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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130829 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Colombia Uprising: Is This What "Free Trade" Looks Like? - #TPP countries should bear this in mind before signing

Open Economics: the story so far… - useful review

The #Lobbying Bill threatens new, illiberal regulation for blogs - & much else besides; needs re-writing

Why Coca-Cola's New Ad Campaign May Be Dangerous to Your Health - will #TTIP bring this to EU too?

EU Consultation on ways to open up more public data - good opportunity - let's take it #opendata (v @NeelieKroesEU)

Edward #Snowden deserves the Sakharov Prize - sounds right to me

#NZ's smokefree commitment tested by Malaysia on #TPP - an opportunity it must seize

More on the #NSA Commandeering the Internet - @Bruce_Schneier spells out the bad news...

#Miranda: police allowed to investigate seized data - for "communication of material to an enemy" - that's you & me

Moscow "Roofers" - pix - I feel sick just looking at these... (v @jackschofield)

’970’ asks why #Colombia is confiscating farmers’ rice and dumping it in the garbage - FTA madness

Germans switch to national email providers after US scandal - temporary or permanent change? (v @privacyint)#nsa

Reducing ivory and rhino horn demand is key to the species' survival - so depressing #china

Court Says Feds Don't Have To Reveal Secret Evidence It Gathered Against 'Terror' Suspect Using FISA - awful decision

Democracy has stopped UK going to war - can it save England's #NHS? - good question (v @DrJackyDavis @marcuschown)

#TPP negotiators end 'difficult' round - "a Malaysian official said negotiators made little progress"

More #PRISM fallout: Indian government may ban Gmail use - seems unlikely; heavy if true #india

PirateBrowser Hits 500,000 Downloads, Tor Traffic Surges - question is, are they causally related?

"secrecy, while necessary, is also a breeding ground for abuse" - a key issue, especially given the #NSA's power

Once Again, Will People Say That Reporters Revealing Details Of US Intelligence On #Syria Be Called Criminals? -

Central & Eastern EU to Benefit Most from #TTIP - totally ignores indirect costs from weakened stds (v @TTIP Action)

The Syria vote: Britain's new mood - "fed up with the humiliating excesses of US national security policy" #nsa

Tupi: 2D Animation Software for Everyone! - GPL'd Kickstarter project (v @carobotero)

German Publishers File Criminal Complaint Against Two News Sites For Mentioning Name Of Unauthorized Ebook Site -

US should re-evaluate surveillance laws, ex-#NSA chief acknowledges - "you will not lie to the Congress"

US won’t let Microsoft, Google reveal more data on #FISA orders - so much for obama's #transparency

Friday, 30 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130828 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Former White House IP Czar Immediately Jumps Ship To Microsoft-Driven Anti-Piracy Lobbying Group #BSA -

 Le réseau anonyme #Tor voit son trafic exploser - this is curious...

A coordinated approach is key for #openaccess - useful reflections (v @petermurrayrust)

#AbbVie & #InterMune: Drop your legal action blocking access to EMA clinical trial data - what have they got to hide?

Researchers Launch The Survey Bay; Largest Database Of Information On Users Of The Pirate Bay - fascinating stuff

Bundesgerichtshof: Rentnerin ohne Rechner muss nicht für Raubkopie zahlen - too right

France 'opens probe' into US spy program PRISM - that's good, but then what? #nsa

"Dust is a protocol to resist a number of current attacks to censor Net comms" - #DPI-resistant (v @Bruce_Schneier)

#HTC Develops China-Focused Mobile Operating System - anyone know if this is #linux-based?

EU drops mobile wholesale roaming plans - first #netneutrality, now this... (v @alexanderhanff)

Federal court ruling threatens whistleblower and civil service protections - we need more, not fewer whistleblowers

Tempora: Was sagt die Bundesregierung zum britischen Abhörprogramm? - we're all waiting...

Europe pushes own digital ‘cloud’ in wake of US spying scandal - be crazy not to #nsa

Health experts critical of pharma industry's new transparency rules - Big #Pharma's Big #FUD #opendata

Police break up Public Citizen press conference criticizing HHS for unethical study - extraordinary police bullying

#TPP sides set to keep food safety regimes - well, that's something, I suppose

MPAA Wins Landmark Piracy Battle Against Hotfile - awful decision - lots of bad implications

Android VP Hugo Barra Leaves Google for #China's #Xiaomi - another indication of xiaomi's rise...

Documenting #Elephants’ Compassion, and Their Slaughter - “The earth is not the earth without them.” (v @edyong209)

Why The Creators Of Breaking Bad Don’t Deserve Our Money - well-argued piece (v @john_weeks)#creativity

How #NetworkNeutrality Promotes Innovation - here's the evidence: European Commission take note...

Japan asks #TPP states to open up public works projects to foreign firms - wonder how that will go down...

Texas Deputy Sues 911 Caller For Not 'Adequately Warning' Him Of Potential Danger Or 'Making The Premises Safe' -

 BT seeks 'legal clarity' before implementing pornography filters - interesting... #uk #censorship

#NSA on #Snowden: “This is why you don’t hire brilliant people for jobs like this." - NSA: home of the non-brilliant

One Key to Rule Them All: Threats Against Service Provider Private Encryption Keys - worth emphasising #https

$52.6 billion The Black Budget - nicely-done infographic (v @gutjahr @netzpolitik)#nsa #cia

 Massensterben seltener Fische: US-Regierungsbehörde warnt vor #Fracking - well, that's awkward

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (#TTIP) - useful summary from Congressional Research Service

Meet the judge who suspended a child rapist's sentence because his victim was "older than her chronological age" -

How Many Leakers Came Before Snowden? - & how many sold their stuff to the "bad" people...?

Even after earthquakes, we need Open - Open Ricostruzione – adesso

West Virginia Woman Has Home Foreclosed On By Accident, All Furniture Trashed by Contractors - how is this possible?

#Xiaomi's Bin Lin on Hiring Hugo Barra, International Expansion & Selling 100,000 Phones in 90 Seconds - going places

 Tudor theatre, 21st century technology - #shakespeare meets #raspberrypi

Japanese farmers’ opposition to #TPP waning, Malaysian minister says - true, or attempt to talk down opposition?

New Sources and Rights section on The Public Domain Review - good stuff #pd

Windows-8-Artikel: Microsoft geht gegen "Zeit Online" vor Gericht - interesting

Regulatory Cooperation in #TTIP - just a fancy way of saying "levelling down" to lowest standard (v @CdrakeFairTrade)

Graying Linux developers look for new blood - something that's concerned me for some time - & not just for #linux

New #Snowden Leak Reports ‘Groundbreaking’ NSA Crypto-Cracking - ooh, now that is in intriguing...

Guess what happened when Backblaze tried using the #NSA for data backup - he got a load of utter tosh

The #NSA has its own team of elite hackers - good piece, good use of @LinkedIn for info (v @csoghoian)#china

re that last tweet: doesn't this mean that the #NSA has moved far beyond sigint into large-scale digital attacks? did we know this before?

 How “cell tower dumps” caught the High Country Bandits - #metadata anyone? (v @clarinette02 @CatherineNCrump)

The West Papuan independence movement - a history - good to see @guardian covering shameful treatment of this people

(last v @TomHRLC @suigenerisjen)

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130827 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Linus on #Linux, 22 - and 5 - Years Later - what he 1996 #porting

The Open Spirometer is an  open design, open hardware, open source, open governance, affordable spirometry device -

The Deeper Meaning Of Miranda's Detention And The Destruction Of The Guardian's Hard Drives - journalism as terrorism

Police called in over alleged fraud by #Serco staff - surely not #privatisation

Civil Society Media Release from #TPP negotiation round, Brunei Darassalam - "very disappointed" (v @TrishHepworth)

#AbbVie & #InterMune: Drop your legal action blocking access to EMA clinical trial data - what have they got to hide?

Australian spies in global deal to tap undersea cables - I'm sure #china won't mind #nsa

New Zealand bans software patents - but only "as such", perhaps...? still, welcome in its way

NDP trade critic calls for more #transparency in #TPP negotiations - scandalous we still don't have any

Mitchell Kapor seeks to meld business, social good - interesting historical background from distant past

#GCHQ has Far-Reaching Access To Internet And Telephone Communications - "throughout Europe" (v @CasparBowden)

#Tempora: Neue #Snowden-Dokumente nennen weitere von Großbritannien angezapften Glasfaser-Kabel, auch Deutsche -

In historic vote, #NewZealand bans #softwarepatents - more details of how that "as such" will work...

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130826 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP Trade talks failing to deliver on deadline - wheels starting to spin

Mother Called Sheriffs to Split Up Fight Between Daughter & Son-in-Law -- Officers Instead Shoot Them Both to Death -

European Commission Report Says #OpenAccess At 'Tipping Point' - great news, but no complacency, please

Mumbai Startup Anulekh Rejuvenates Indian Soil For Better Crops With Amazonian Technique - intriguing

Globaleaks: #Whistleblowing für alle - we really need this

Germany should lead on disarming our global surveillance system - it should, but will it? #NSA

A New Chapter for #OpenSource? - an exciting & important move by the @linuxfoundation #openscience

.@ggreenwald Interview - "I hope that people will use #encryption in every way possible" (v @Thomas_Drake1)

Thirty Years Of #NSA 'Oversight' And The Only Change Is Better Snooping Technology - left behind by Moore's Law

Bubonic #plague outbreak feared in central Asia - when in #Kyrgyzstan, maybe give the barbecued marmot a miss

"US has unilaterally invalidated argument that Internet must remain free & open for the good of global community" -

#Malaysia should abandon #TPP talks, ex-PM Mahathir says - strong words

Baywatch: two Approaches to Measure Effects of Blocking Access to ThePirate Bay - guess what? blocking doesn't work

World's Most Notorious Micronation Has the Secret to Protecting Your Data From #NSA - I doubt it (v @BiellaColeman)

Erste Auswirkungen des “Russischen SOPA” - "Online Petition gegen das Gesetz mittlerweile über 100000 Unterschriften"

#Badger cull: activists on night vigil yet to see dead animals - the perfect solution: just pretend to shoot them...

50% Of 'Retiring' Senators Become Lobbyists, Up From 3% A Few Decades Ago - what could possibly go wrong? oh, wait

scientist demolishes #NSA’s “It’s just #metadata” excuse - crucial point: "#metadata is uniquely easy to analyze"

"rashly dumping improperly vetted secret information onto the Internet"...would not be wise says @barryeisler - yup

Growth in global disputes brings big paychecks for law firms - #ISDS has grown into a bloated monster feeding on poor

Cracked Shows How To Respond To Someone Infringing On Their Work - nicely done

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130825 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#3Dprinted iPhone gear stirs Game of Thrones #copyright clash - not learning from the past (v @MsLods @jotofsense)

The #NSA: "The Abyss From Which There Is No Return" - just the facts (v @karounos)

#NSA row: Merkel rival threatens to suspend EU-US trade talks - #german politician ups the stakes with #TTIP/#TAFTA

UK blood plasma company sale to Bain Capital 'endangers NHS supplies' - placing profits ahead of patients

Croatia defies EU on arrest warrant - not a good start to EU membership...

Sina, China’s answer to Twitter, enters the mobile messaging battle with its own app - key market hotting up more

#Fracking Boom Slouching Toward Bust - so cameron buys blindly into hype just as it's being deflated...

When online feminist activism meets the #surveillance state - another perspective on #NSA et al.

Chinese Internet Hit by Attack Over Weekend - wow, wonder who did it? (v @paulmozur @clarinette02)

Alexander Grossmann on the state of #OpenAccess: Where are we, what still needs to be done? - another great interview

#Badger cull go-ahead flies in the face of scientific evidence, says Labour - gov ignores facts when it's convenient

After Groklaw shutdown: positioned as a Lavabit alternative, now offering a Lite option -

Archeologists use drones to protect and explore ancient Peruvian ruins - great idea

Codename 'Apalachee': How America Spies on Europe & UN - hugely important piece from @DerSPIEGEL (v @superglaze)

Whistleblower: Russlands Konsulat in Hongkong soll #Snowden Unterschupf gewährt haben - intriguing #russia

"Havana told Moscow the U.S. would not allow the plane to land in Cuba if #Snowden was on board." - (v @CasparBowden)

Guantanamo Bay Authorities Ban Solzhenitsyn's 'The Gulag Archipelago' - you can't make this stuff up...

Open Sourcers Pitch Secure Email in Dark Age of PRISM - more on #mailpile

MT  ‏@AdV007 Interesting! Internetarchitects #IETF want to encrypt large part of the web - … (v

#NSA leaks: David #Cameron's response is intimidation, says world press body - not that he'll care, of course...

#NSA and #GCHQ: the flawed psychology of government mass #surveillance - need to look at consequences of spying, too

Laura Poitras on #Miranda Detention: 'Blatant Attack on Press Freedom' - interesting details (v @suigenerisjen)

an attack on #Syria by US is surely inevitable - because it distracts the world & its journalists from the #NSA and Snowden's revelations...

Why #opensource is the future of clinical trials - need #opendata too (v @schestowitz)

Climate sceptics launch Citizens Initiative to suspend EU climate targets - who's paying? - now, who could it be...?

State of innovation: Busting the private-sector myth - important points

U.S. stance on #TPP criticized - resistance begins to grow, but #japan gets political

Hive: A BitTorrent-Enabled Unlimited Cloud Storage Sharing Network - timely...

How to Monitor the Rule of Law, Democracy and Fundamental Rights in the EU - in case you were wondering

Groklaw, Domestic Surveillance and the True Measure of Risk - important analysis: "the true risks of terrorism"

Restoring the forgotten Javanese script through Wikimedia - lovely stuff

Beneficial ownership registries should be published as open data - crucial for #transparency

Updating about #Arduino Yún (video preview!) and Arduino Robot - "wifi-enabled linux board"

US pledges patience as Pacific free trade talks stumble - more signs #TPP is faltering

#TPP talks on #Japan's farm products likely 2 begin in Sept - "generally supportive of the #ISDS clause" – foolish

Ed #Snowden Covered His Tracks Well; How Many Other #NSA Staffers Did The Same? - hugely important point

Unleash your team's potential with #FengOffice - interesting; anyone use this?

How #Snowden did it - "At certain levels, you are the audit" (v @csoghoian)

Why NSA Boss Believes His Agency Is All Good: Intentions vs. Actions - plausible

Government's Redaction Fail Causes Exceptionally Grave Damage To Nation's Security - whoops #NSA

Monday, 26 August 2013


Henry Porter v Malcolm Rifkind: #surveillance and the free society - porter makes all the right points #gchq

Bloomberg, Health Experts Denounce Obama's Gift to Big Tobacco in the #TPP - shameful cowardice again

David Miranda's detention is a threat to press freedom, say European editors - too right #censorship

#NSA hacked into UN communications, leaks show - given all this info, amazing how maladroit US foreign policy is

EU Data Retention Directive finally before European Court of Justice - hugely important case (v @aral)

Investor-to-state dispute settlement: a threat to democracy - few know about it (v @Engstrom_PP)#TAFTA/#TTIP #TPP

Surveillance and the state: this way the debate goes on - "ambition is to put entire populations under #surveillance"

"in Abkommen mit der Uno hat sich die USA verpflichtet, keine verdeckten Aktionen zu unternehmen." - (v @jwildeboer)

India government planning another sell out of farmers’ interest at the altar of the proposed India-EU FTA - crazy

Brian May hits out at 'propaganda' war against RSPCA on eve of #badger cull - UK gov ignoring experts, playing dirty

When authorities confiscate your electronics - excellent; basically, chuck it all away, it's spyware (v @AnnieMachon)

Watch a Visualization of Every Protest Since 1979 - nice little crescendo there (v @BiellaColeman @metronomephil)

Golden Rice: Lifesaver? - problem is the greed of  #monsanto et al. have poisoned well for altruistic #GM research

New law 'needed to protect secrets - pathetic they always invoke debunked threat of "terruh" -

New lobbying bill affects charities' ability 2 campaign on political stuff - at best a mess, at worst, cynical attack

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130822 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Germany Shatters Monthly Solar Record: 5.1 Terawatt Hours of Clean Energy - why isn't UK doing this? (v @RyanHeathEU)

The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis - if true, hugely important (v @superglaze)

Glenn #Greenwald lives in #Brazil. Here’s how Brazilians feel about his reporting. - nice piece (v @remixtures)

Why Is Obama Caving on #Tobacco? - bloomberg attacks #TPP proposal

#TPP Trade Ministers Press Briefing/Statement (Update from 19th Round of TPP Negotiations in Brunei) -

BioMed Central is to waive all #copyright over datasets it publishes - v important (v @copyrightgirl @RickyPo)#cc0

 "what we see without a shadow of a doubt is that Edward #Snowden is not alone" - worth emphasising #whistleblowers

#Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself The #NSA - well, maybe not, but seriously weird

Scrap HS2, says Alistair Darling - who's next? #uk

"#Microsoft shares have shot up more than 8% on the news of #Ballmer's retirement." - the poor, unloved Monkey Boy

Boris, keep your promise - epetition to keep ticket offices open in the london underground

Ballmer's goodbye note to troops - "#Microsoft has all its best days ahead." delusional to the end (v @jackschofield)

Cameron should probe Miranda detention, return data - says Committee to Protect Journalists (v @arusbridger)

Larry #Lessig Threatened With #Copyright Infringement Over Clear Fair Use; Decides To Fight Back - </facepalm>

"Then I came down a tunnel and I thought, this is it. This is the bollocks." - lovely piece about important tech

"Such flimsy regulation is all of a piece with lack of expertise at UK govt’s new shale industry supervising body" -

#NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies - your tax dollars at work #snowden

 The WikiLeaks party could learn about #transparency from the Pirate party - important issues #au

THE WIND RISES Trailer - #miyazaki's latest; say no more. can't wait...

"70% of those people that are convicted of birds of prey crime are gamekeepers" - scum

Updates from 19th Round of #TPP Negotiations in Brunei - going out of their way to make things hard

Nicht viel Hoffnung für europäische Untersuchungen des NSA-Skandals - EU as wet & pathetic as ever

Did New Zealand Spooks Tap Into #PRISM To Spy On #Dotcom? - a definite maybe... #NSA

UK gov. given Tuesday deadline over #miranda data - "serious assertions by responsible persons" hahaha - you jest

What #Snowden and #Manning don’t understand about secrecy - just leave it, grandpa, you just don't get it...

Secret emails reveal risk to #water in Sussex from #fracking was known by officials - "finesse them" (v @kaatje36)

Offshore #Fracking Uproar Grows in California In Wake of Report - "deadly threat to fragile marine environment"

#NSA analysts deliberately broke rules to spy on Americans, agency reveals - obama looks more ridiculous by the day

Southern Water fined £200,000 for sewage discharges - 2012 profit: £270 million -

Nasdaq crash triggers fear of data meltdown - worrying: I agree with Jaron Lanier here...

North Carolina law would ban policy use of latest sea level rise predictions - this will end well...

"#consciousness is a schematic model of one’s state of attention." - interesting idea (v @mocost @BoraZ)

"Criminals & terrorists now have access to dizzying array of information, with devastating implications" - like what?

The Masai Mara: 'It will not be long before it's gone' - another depressing tale of greed & stupidity

Friday, 23 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130821 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

I have been asked: aside from Rihanna, what content was involved in the 4 #HADOPI cases decided so far? anyone know, please?

too much to expect the #BBC to explore the rather larger issue of US abuses in Iraq etc - pathetic (v @Glinner)

German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA - bombshell from #diezeit (v @schestowitz)

shuttleworth statement on ubuntu edge - "will still be a huge boost as other #Ubuntu phones start to arrive in 2014"

David #Miranda lawyers seek high court injunction – live tweets - UK government keeps digging...

Snippets: NGINX, Dart Editor, Raspberry IO -

Bradley Manning Verdict: Hysteria Over Leakers, Impunity for Human Rights Violators - from @amnesty (v @asteris)

David Cameron’s plan for internet-porn filters ‘risks hurting LGBT community’  - good initiative (v @EraseThisTweet)

Deterministic Builds Part One: Cyberwar and Global Compromise - facinating stuff #security

Benedict Cumberbatch "attacks the UK government over civil liberties violations" - what a solid chap he is...

#NSA 'goes after man who mocked agency' - using #copyright, of course (v @JLLLOW @Asher_Wolf)

'I am #ChelseaManning,' says jailed soldier formerly known as Bradley - some details of this announcement

#Miranda wins partial court victory over data seized - "cannot be used for the purposes of criminal investigation"

"the CPU is not made for this motherboard" - great headline... #manning

Severely Disabled Mum of Two First to be Evicted for Bedroom Tax Arrears - how can this disgrace be happening in UK?

Council of Europe asks UK to explain intimidation against the #Guardian - quite right

Suber and Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Collaborate to Provide Open Access to Tibetan Literature - fab news

#Windows 8+TPM: Germany Warns of 'Loss of Control' - not about backdoors, but freedom #microsoft

Pesticides industry rep: Tighter rules on chemicals could lead to crop losses - plays "science-based" card

‘right to #remix’ – initiative for a European #copyright reform - great idea - pl. help to spread the word

The #Greenwald effect - alongside the #Snowden Effect, but ite different from it

MSF Urges Countries Not to Trade Away Health as #TPP Negotiations Intensify - (v @fifarahman)

Come Clean on #TPP Prime Minister Says NZ First - surely nothing to hide

"My biggest fear is that the sacrifice of my business will have been in vain" - wow, #lavabit echoing #snowden

Teenage mobile users do worry about privacy, says Pew - hope for the future, then

New regulations create fresh row over biomass power - Uk gov becomes ever-less green...

 US$1 million for reforestation missing in Peru - why #transparency is vital

Sussex Police apologises 4 sending 'inappropriate' tweet - "insight into Sussex Police's mindset" (v @bengoldacre)

Schedule 7 & detention of #Miranda - "equating support of civil liberties & the rule of law to supporting terrorism"

Privatising the railways was a disaster. It's time to renationalise - #labour is crazy not to seize this opportunity

An Open Letter to My Former #NSA Colleagues - interesting background info (v @CasparBowden @Erika_Check)

The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David #Miranda - good analysis from @Bruce_Schneier

Canada’s spy agency may have illegally targeted Canadians: watchdog - don't want to feel left out #ca

Theresa May attacked for comments on critics of David Miranda's detention - she should resign for stooping to this

UK terror law watchdog promises rapid report on David #Miranda detention - too much to hope he might be daring here?

Open Source Mapping Software Shows Every Traffic Death On Earth - amazing disparities

My Dinner With #NSA Director Keith Alexander - fascinating; recommended (v @ioerror)

rivals may not like Guardian, but they should care about attacks on individual and press freedom - (v @charlesarthur)

Edward #Snowden leaks reveal UK’s secret Middle-East web #surveillance base - (v @blacbloc @ioerror)

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130820 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Miranda's detention had no basis in law, says former lord chancellor - UK gov's case looking even more desperate

US keen on India's inclusion in #TPP - #india would be crazy to sign up without being able to see terms, like #japan

So the innocent have nothing to fear? After David #Miranda we now know where this leads - fine piece

#Cameron told Cabinet Secretary to get Guardian to hand over Edward #Snowden documents - "free" press? not so much

RT @Asher_Wolf Statement: Dr Leslie Cannold Resigns from The Wikileaks Party … >>wow, Wikileaks Party implodes..

German Supreme Court Confirms #RapidShare Must Police The Internet And Restrict Anonymous Use - bonkers #de

In Egyptian village, Christian shops marked ahead of church attack - ah, religion...( v @nadinemarroushi @asteris)

#Miranda detention is a “defining point” - "time to tear down the security apparatus that threatens free speech"

Warren #Buffett Invests Big Time in Tar Sands - so poor he must put money above mankind - thanks Warren....

7,000 Gun-Loving "Patriots" Living in an Walled Citadel Built Around Arms Factory in Idaho -- What Could Go Wrong? -

Latest Leak: #NSA Can Spy On Almost Anything, Gets To Set Its Own Filters - oh look, it's even worse than we thought

The #whistleblower's mad moral courage - fine piece, useful background to #manning today

#Russia Prepares To Block Tor And Anonymizing Proxies - terrible precedent #surveillance #censorship

Barrett Brown, Glenn Greenwald, and the Mafia State - “When they come… they come at what you love.”

Using Copyright To Silence Oil Sands Satire? How Crude. - yes, crude censorship #tarsands

'Sending a message': what the US and UK are attempting to do - @ggreenwald on the blatant bullying

Malaysia Studies Could Delay Key Regional Trade Pact - interesting #TPP #my

#manning judge is shrewd: she gets to seem merciful by choosing relatively low figure, but also severe, because 35 years is most of his life

Data for development: The new conflict resource? - interesting #opendata

Russia blocks Greenpeace ship from entering Arctic waters - clear signal of future intent re drilling

Another 'Internet Threat' Results In Six Months In Jail And A Five-Year Ban From Social Media - feel safer now?

May rejects claim #Miranda was detained with no legal basis - "used highly cautious language"; she's in trouble

#NSA Program Found Unconstitutional Went On For 3 Years; Started Right After Telcos Got Immunity - dig that logic

Samsung debuts Galaxy Golden flip phone for Korea - ooh, wacky

Amid Uproar Over NSA, Malaysia Wants to Expand Its Spying Powers - regrettable, but no surprise

Smashed Hard Drives, Shuttered Email Services, & The Slow Leak Of Free Speech - "What happens when you lose privacy?"

Сочи 2014: чужие здесь не ездят - glad I'm not going there...

Now Is The Time For All Good Nerds To Come To The Aid Of The Internet - some suggestions

somebody is looking for advice on writing a political manifesto: anybody have any suggestions I can pass on, please?

Democracy as a ‘game’ - "Were any of the phrases quoted by Rusbridger used by the Cabinet Secretary?" #guardian

US Still Can't Figure Out What #Snowden Took; What Happened To Those Perfect 'Audits'? -  something not quite right

#Tor Anti-Censorship and Anonymity Infrastructure - exceeded its modest #indiegogo target, but more funds would help

Encryption Patents Could Be Blackberry's Biggest Asset - #encryption is just #maths; patents should be struck down

Comcast says its attempt to shut down TorrentFreak by claiming #copyright on court filing was "error" - yeah, right

Freedom of the Press Foundation Condemns the Egregious Sentence of Bradley #Manning - "deserves our gratitude"

Statement by #Assange on today’s sentencing of Bradley #Manning - "there will be a thousand more Bradley Mannings"

How a secretive trade deal could help American #tobacco companies hook new smokers - #TPP will kill (v @DrRimmer)

#Openaccess to research publications reaching 'tipping point' - fab, but beware big pushback (v @mgeist @relkatz)

Unfortunate Ruling Says Changing Your IP Address Can Be 'Unauthorized Access' To A Public Website - awful #geocaching

#NSA files: secret surveillance and our revelations so far - useful: shows what #snowden has givn (v @janinegibson)

Four fears for authoritarians - "All these events, all these actions, are about control." spot on  (v @MsLods)

The Editors of Scientific American Take a Stance Against GMO Food Labeling - can't possibly let people have the facts

the naivety of some scientists about the battle for control of world's food staggers me sometimes; this isn't about GM technology #monsanto

Coalition battle looms over anti-terror laws after Greenwald partner detention - time for May to go #miranda

RSPCA: Badger cull myths exposed in new report - interesting how UK gov ignores experts when convenient to do so

"I wonder to this day whether when my own moment came I ducked a key moral challenge." - yup (v @bengoldacre)#coward

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130819 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"subverted the benefit of the doubt that liberal democracies ask for whey they arm themselves against terrorism" -

"UK government's detention & questioning of #Miranda was to send a message to recipients of Snowden's materials" -

also: if #miranda intimidation was indeed to "send a message", means that UK gov blatantly lied when they said it was a police decision

Bradley Manning and the Two Americas - good, wide-ranging analysis (v @MsLods)#snowden #nsa

#China Takes Aim at Western Ideas - UK government indicates it will do the same... #miranda #guardian

major incidents in 2012: report by EU cyber agency ENISA - nothing to do with "cyberattacks" (v @NeelieKroesEU)

Welcome 2 UK: Border officers can seize personal data without reasonable suspicion - (v @geekeconomist @CasparBowden)

Still wondering why we need a stateless media entity like WikiLeaks? This is why - what he said (v @superglaze)

Snowden : le Guardian a dû détruire des disques durs - yeah, that'll work </facepalm>

RT @tetRadio Θα συνεχίσει να εκπέμπει η ΕΡΤ, μετά και την διακοπή του σήματος από την EBU, μέσω του >>jolly nice too

#OpenSource in the UK: Sharing the Fire - exciting new project, potentially big

Was David #Miranda’s Detention Legally Sound? - the debate continues... #uk

Court rules that IP cloaking to access blocked sites violates law - awful; huge implications for geoblocking

"Guardian" musste Festplatten zerstören - people are noticing (v @rigow)#snowden

"So this is the last #Groklaw article" - if you don't think things are serious, read this; tragic, unnecessary loss

The Canary in the Coal Mine: #Groklaw Shuts Down - now might be a good time to get angry and act #privacy

The next moves in the Spooks v. News cold war - more reasons we need #opensource solutions

#Obama Goes to Bat for Big #Tobacco in #TPP - when you think obama can't sink any lower, he does...

Q: Did this go straight to Number 10?  Yes, says Rusbridger. - #cameron too cowardly to comment, though #guardian

"Those who oppose this sort of action need to think about what they are condoning" - Home Office's usual scummy trick

#Miranda was not given any reason for detention, say lawyers - staggering police state abuse of power if confirmed

#Guardian had held back "a great deal" of the secret material obtained from Edward #Snowden - & that's all abroad...

2005 BlackBerry E-Mail: “Britische Behörden haben Zugriff auf das gesamte Nachrichtenaufkommen” - (v @dozykraut)

#Cameron had advance warning of #Miranda detention, No 10 confirms - they're beginning to lose their nerve...

"Home Office has decided to go on offensive & offer wholehearted support for police" - means May's job is on the line

Theresa May urged to answer questions over David #Miranda detention - OK, how long before she is sacrificed?

UK Authorities Force Journalists to Report #NSA In Exile - "normally reserved for worst of authoritarian regimes"

"No wonder the Police are quite confidently stating that they acted legally" - this law is a disgrace #miranda

Will #copyright be extended 20 more years? An old debate returns - come on, should be cut, massively

#Cameron und der Geheimdienst-Skandal: Im Land der schwarzen Helikopter - "jedes Maß verloren hat"

#Fracking operations triggered 100 quakes in a year - never mind, at least they don't cause earthquakes - oh, wait

RT @davorg Good to see @LouiseMensch displaying her expertise on matters digital again - >>brilliant comments

Guy Who Wrote Legal Memos Defending US #Torture Defends #NSA Because It Takes Too Long To Obey The #Constitution -

#NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files - interesting but bizarre details

May had advance notice of #Miranda detention at Heathrow - but who briefed the US? her? the police? doesn't add up

White House: US government wouldn't force reporters to destroy computers - but is happy for its vassals to do so

#Miranda detention: many journalists hold sensitive information - "serves to encourage distrust of gov's motives"

UK Home Office Says #Miranda's Detention 'Fully Justified,' Attacks Press And Public For Condoning #Snowden's Leaks -

#Snowden NSA files: US and UK at odds over security tactics as row escalates - UK gov really in a mess now...

#NSA Documents Released to the Public Since June 2013 - useful listing from @ACLU (v @dangillmor)

Conspiracy to commit journalism - "It’s the collect-it-all coalition against an expanded Fourth Estate, worldwide"