Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130826 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP Trade talks failing to deliver on deadline - wheels starting to spin

Mother Called Sheriffs to Split Up Fight Between Daughter & Son-in-Law -- Officers Instead Shoot Them Both to Death -

European Commission Report Says #OpenAccess At 'Tipping Point' - great news, but no complacency, please

Mumbai Startup Anulekh Rejuvenates Indian Soil For Better Crops With Amazonian Technique - intriguing

Globaleaks: #Whistleblowing für alle - we really need this

Germany should lead on disarming our global surveillance system - it should, but will it? #NSA

A New Chapter for #OpenSource? - an exciting & important move by the @linuxfoundation #openscience

.@ggreenwald Interview - "I hope that people will use #encryption in every way possible" (v @Thomas_Drake1)

Thirty Years Of #NSA 'Oversight' And The Only Change Is Better Snooping Technology - left behind by Moore's Law

Bubonic #plague outbreak feared in central Asia - when in #Kyrgyzstan, maybe give the barbecued marmot a miss

"US has unilaterally invalidated argument that Internet must remain free & open for the good of global community" -

#Malaysia should abandon #TPP talks, ex-PM Mahathir says - strong words

Baywatch: two Approaches to Measure Effects of Blocking Access to ThePirate Bay - guess what? blocking doesn't work

World's Most Notorious Micronation Has the Secret to Protecting Your Data From #NSA - I doubt it (v @BiellaColeman)

Erste Auswirkungen des “Russischen SOPA” - "Online Petition gegen das Gesetz mittlerweile über 100000 Unterschriften"

#Badger cull: activists on night vigil yet to see dead animals - the perfect solution: just pretend to shoot them...

50% Of 'Retiring' Senators Become Lobbyists, Up From 3% A Few Decades Ago - what could possibly go wrong? oh, wait

scientist demolishes #NSA’s “It’s just #metadata” excuse - crucial point: "#metadata is uniquely easy to analyze"

"rashly dumping improperly vetted secret information onto the Internet"...would not be wise says @barryeisler - yup

Growth in global disputes brings big paychecks for law firms - #ISDS has grown into a bloated monster feeding on poor

Cracked Shows How To Respond To Someone Infringing On Their Work - nicely done

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