Friday, 8 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130206 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why Using Creative Commons Licensed Materials Is Not As Easy As It Looks - worth bearing in mind #cc

April demands the negociations between #Microsoft and the French Ministry of Defence to be suspended - #transparency

Govt 'must promise' NZ won't cave on Pharmac in #TPP - already have, but we don't know #transparency

Marietje Schaake: #TAFTA wird schwerer zu kippen sein als #ACTA - http:// so we'll fight harder

Jemima Khan: The inside story of how Julian Assange alienated his allies - interesting, well-written piece

The Netherlands Must Support Strong Oil #Transparency Laws - of course

ISP #BE Face Unlimited Questions After User Cut Off for Overuse - if they say "unlimited", it should be...

The GMO Seed Cartel - the real problems with #GM: patents, monopolies & cartels

Farmers, not police, are likely to be biggest #drone market - point

Court Says Pfizer May Be Liable For Side Effects Of Drug, Even Though Man Took Non-Pfizer Generic Version -

Bündnis fordert “Zugängliche Plattformen und offene Lizenzen für unsere Daten!” - quite right too #opendata

Investing in the #opendata economy - interesting interview with @AgentGav

Kim Dotcom’s Mega gets a new CEO: Entrepreneur & open Internet advocate Vikram Kumar steps in - a boost for the project

UK National Curriculum: A Level Playing-Field? - hardly: response form only in Microsoft Word #openstandards

#libreoffice: New Features Released in Our Latest 4.0 Version - includes Remote Control App for #Android #opensource

Here's A Taste Of What Publishers Will Do If #FirstSaleRights For Foreign Goods Disappear - watch out...

#ACTA#CETA#TAFTA : De Gucht tente-t-il encore une fois d'imposer une répression anti-démocratique ? - love that pic

MEP: “EU Cyber Security Strategy should secure digital freedoms” - indeed; and could we drop that "cyber" nonsense, too

(last v @AlexPdeLeeuw)

#ACTA#CETA#TAFTA: Is De Gucht Again Trying to Impose Anti-democratic Repression? - maintenant, en anglais...

Researchers Opt To Limit Uses of Open-access Publications - no surprise, it's a cultural issue #oa

In Q4 Android phones drove more mobile ad impressions than iPhone for 1st time ever - was just a matter of time

[correct URL] London Overground Trains To Get Extra Carriage - exciting - my favourite line #london

Editorial: Time to renegotiate the #KORUS #FTA - call from korean newspaper 

US farmers may stop planting #GMs after poor global yields - in Farmer's Weekly. notes problem of seed cartel

La Justicia rechazó bloquear acceso a Cuevana -"excesivamente amplio y desproporcionado" (v @technollama)#ar

Another Terrible Idea From Russia: Using Whitelists To Control Access To The Internet - yeah, that'll work

Is this America’s #TwitterJoke Trial? - "could face up to 14 years in prison" (v @davidallen @flayman)

Wikimedia Foundation publishes Compass Partnership report - "discussions about potential conflicts of interest"

Clear the smoke in Brussels - demand lobbying transparency now! - "to introduce stronger transparency and ethics rules"

The cyberpragmatics of bounding asterisks - really important...

WWF plans to use drones to protect wildlife - fab use of tech to fight poacher scum (but not clients, alas) (v @drones)

Japan: LDP ranks, like-minded lobbies rally against #TPP - under increasing domestic pressure in japan

USTR Only Wants To Hear From You If Some Foreign Country Isn't Maximalist Enough - truly shameless #special301

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