Wednesday, 14 August 2013


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130813 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

NYPD Threw Truth-Telling Cop in Psycho Ward for 6 Days, Told Crime Victims to Lie for Better Stats - #whistleblowing

Secret Service Interviewed Aaron Swartz's Friends About Guerilla Open Access Manifesto - so #openaccess = #terrorism?

Observe, Make, Hack: reflections on #OHM2013 - why we need to stick together, work together, fight together

Extending The Spectrum Of #Openness To Include The Moral Right To Share - makes sense

Kids Can't Use Computers... And This Is Why It Should Worry You - v fine, wide-ranging piece (v @aral)#surveillance

Scottish independence campaign has almost no chance, says Nate Silver - will this now be self-fulfilling..?

To be, or not to be, blocked, that is the question - indeed #censorship #uk

#UK Government to "get to grips" with Rape-Porn - excellent analysis of why this will be another dog's breakfast

Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet - doubly important post-#snowden

#Spain demands 'clarification and information' on #NSA surveillance - it's not fooling anyone (v @schestowitz)

why #TAFTA/#TTIP threatens the Net and #opensource - no, it's not #ACTA - #ISDS is far worse

Intelligence committee urged to explain if they withheld crucial #NSA document - good question (v @jayrosen_nyu)

#China’s government is driving other countries’ fishermen out of business - & destroying the world's #fish #commons

Did The #NSA Think The Public Can't Do Math(s)? Attempt To Downplay Data Collection Fails Miserably - feeble

Saviez vous que #Mozilla est en train de détourner l'Internet? - quelle honte... #cookies

MI6 man tried to sell colleagues' names for £2m - again, question has to be: why on earth did have access to them?

CIA Veteran: #Snowden Did Everything Wrong And The Government Respects Your Privacy - oh, that's OK then

#India spurns cancer patents - medicine before monopolies, patients before patents (v @jamie_love)

Chilean Senators Formally Request Public Debate on #TPP - great; but it's disgraceful others haven't (v @PCGTW)

#Elsevier charges 3000 USD APC & then retains all rights; is this #oa?? No, they then put it behind paywall, 32 USD -

Marche citoyenne contre l’accord de libre échange négocié entre les EU et la CE dans le déni de la démocratie - #TTIP

Are #Patents and #Copyrights “#Monopolies”? - great list of citations answering that question resoundingly

Wikihouse: #opensource, citizen-led urban development model - eminently sensible stuff

#Montaigne: the first #blogger - and Bach was the first hacker...

Lieferung von US-Jets: #NSA-Affäre gefährdet Rüstungsdeal mit Brasilien - ramifications #brazil

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda - great training for life... (v @jilliancyork)#israel

MT @dompates Am collecting ways to keep #Internet open - can you help or RT?  #198Ways #MA #dissertation>>interesting

Bradley Manning statement: 'Unfortunately, I can't go back and change things' - v odd tone (v @JackofKent @PaulLewis)

 Microsoft Censors OpenOffice Download Links - er, care to explain, Microsoft...?

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