Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130806 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Excess investor rights in trade deals an election issue - great analysis of #ISDS threat in #TPP

Brazilian Senators Don '#Snowden' Masks To Protest #NSA Surveillance - wonderful symbolism at so many levels

Greenwald d√©tient 20 000 documents de Snowden - should keep him busy for a while #nsa (v @nitot @Juliiie04)

23 Gallons a Day from One Cow? Industrial Agriculture Engaged in Extreme Breeding - cruel, & dangerous for us

Universal Credit IT – is the DWP still deceiving itself and the public? - an utter dog's breakfast #uk

Van alleen-bestuur naar we-sturen - "Zo wordt het democratisch proces transparanter, relevanter" #opendata

UK's #Ofcom Recognizes That #Copyright Can Be A Threat To User Generated Content - getting there slowly #ugc

MT @MsLods Studios attack @AusLawReform, warn of fair use litigation spree >>fail to mention US has #fairuse #AU

Big Pharma #TTIP/#TAFTA wish list: stronger IPR, less transparency & fewer safety regulations - profits not patients

Is This Finally the Year of #China? - this is the big one #ubuntu

WhatsApp is growing like crazy — 300 million monthly users and counting - wow

Here’s What Happens Inside You When a Mosquito Bites - amazing - and disgusting - videos

ex-#NSA chief: "stop worrying & learn to love #XKEYSCORE" - just like Winston Smith... (v @FOIcentric @Asher_Wolf)

Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by US Officials Sparked Alerts - *really*? all the baddest people on one call?

#Samsung co-CEO: We want #Tizen to be on everything - really? I'll be amazed, but pleased #linux

Obama cancels meetings with Putin amid tensions - yeah, that'll bring putin to heel (v @qz)#snowden

german court rules #VP8 does not infringe a patent owned and asserted by Nokia - yay (v

Introducing the Open Economics Principles - good stuff #openness #opendata

US firms worry Edward #Snowden is wrecking their business, but the Patriot Act was already doing that - exactly

Obama cancels meeting with #Putin over #Snowden asylum tensions - wow, is #obama screwing this up big time...

CBS Blackout Triggers Surge in TV-Show Piracy - gosh, what a suprise. not.

US Hypocrisy Exposed: Has A Long History Of Rejecting Extradition Requests - just gets worse & worse #snowden

Veteran civil rights campaigner praises #Snowden's act of 'civil disobedience' - huge symbolic importance

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