Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130224 - http://bit.ly/X8fdNO yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Mozilla Unlocks the Power of the Web on Mobile with Firefox OS -http://bit.ly/138QKx1 official blog post on launch

No celebrations here: why the White House public access policy sucks -http://bit.ly/WjZadm not so good (v @McDawg)#openaccess #oa

EU-US trade deal: Creating a new world order - http://bit.ly/15dR9wf more breathless #TAFTA rhetoric #opendrafts

Kantar Worldpanel: Android And Verizon Back On Top In U.S. Smartphone Sales, Android At Nearly 50% Of Sales - http://tcrn.ch/VHuTbn

Tamiz v Google – Google’s liability for defamatory content - http://bit.ly/YraztFan Australian perspective (v @clarinette02)#au

Yandex deals Google a one-two punch, debuts alternative Android app store and 3D interface - http://tnw.co/Yrbcn3 interesting move

Popular to pariah... how Lord #Puttnam killed the historic Defamation Bill -http://ind.pn/Zuv5u4 this is how he will be remembered #shame

#Nigeria To Launch $15m Venture Capital Fund For Software Developers -http://bit.ly/VHNcx9 hope some's #opensource (v @africatechie)

The FT’s digital subscriptions exceeded print circulation for the first time in 2012 - http://tnw.co/139qD9h a milestone, but limited

Roko's Basilisk wants YOU - http://bit.ly/YR6saa "Those whacky extropian types have been hitting the nightmare sauce again"

Keith Jarrett is coming to town - http://bit.ly/XSJtMu fascinating profile of a great artist #music

MT @MLBrook Regarding data we need to start looking at standards. interoperability is key #OAintheUK >>must mean #openstandards #opendata

#Firefox vs Cookies - http://bit.ly/W7junN poses some important questions about forthcoming #mozilla move on #privacy

Public back #privacy law action on Google - http://bit.ly/139SfLa pity the European Parliament is gutting #dataprotection at the moment...

NASCAR Abuses DMCA To Try To Delete Fan Videos Of Daytona Crash -http://bit.ly/X9faBf gosh, that kind of thing has never happened before

4 Ways Google Has Already Appeased Big #Copyright - http://bit.ly/YrUBPU I predict #google will become the new #Microsoft soon...

The Secret Sharing History of Monopoly - http://bit.ly/15JKuv1 wow, extraordinary: advanced version of game was really about the #commons

rushkoff: Why I'm quitting Facebook - http://bit.ly/V141E5 "exploits our social interactions way a Tupperware party does" (v @Asher_Wolf)

#Censorship is alive and well in #Canada – just ask government scientists -http://bit.ly/Ys4CN1 shocking & disappointing (v @schestowitz)

So Open It Hurts: What the Internet did to Aaron Swartz -http://on.tnr.com/Zv0koN load of clichéd piffle (v @BiellaColeman @wearpants)

API, PNR, threat assessments, & data-mining: Member States push 4 access to travellers' personal data - http://bit.ly/YROe8p not on

Chinese comments on future work of WIPO patent committee (L&Es, patent quality and #patents and health) - http://bit.ly/Wmy2KO #china

Early Lessons From New Zealand's 'Three Strikes' Punishments -http://bit.ly/YsrRqf and they're not good #justice #nz

#Mozilla to the Rescue, Again? - http://bit.ly/VIwBJm #firefoxOS off to a better-than-expected start #openweb #opensource

DOJ Admits It Had To Put Aaron Swartz In Jail To Save Face Over The Arrest - http://bit.ly/XBkF9X pathetic

Will @edfenergy become the Barbra Streisand of climate protest? -http://bit.ly/15KGQko you bet...

#UNC Rape Victim May Be Expelled For Speaking About Her Case -http://bit.ly/XUYRYN so why would anyone now study there? (v @sivavaid) 

The Pirate Bay Departs #Sweden And Sets Sail For #Norway and #Spain -http://bit.ly/V2BptX & so it goes on...

NJ Gubenatorial Candidate Speaks Out Against Six Strikes: ISP Shouldn't Decide What You Can Download - http://bit.ly/XX4bIh good to see

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