packaging Back - #DominicanRepublic wants to kill more people

Massenabmahner DigiProtect ist pleite - one down, many to go #copyright

Piracy Doesn’t Hurt Game of Thrones, Director Says - more background on this

Mozilla VP talks Firefox OS, the threat from Tizen and low-quality HTML5 apps - some good points, esp. re Tizen

Junge Abgeordnete der Koalition gegen Leistungsschutzrecht - good to see #lsr

US court brands whale activists 'pirates' - nothing compared to #Japan's crime here (v @kaatje36 @4Animals_Nature)

Top German Police Officer: 'Anyone On The Internet Has Left The Private Sphere' - worrying #privacy #surveillance

Digital Colonialism: #Africa's new communication dimension - @elmyra rightly sceptical of #PAIPO

Banned, blacklisted and embattled - the man who dared to take on energy giants - kudos, brave bloke (v @Asher_Wolf)

Stop Calling Electronic Espionage Cyberwar - "Cyberwar never changes, mostly because it has never existed." yup

China must brace for impact of possible EU-US #TAFTA-"promote FTA negotiations according to its own agenda"

European Union launches CKAN data portal - #opendata,#opensource

The Persecution of Bradley Manning - good analysis

Freescale's Insanely Tiny #ARM Chip Will Put the Internet of Things Inside Your Body - presumably running #Linux?

Parltrack needs money to keep on turning PDFs and DOCs into usable data - dosh still needed #EU

Will Firefox OS Smartphones Have Adoption Success In #China? - seems that online banking a problem, as for Korea

"#tobacco industry also says that pictorial warnings do not deter potential consumers" - so why are they fighting it?

'Data-Entry Error' Led Military to Falsely Claim Taliban Attacks Are Down - yes, numbers are so hard to add up

#Biofuels Policy Helping Destroy U.S. Grasslands At Fastest Rate Since 1930s, Boosting Threat of Dust-Bowlification -

Amazon Releases Cloud Player Music App Optimized To The iPad - the cloud spreads its, er, tentacles..or something

Geneticists Estimate Publication Date Of The 'Iliad' -"Languages behave just extraordinarily like genes" (v @BoraZ)

Pilot badger culls set 2 go ahead - slow moves on neonicotinoid pesticides; Patterson is Anti-environment secretary

Will #openscience be web-based? - might make sense#opensource #mozilla

Ehemaliger Chef der Monopolkommission: Leistungsschutzrecht gefährdet Blogger - you bet #lsr

Publishers do not manage peer-review, either. We do. -"confusion" over this struck me, too #openaccess (v @BoraZ)

Not-for-profit site openDemocracy appeals for £26K to avoid closure - (v @PaulLewis @asteris) 

Reflecting on Public Access - interesting points about#openaccess use in different domains 

Content-mining: EU MUST legitimize it - & must stop bullying researchers into accepting solutions based on licensing

#donottrack is still being hijacked & perverted by the ad industry. this thread shows @alexanderhanff fighting back:

Rijksmuseum releases 111,000 high quality images to the public domain - kudos (v @klang67 @arkland_swe)#pd

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