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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130818 - http://bit.ly/19DcftV yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

.@ggreenwald's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours - http://bit.ly/1ahVN1L clear UK is nothing but a tinpot #policestate

Mehr Transparenz für die transatlantische Expertengruppe zum Überwachungsskandal? - http://bit.ly/16Zfg3P indispensable #nsa

so, sounds like another massive @BBCr4today failure today over the greenwald story: truly the #BBC has become the poodle's poodle...

"The innocent have nothing to fear? They do if they embarrass America & happen to visit British soil." - http://bit.ly/18F3gnz #policestate

Datagate, una dichiarazione di guerra al giornalismo - http://bit.ly/19sUUR2 yup (v @AlexandraDust)#greenwald

Revelations about secret orders requiring "backdoors" in online services fuel protests in #NewZealand - http://zd.net/1cZeCYx (v @ioerror)

 Nach PRISM & Co: Was tun! Aber was? - http://bit.ly/15Zykuo ah, good question... #nsa

"detention of Miranda a clarifying moments that reveals how far Britain has changed for the worse." - http://bit.ly/1cZfqwq (v @Eaterofsun)

#Fracking protests around the UK – live blog - http://bit.ly/19sZv5N interesting intensification of protests; but is it, er, sustainable?

Iranian school children to receive lessons in '#drone-hunting' - http://bit.ly/17Duj1i sign of the times, if true... (v clarinette)

UK-Drama um @ggreenwald -Partner: "einzige mögliche Motivation ist Schikane" - http://bit.ly/14Vq31j whatever happened to British subtlety?

definitive guide to #NSA spy programs - http://bit.ly/14cITyh  how to tell your BLARNEY from your STORMBREW (v @AnnieMachon @VenemaSander)

Журналиста, чей партнер публиковал материалы Сноудена, допрашивали 9 часов - http://bit.ly/1bMapnK #russia will be loving this

David #Miranda detention: Labour demands review of anti-terror powers - http://bit.ly/13yMpo7 opportunistic, but welcome #policestate

The 20 Cities Most Vulnerable to Flooding - http://bit.ly/14tZXfs eek, some biggies here... #climatechange

Researchers Release Tool That Can Scan Entire Internet In Under an Hour - http://bit.ly/17DU2qA #moore's law et al.: don't you love them?

How to Keep the #NSA Out of Your Computer - http://bit.ly/19DVNK6 #mesh networks were cool before; now they're vital (v @ralpost)

#Ecuador abandons rain forest protection to pay its China debts - http://bit.ly/1eX5P65 so #china gets to ravage south america too...

Terrorism law watchdog calls for explanation of #Miranda detention - http://bit.ly/1eX6UKW "questioned by 6 agents on his "entire life" #uk

"No 10 spokesman added that police would judge whether they had exercised their powers proportionately": can anyone see a problem with that?

U.S. unlikely to make TPP tariff offer until Sept.: USTR - http://bit.ly/1cU66Lk call it #TPP Poker

.@ukhomeoffice: Theresa May, review the use of Schedule 7 of Terrorism Act - http://chn.ge/14dj410 new #epetition against this abuse

#Snowden journalist to publish UK secrets after UK detains partner - http://reut.rs/14utPbG  "I think they will be sorry for what they did"

re last tweet: UK government just doesn't understand that the dynamics have changed: the little people are not powerless now... #snowden

How Britain Used Intrusive Anti-Terror Law To Detain Greenwald’s Partner - http://bit.ly/1616n5e & why it must be repealed (v @Asher_Wolf)

#NSA Defenders Insist Their Lawbreaking Should Be Ignored Because They 'Didn't Mean It' - http://bit.ly/17Ei04R credible much?

"Shocking detention" of #Miranda part of abuse of anti-terrorism law - http://bit.ly/17016zC all journalists should be worried & angry here

Merkel and the #NSA: A Scandal That Just Won't Die - http://bit.ly/12j1Caj she just doesn't get it (v @Asher_Wolf)#de

"impossible to escape conclusion that the power was used disproportionately and therefore inappropriately" - http://bit.ly/161jgMK #miranda

The commentariat on David #Miranda's detention - http://bit.ly/16DcCmh good roundup; see if you can spot the odd one out...

US and Foreign #Copyright Policies for Promoting the Creative Economy - http://bit.ly/170cb3y great piece about US neo-imperilaism

David #Miranda detention prompts outcry over 'gross misuse' of terror laws - http://bit.ly/1cUIjLh so let's reform them now

Intelligence Official Says He Was Fired 4 Not Lying 2 Congress; Says Rogers & Feinstein Don't Know What's Happening - http://bit.ly/152qjc3

#Cameron on hols: "remains effectively in charge of country" - http://bit.ly/1cUMCWK so did he know about #miranda's detention, as US did?

first google, now amazon - http://tnw.co/16q5wPr maybe the NSA is pulling a little too much data from the Internet, and it's running dry...

The Moon's mysterious dust - http://bit.ly/16Xn0By spooky #science

"#TPP parties should reject US data exclusivities as TRIPS-plus" - http://bit.ly/13A7tKW "no precedent for data protection for biologics"

US agents defend interrogation of 9/11 terror suspect at #Guantánamo - http://bit.ly/1eXRZQF "He could leave the room at any time." hahaha

Ubuntu Edge May Have Just Set the Crowdfunding Record - http://on.mash.to/17EW1uK obvious solution is for Mr Shuttleworth to make up difference

Counterterrorism Official: Greenwald’s Partner Wouldn’t Qualify 4 Watch Lists - http://bit.ly/16DJL1c (v @BuzzFeedBen @rosiegray @Glinner)

What is behind this #fracking mania? Unbridled machismo - http://bit.ly/13MVggQ "Extraction is an ideology, gendered and gendering"

"compensation of #copyright-intensive industry CEOs was more than triple compensation of CEOs in other industries" - http://bit.ly/14Ws3GA

#Miranda: 'They said I would be put in jail if I didn't cooperate' - http://bit.ly/1cV3NYm utterly shameful for UK #policestate

Undownloading: Further Proof Those #eBooks You Paid For Really Aren't Yours - http://bit.ly/1eY2sf3 how to ruin a good idea

Nine hours in the life of David #Miranda - http://bit.ly/19EPTZ9 important analysis #policestate

On revenge and the #NSA - http://bit.ly/1bNCYBo good points (v @dangillmor)#miranda #policestate

do read the guardian story in last link: lays out why UK is fast becoming a police state - and why it will become a journalistic backwater

ICYMI, this is probably one of the most important pieces you'll read this year: http://bit.ly/17Fd7sn awful implications for liberty in #UK

Британские власти пытались заставить Guardian уничтожить полученную от Сноудена информацию - http://bit.ly/1dnnuWy & the russians are on it

UK Police defends detaining partner - http://on-msn.com/14QJpO3 nothing to see here, move along please... (v @jackschofield)#miranda

"They'll Be Laughing in Moscow and Beijing." A Former British Defence Minister Writes... - http://bit.ly/17YUFK4 and how #snowden #nsa

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