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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130819 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"subverted the benefit of the doubt that liberal democracies ask for whey they arm themselves against terrorism" -

"UK government's detention & questioning of #Miranda was to send a message to recipients of Snowden's materials" -

also: if #miranda intimidation was indeed to "send a message", means that UK gov blatantly lied when they said it was a police decision

Bradley Manning and the Two Americas - good, wide-ranging analysis (v @MsLods)#snowden #nsa

#China Takes Aim at Western Ideas - UK government indicates it will do the same... #miranda #guardian

major incidents in 2012: report by EU cyber agency ENISA - nothing to do with "cyberattacks" (v @NeelieKroesEU)

Welcome 2 UK: Border officers can seize personal data without reasonable suspicion - (v @geekeconomist @CasparBowden)

Still wondering why we need a stateless media entity like WikiLeaks? This is why - what he said (v @superglaze)

Snowden : le Guardian a dû détruire des disques durs - yeah, that'll work </facepalm>

RT @tetRadio Θα συνεχίσει να εκπέμπει η ΕΡΤ, μετά και την διακοπή του σήματος από την EBU, μέσω του >>jolly nice too

#OpenSource in the UK: Sharing the Fire - exciting new project, potentially big

Was David #Miranda’s Detention Legally Sound? - the debate continues... #uk

Court rules that IP cloaking to access blocked sites violates law - awful; huge implications for geoblocking

"Guardian" musste Festplatten zerstören - people are noticing (v @rigow)#snowden

"So this is the last #Groklaw article" - if you don't think things are serious, read this; tragic, unnecessary loss

The Canary in the Coal Mine: #Groklaw Shuts Down - now might be a good time to get angry and act #privacy

The next moves in the Spooks v. News cold war - more reasons we need #opensource solutions

#Obama Goes to Bat for Big #Tobacco in #TPP - when you think obama can't sink any lower, he does...

Q: Did this go straight to Number 10?  Yes, says Rusbridger. - #cameron too cowardly to comment, though #guardian

"Those who oppose this sort of action need to think about what they are condoning" - Home Office's usual scummy trick

#Miranda was not given any reason for detention, say lawyers - staggering police state abuse of power if confirmed

#Guardian had held back "a great deal" of the secret material obtained from Edward #Snowden - & that's all abroad...

2005 BlackBerry E-Mail: “Britische Behörden haben Zugriff auf das gesamte Nachrichtenaufkommen” - (v @dozykraut)

#Cameron had advance warning of #Miranda detention, No 10 confirms - they're beginning to lose their nerve...

"Home Office has decided to go on offensive & offer wholehearted support for police" - means May's job is on the line

Theresa May urged to answer questions over David #Miranda detention - OK, how long before she is sacrificed?

UK Authorities Force Journalists to Report #NSA In Exile - "normally reserved for worst of authoritarian regimes"

"No wonder the Police are quite confidently stating that they acted legally" - this law is a disgrace #miranda

Will #copyright be extended 20 more years? An old debate returns - come on, should be cut, massively

#Cameron und der Geheimdienst-Skandal: Im Land der schwarzen Helikopter - "jedes Maß verloren hat"

#Fracking operations triggered 100 quakes in a year - never mind, at least they don't cause earthquakes - oh, wait

RT @davorg Good to see @LouiseMensch displaying her expertise on matters digital again - >>brilliant comments

Guy Who Wrote Legal Memos Defending US #Torture Defends #NSA Because It Takes Too Long To Obey The #Constitution -

#NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files - interesting but bizarre details

May had advance notice of #Miranda detention at Heathrow - but who briefed the US? her? the police? doesn't add up

White House: US government wouldn't force reporters to destroy computers - but is happy for its vassals to do so

#Miranda detention: many journalists hold sensitive information - "serves to encourage distrust of gov's motives"

UK Home Office Says #Miranda's Detention 'Fully Justified,' Attacks Press And Public For Condoning #Snowden's Leaks -

#Snowden NSA files: US and UK at odds over security tactics as row escalates - UK gov really in a mess now...

#NSA Documents Released to the Public Since June 2013 - useful listing from @ACLU (v @dangillmor)

Conspiracy to commit journalism - "It’s the collect-it-all coalition against an expanded Fourth Estate, worldwide"

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