Friday, 22 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130220 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Indie booksellers sue Amazon and big publishers over #DRM (but have no idea what "DRM" and "open source" mean) -

EP´s Industry committee debates clinical trial transparency; EC defends “small guys” - stupidity & obstructionism

MT @jamie_love EU is bulldozing the 3-step test language into blind treaty, in order to change WTO prudence>> not in my name: shame on #EU

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Means for Intellectual Property - the usual #FUD from #phrma #tpp

EU, India Hoping to Clinch Trade Deal by April, Officials Say - still denying 1.7 billion people access to it

#NZ: Third person fined over internet piracy - and what does that achieve?

Save the Cameroonian rainforest -- stop the Herakles Farms' project - greed driving wanton destruction for #palmoil

Can your country be knocked out of the Internet? - issue

Dolphins Call Each Other By Name - did anyone think otherwise...?

Germans can’t see meteorite YouTube videos due to copyright dispute - "music playing from a Russian car radio." #GEMA

360-degree panorama of #London smashes world record with 320 gigapixels and 48,640 shots - bring on the terapixels

RIAA Still Can't Figure Out How To Use Google's DMCA Tools, Blames Google - what do you expect, intelligence?

MT @NeelieKroesEU EU phone, mobile & Internet users have new #EU rights: >>pity European Parliament destroying them

The #OpenData Census – Tracking the State of Open Data Around the World - great idea; help needed

European Monitoring Launched: The Transparency of Policing Protests - sad that we need this is in "democratic" lands

RT @jamie_love Sorry Europe, but you suck at WIPO this week>>proud of EU reps at WIPO kicking the blind in the teeth? I'm not... #shame

#Chrome OS Was Originally Based On......#Firefox? -

How to make #opendata more open? Close the gaps - worth thinking about #ogov

US says Japan must negotiate on rice 2 join trade talks - foretaste #TAFTA: US will want everything on table #Ipout

RT @jamie_love USA and EU just told negotiators here they "don't need a treaty" on copyright exceptions for the blind>>no: they aren't blind

MT ‏@jamie_love Get this. (c) lobby says 3-step test already applies to everything, but they will block treaty without expanding application

Europaparlamentarier verwässern Datenschutz weiter #EUDataP - proud of themselves for betraying the EU public?

Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch & Rothschild -"drilling of new wells by an occupying power is illegal"

Five #Ubuntu Touch Facts - & where to find out more#tablets

Bizarre: Indian Government Orders #Censorship Of One Its Own Sites - weird #india

EU To Seek GIs In US FTA, But No New ACTA - some fairly significant statements; but we need #opendrafts (v @PostActa)

EU cyber laws should target IT suppliers' #security negligence - yup; been saying this for years (v @vendorprisey)

questionnaire about licence formalities in #opensource-type assignment contracts - help required... #cc

12 Questions about #TPP that Obama & Abe Do Not Want to Hear this Week - also relevant for #TAFTA #opendrafts #Ipout

TSA Agents Harass Three-Year-Old with Spina Bifida, Take Away Her Stuffed Animal - this makes my blood boil

#Canada to Push Opening U.S. Govt Procurement Contracts at #TPP - this is thin gruel

#Microsoft foresees chaos if Google v. Oracle result stands - "destabilize" entire sw industry: no, exactly wrong

HOWTO: effectively argue against Internet #censorship ideas - useful: good explanations, lots of sensible suggestions

text version of guide to arguing against #censorship - easier to read - worth looking at

WIPO Treaty For The Blind - disgusting attempt by (c) maximalists to take away more from the blind & poor, not give

No Nudity: Playboy's iPhone App To Test Men's 'For The Articles' Excuse - ha! nicely done

RT @jeremyscahill Aaron Swartz faced 50+ years in prison, but Blackwater execs get 4 months house arrest.>>my thought too (v @Glinner)

Beware of #NBC’s Hacked Website - good job I never go there #security

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