Thursday, 8 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130807 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP: A Threat to Democracy and Food Sovereignty - good analysis of situation in #japan

US Government War On #Hackers Backfires: Now Top Hackers Won't Work With US Government - well, look at that...

Vietnamese firms not gung-ho about #TPP bonanza - maybe best to pull out before it's too late...

The myths behind online pornography #censorship - surprisingly good piece from #bbc (v @Caroldanon)

 Global Surveillance: The Public Must Fight for its Right to Privacy - rightly angry piece (v @JanAlbrecht)

#Badger cull is right thing to do, says Cameron - strange uk top animal scientists disagree -

Broader Sifting of Data Abroad Is Seen by #NSA - worse & worse #snowden

Porn filters: 12 reasons why they won't work (and 3 reasons why they might) - useful, balanced piece by @MonaChalabi

Can you lead a secure and private online life? Maybe not, but you can try. - & we certainly should #nsa #privacy

How To Solve Overclassification: Give Government Departments A Limited Annual 'Secrecy Budget' - nice idea #nsa

How to choose your Open Source Hardware License - good roundup of tricky area

Snippets: AOSP, Google Cloud, PuTTY, gNewSense and Mozilla updates - handy-sized news chunks from @codepope

Is #Apache the Most Important #OpenSource Project? - in one crucial respect, it is...

Pirate Party Reports IT Minister to the Police for #Copyright Infringement - petard-hoisted...

A trade deal that allows corporations to sue governments is not about "recovery" - good piece on #TTIP/#TAFTA #ISDS

20% children disturbed by illegally d/l'd films - "Industry Trust 4 IP Awareness revealed": hmm (v @MsSaraKelly)

RT @brembs 12 year anniversary of angry letter to scientific journal editor >>hilarious
The courage of Bradley #Manning will inspire others to seize their moment of truth - fine, quietly angry piece

If Bruce Schneier ran the #NSA, he’d ask a basic question: “Does it do any good?” - wise Uncle Bruce

The deadly cost of secret free trade deals - "Canadian government must commit to transparency" #TPP #ISDS

How #cryptography is a key weapon in the fight against empire states - interesting to hear this from #assange

Government Considers Dissatisfaction With US Policies To Be A 'High Threat' - East Germany would be proud

 How Secrecy Has Already Corroded Our Democracy in Concrete Ways - #transparency is key #nsa

World's largest telcos face legal action for role in UK mass surveillance programme - too right #nsa

#China applauds #Russia for making the US “eat dirt” in the #Snowden showdown - party time in Beijing & Moscow...

Standards bodies explain why they think the law should be copyrighted and paywalled - pathetic dinosaurs

Natural resource revenues should be published as #opendata - yes - hugely powerful idea #transparency #corruption

NYT Reveals NSA Searches All Emails In & Out Of The US; Will It Offer Up Its Source 4 Prosecution? - well,@nytimes?

"I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to US." - wow

The Power of Amateur Cartographers - why #openstreetmap will beat googlemaps, as inevitably as #linux beat windows

Hisense’s $99 and $149 #Android #tablets limbo down to $79 and $129 - how much lower? lots...

What Royal Parks is doing to a charity softball league should matter to us all - great piece about loss of #commons

The Royal Parks: Stop Hyde Park from charging people to play sport. - epetition against previous post's scandal

Ed #Snowden's Email Provider, Lavabit, Shuts Down To Fight US Gov't Intrusion - good summary of what we know so far

in terms of alternatives to Lavabit, I've been reminded there's, based in #switzerland, and using #freesw

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