Friday, 23 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130821 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

I have been asked: aside from Rihanna, what content was involved in the 4 #HADOPI cases decided so far? anyone know, please?

too much to expect the #BBC to explore the rather larger issue of US abuses in Iraq etc - pathetic (v @Glinner)

German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA - bombshell from #diezeit (v @schestowitz)

shuttleworth statement on ubuntu edge - "will still be a huge boost as other #Ubuntu phones start to arrive in 2014"

David #Miranda lawyers seek high court injunction – live tweets - UK government keeps digging...

Snippets: NGINX, Dart Editor, Raspberry IO -

Bradley Manning Verdict: Hysteria Over Leakers, Impunity for Human Rights Violators - from @amnesty (v @asteris)

David Cameron’s plan for internet-porn filters ‘risks hurting LGBT community’  - good initiative (v @EraseThisTweet)

Deterministic Builds Part One: Cyberwar and Global Compromise - facinating stuff #security

Benedict Cumberbatch "attacks the UK government over civil liberties violations" - what a solid chap he is...

#NSA 'goes after man who mocked agency' - using #copyright, of course (v @JLLLOW @Asher_Wolf)

'I am #ChelseaManning,' says jailed soldier formerly known as Bradley - some details of this announcement

#Miranda wins partial court victory over data seized - "cannot be used for the purposes of criminal investigation"

"the CPU is not made for this motherboard" - great headline... #manning

Severely Disabled Mum of Two First to be Evicted for Bedroom Tax Arrears - how can this disgrace be happening in UK?

Council of Europe asks UK to explain intimidation against the #Guardian - quite right

Suber and Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Collaborate to Provide Open Access to Tibetan Literature - fab news

#Windows 8+TPM: Germany Warns of 'Loss of Control' - not about backdoors, but freedom #microsoft

Pesticides industry rep: Tighter rules on chemicals could lead to crop losses - plays "science-based" card

‘right to #remix’ – initiative for a European #copyright reform - great idea - pl. help to spread the word

The #Greenwald effect - alongside the #Snowden Effect, but ite different from it

MSF Urges Countries Not to Trade Away Health as #TPP Negotiations Intensify - (v @fifarahman)

Come Clean on #TPP Prime Minister Says NZ First - surely nothing to hide

"My biggest fear is that the sacrifice of my business will have been in vain" - wow, #lavabit echoing #snowden

Teenage mobile users do worry about privacy, says Pew - hope for the future, then

New regulations create fresh row over biomass power - Uk gov becomes ever-less green...

 US$1 million for reforestation missing in Peru - why #transparency is vital

Sussex Police apologises 4 sending 'inappropriate' tweet - "insight into Sussex Police's mindset" (v @bengoldacre)

Schedule 7 & detention of #Miranda - "equating support of civil liberties & the rule of law to supporting terrorism"

Privatising the railways was a disaster. It's time to renationalise - #labour is crazy not to seize this opportunity

An Open Letter to My Former #NSA Colleagues - interesting background info (v @CasparBowden @Erika_Check)

The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David #Miranda - good analysis from @Bruce_Schneier

Canada’s spy agency may have illegally targeted Canadians: watchdog - don't want to feel left out #ca

Theresa May attacked for comments on critics of David Miranda's detention - she should resign for stooping to this

UK terror law watchdog promises rapid report on David #Miranda detention - too much to hope he might be daring here?

Open Source Mapping Software Shows Every Traffic Death On Earth - amazing disparities

My Dinner With #NSA Director Keith Alexander - fascinating; recommended (v @ioerror)

rivals may not like Guardian, but they should care about attacks on individual and press freedom - (v @charlesarthur)

Edward #Snowden leaks reveal UK’s secret Middle-East web #surveillance base - (v @blacbloc @ioerror)

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