Thursday, 22 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130820 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Miranda's detention had no basis in law, says former lord chancellor - UK gov's case looking even more desperate

US keen on India's inclusion in #TPP - #india would be crazy to sign up without being able to see terms, like #japan

So the innocent have nothing to fear? After David #Miranda we now know where this leads - fine piece

#Cameron told Cabinet Secretary to get Guardian to hand over Edward #Snowden documents - "free" press? not so much

RT @Asher_Wolf Statement: Dr Leslie Cannold Resigns from The Wikileaks Party … >>wow, Wikileaks Party implodes..

German Supreme Court Confirms #RapidShare Must Police The Internet And Restrict Anonymous Use - bonkers #de

In Egyptian village, Christian shops marked ahead of church attack - ah, religion...( v @nadinemarroushi @asteris)

#Miranda detention is a “defining point” - "time to tear down the security apparatus that threatens free speech"

Warren #Buffett Invests Big Time in Tar Sands - so poor he must put money above mankind - thanks Warren....

7,000 Gun-Loving "Patriots" Living in an Walled Citadel Built Around Arms Factory in Idaho -- What Could Go Wrong? -

Latest Leak: #NSA Can Spy On Almost Anything, Gets To Set Its Own Filters - oh look, it's even worse than we thought

The #whistleblower's mad moral courage - fine piece, useful background to #manning today

#Russia Prepares To Block Tor And Anonymizing Proxies - terrible precedent #surveillance #censorship

Barrett Brown, Glenn Greenwald, and the Mafia State - “When they come… they come at what you love.”

Using Copyright To Silence Oil Sands Satire? How Crude. - yes, crude censorship #tarsands

'Sending a message': what the US and UK are attempting to do - @ggreenwald on the blatant bullying

Malaysia Studies Could Delay Key Regional Trade Pact - interesting #TPP #my

#manning judge is shrewd: she gets to seem merciful by choosing relatively low figure, but also severe, because 35 years is most of his life

Data for development: The new conflict resource? - interesting #opendata

Russia blocks Greenpeace ship from entering Arctic waters - clear signal of future intent re drilling

Another 'Internet Threat' Results In Six Months In Jail And A Five-Year Ban From Social Media - feel safer now?

May rejects claim #Miranda was detained with no legal basis - "used highly cautious language"; she's in trouble

#NSA Program Found Unconstitutional Went On For 3 Years; Started Right After Telcos Got Immunity - dig that logic

Samsung debuts Galaxy Golden flip phone for Korea - ooh, wacky

Amid Uproar Over NSA, Malaysia Wants to Expand Its Spying Powers - regrettable, but no surprise

Smashed Hard Drives, Shuttered Email Services, & The Slow Leak Of Free Speech - "What happens when you lose privacy?"

Сочи 2014: чужие здесь не ездят - glad I'm not going there...

Now Is The Time For All Good Nerds To Come To The Aid Of The Internet - some suggestions

somebody is looking for advice on writing a political manifesto: anybody have any suggestions I can pass on, please?

Democracy as a ‘game’ - "Were any of the phrases quoted by Rusbridger used by the Cabinet Secretary?" #guardian

US Still Can't Figure Out What #Snowden Took; What Happened To Those Perfect 'Audits'? -  something not quite right

#Tor Anti-Censorship and Anonymity Infrastructure - exceeded its modest #indiegogo target, but more funds would help

Encryption Patents Could Be Blackberry's Biggest Asset - #encryption is just #maths; patents should be struck down

Comcast says its attempt to shut down TorrentFreak by claiming #copyright on court filing was "error" - yeah, right

Freedom of the Press Foundation Condemns the Egregious Sentence of Bradley #Manning - "deserves our gratitude"

Statement by #Assange on today’s sentencing of Bradley #Manning - "there will be a thousand more Bradley Mannings"

How a secretive trade deal could help American #tobacco companies hook new smokers - #TPP will kill (v @DrRimmer)

#Openaccess to research publications reaching 'tipping point' - fab, but beware big pushback (v @mgeist @relkatz)

Unfortunate Ruling Says Changing Your IP Address Can Be 'Unauthorized Access' To A Public Website - awful #geocaching

#NSA files: secret surveillance and our revelations so far - useful: shows what #snowden has givn (v @janinegibson)

Four fears for authoritarians - "All these events, all these actions, are about control." spot on  (v @MsLods)

The Editors of Scientific American Take a Stance Against GMO Food Labeling - can't possibly let people have the facts

the naivety of some scientists about the battle for control of world's food staggers me sometimes; this isn't about GM technology #monsanto

Coalition battle looms over anti-terror laws after Greenwald partner detention - time for May to go #miranda

RSPCA: Badger cull myths exposed in new report - interesting how UK gov ignores experts when convenient to do so

"I wonder to this day whether when my own moment came I ducked a key moral challenge." - yup (v @bengoldacre)#coward

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