Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130225 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

British Politician Tells Local Paper It Can't Quote Him Because He Dislikes Its Readers' Comments - contempt much?

Parmesan cheese: Thorn in US-EU free-trade agreement? - & hormones in meat stumbling blocks #opendrafts #TAFTA

“It would be inappropriate to try to alter U.S. labor law through the back door” - unlike copyright #IPout #TAFTA

Fish discards ban 'may be diluted' - #France#Spain et al. determined to destroy fishing stocks through greed

Local authorities network to focus on #openstandards and #interoperability - nice move 

#ICANN allows hundreds of new Internet domain suffixes - spammers and trolls worldwide rejoice #stupid

The CCIA & RIM Tell the FTC Banning Injunctions for FRAND Patents Can Make Smartphone Wars Worse - just abolish them

Looking Back from Deep Space - lovely meditation

[RT] Early Lessons From New Zealand's 'Three Strikes' Punishments - and they're not good #justice #nz

#OpenData Is Not Just For Governments Anymore... - interesting examples (v @remixtures)

#Sony jumps on the #Mozilla bandwagon, will launch #Firefox OS device in 2014 - another big vote of confidence

Freitag: Demonstrieren gegen das Leistungsschutzrecht - on, #Germany, this is madness #lsr

“Don’t Fear the Internet”: Exceptions to #Copyright in #Chile - a welcome but tiny victory for public (v @asteris)

Chinese pollution study 'blocked on grounds of state secrecy' - but only good secrets, you understand... #china

#Database Right: Joint Tortfeasor Fear - another reason we must repeal this idiotic directive (v @copyrightgirl)

Letter in response to text & data mining for scientific research purposes workshop - bad stuff here (v @eikoku)#tdm

How to Save a Dying Language: #Aramaic - fascinating & melancholy tale (v @Carmilla5 @Asher_Wolf)#linguistics

Chinese Junk Patents Flood Into #Australia, Allowing Chinese Companies To Strategically Block Innovation - #china

#Leistungsschutzrecht ohne Snippets? - huh??? #lsw

France Considers Operating System-Level Filtering - yeah, that'll work...oh, wait #opensource #hadopi #pricing

EU Water privatisation push - #water must be a #commons(v @olivierhoedeman @right2water)

"I helped these people get in power. And then they drove the man I loved to suicide" - read, get angry (v @Glinner)

#Hillsborough disaster: police chief apologises for 'ill-judged' email - "ill-judged" as in "I got found out"...

We Paid for the Research, So Let’s See It - (v @howardknopf)#noembargo #openaccess

#RioTinto faces war crimes allegations - "her abdomen was then cut open to remove the foetus" (v @Asher_Wolf @JLLLOW)

Trans-Atlantic Rifts: EU Activists Could Thwart US-EU Trade Deal - the coming battle over #GM, GI, #IPout of #TAFTA

Royal Pharmaceutical Society to play active role in AllTrials campaign - #good news #opendata (v @bengoldacre)

Document Freedom Day: 2013 Event registration now open - just a month away #opensource #openstandards #dfd2013

Survey: Most Developers Now Prefer #HTML5 For Cross-Platform Development - great news for #firefoxOS

The US Department of Justice and USPTO call for compulsory licenses on thousands of "standards-essential" patents -

French Politicians Worry That Free Creative Commons Works Devalue 'Legal' Offers - er, what? #cc #france

Major news orgs file amicus brief in AP’s #Meltwater case - all over again (v @mathewi)

#OpenData Institute Training & Learning - interesting, welcome move (v @kcorrick @jonworth)#odi

Indian Music Industry Exec Says The Unthinkable: 'Internet Piracy Is A Good Thing' - well done #india

Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Use Bogus (c) Takedown To Block Publication Of Federally Mandated Stdrds -

Illegal P2P music sharing declined 17% in 2012 as Internet users turn 2 free, legal streaming services - as predicted

Twitter Announces App for Firefox OS - important vote of confidence

Google's Andy Rubin on Firefox OS: "In General, I Feel Friendly" - "open is good"

How many unique English tweets are possible? How long for population of the world to read them all out loud? - brill

No Microsoft certificate support in Linux kernel says Torvalds - & in no uncertain terms...

Beppe Grillo's antics may yet shake the whole European system - interesting analysis

Brilliant Robot Scraps Can Form Selves Into Anything - intriguing #4dprinting

Cyber-warfare: The new Red Scare - yup

"i risultati della ricerca prodotta con fondi pubblici debbano essere liberamente disponibili" - (v @ghirardinicola) 

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