Sunday, 2 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150801 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

'We'll win the #TPP war' says Groser - he means the war against the #NZ public, of course...

#NZ won't be pushed out of #TPP negotiations - Tim Groser - IOW, for him, an awful deal is better than no deal

#TPP: Trans Pacific Partnership talks fail in face of NZ, Canada dairy clash - won't someone think of the cows?

No #TPP deal, but Groser 'extremely confident' - "Without improved dairy access, #NZ gov will face deep criticism"

Hard facts of #TPP covered in political fog - " voters need hard facts about what will really happen if signed."

Ermittlungen gegen - "Im Kampf gegen Extremismus und Terrorismus" notwendig - NB....

#TPP talks stall, with no end in sight - "favors corporations at the expense of workers and consumers"

„Leak more documents!“: Meine Rede auf der heutigen Demonstration zu Pressefreiheit und #Landesverrat - #justice

Athletics faces new doping crisis after ‘biggest leak’ of test results - this is why we need more leaks #transparency

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150731: special edition with dozens of #TPP links -  week's tweets as a single page

Yet Another ‘Final’ TPP Ministerial and Again No Deal; Not Surprising Given Growing Controversy Over #TPP Threats -

Joint Statement by #TPP Ministers - "we have made significant progress"; so, definitely finished this year - again?

#TPP ministerial fails – time for Key & Groser to cut their losses - or are they so desperate for a deal - any deal?

No better time than now for Robb to walk away from secret #TPP deal - but he probably lacks guts to do so... #AU

Failed #TPP talks show folly of trading away access to medicines & giving foreign investors rights to sue govs -

Ministers fail to cinch #TPP - "delay in reaching a deal is also a problem for Canadian Prime Ministerr"

#TPP delegates fail to reach final deal; pharmaceuticals, cars, dairy key sticking points - quite a lot, really...

Cameron: 'We haven't wasted a day since election' - he's right: every day spent making UK a meaner, sadder, place

#TPP trade negotiations in Maui fail - "TPP environment chapter may be even weaker than its predecessors"

#TPP talks: Key issues preventing a deal - good summary; may be another meeting end August

In NYT’s Fictional Presentation, China Pioneered the “Collect It All” Strategy - how far @nytimes has fallen

Verdacht des #Landesverrat: Der Pressespiegel - massive coverage - rightly so

Can't afford meds? Don't get sick - #TPP wants to bring the all-American way of living (and dying) to #NZ

Friday, 31 July 2015

150731 - special TPP edition

Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150723 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Trials and errors - @TheEconomist  onwhy all clinical data must be available #opendata

HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer - great to see this kind of research; more needed #tor

#TPP could stop sales ban - Key - and that's the least of it... #NZ

Issues critical to NZ’s wellbeing are yet to be addressed — top of the #TPP agenda is market access for dairy -

The race to a risky Trans-Pacific Partnership deal - a bad deal seen as better than no deal... #TPP

#TPP Protest at ALP Conference, Melbourne on July 24 as TPP negotiators meet in Hawaii - go go go

Key is trading away New Zealand land and homes = who cares about sovereignty? #TPP

TPP meeting 'will reveal changes to dairy markets' - & just how little #NZ will get for giving up so much

Labor’s trade stance is appeasement, not opposition to the #TPP and #ChAFTA - firmer line needed... #ISDS

Why cosplay fans fear the #TPP - #copyright maximalism ripping heart out of modern Japanese culture...

Jane Kelsey: Labour needs to stand firm on #TPP - firmer than firm: resolute #NZ

#TPP enters final negotiations - and the final sell-out too? #NZ

#NZ Trade Minister puts up smoke screen on the real issue of ballooning future medicine cost caused by #TPP -

#TTIP isn't just about privatising healthcare, but fundamentally reshaping it - it's all about data flows #privacy

Bid to Salvage #TPP by Turning a Blind Eye to Malaysia’s Trafficked Persons’ Mass Graves Will Only Fuel Criticism -

#AU people: Send the China FTA Inquiry a Message - don't forget there's #ISDS in there...

Levin: Malaysia Upgrade in Annual Trafficking Report “Extremely Concerning” - worse: shameful #TPP

Japanese farmers urge government to protect key items before #TPP talks - good luck with that

CWA: Malaysia’s Upgraded Ranking Shows Obama Administration Cares More About #TPP Than Human Trafficking -

The Return Of The Ugly German - good analysis #euro

Minimum damages payments for copyright violations eyed under #TPP - more copyright maximalist insanity #japan

Obama administration manipulates human rights report to “fast track” Malaysia’s participation in #TPP - See more at:

Happy Birthday Copyright Bombshell: New Evidence Warner Music Previously Hid Shows Song Is Public Domain - wow

Feds face blowback over Malaysia human trafficking upgrade - too right #TPP

NZMA calls again for independent health assessment of #TPP - which they won't get, of course

Decision Time On Biologics Exclusivity: Eight Years Is No Compromise - good analysis #TPP

#TPP pressure on #Canada, but US is super-star in agriculture subsidies - America the hypocrite

#TiSA – the new trade deal being kept under wraps - regulations cannot be ‘more burdensome than necessary'

'We said Pharmac and its purchasing model had to be protected' - Little - we'll see #TPP #NZ

US Decision on People Trafficking in Malaysia “Manipulated” - yes, by greed #TPP

Bees are fighting for survival, threatened by disease, climate change and pesticides including neonicotinoids -

US criticised for taking Malaysia off trafficking blacklist - #TPP

#TPP’s Reckless Proposals For Damages Will Have Negative Impact On Future Reform Of IPR Regimes - copyright insanity

Canadian dairy farmers head to Maui in last ditch effort against #TPP - get ready to be sold down the river

#CAFTA’s Decade of Empty Promises Haunts the #TPP - history shows free trade agreements fail to deliver on promises

#TPP Undermines User Control and That's Disastrous for Accessibility -

#TPP negotiators must fix the most damaging trade agreement ever for global health - awful

USTR proposals in #TPP are in conflict with U.S. Supreme Court decisions on State Sovereign Immunity - #awkward

Groups demand rejection of anti-climate provision in Customs Bill - See more at: just absurd

UNAIDS calls on trade negotiators to uphold governments’ commitments to public health and access to medicines - #TPP

Ongoing judicial review against the Health Research Authority - goes well - great news

Companies are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into lobbying for #TPP deal - guess who benefits?

#TPP: Key admits medicine costs will rise - oh well, look at that... #NZ

cancer specialist warns #TPP will delay medicines - & that means cancer patient will die, purely because of greed #NZ

Bee-harming pesticide firms took part in key meeting on their ban - which UK K government then tried to hide...

Trade should trump health concerns in hormone disruptor debate, US tells EU - US will use #TTIP to make it happen

BBC forced out team behind Savile exposé, says ex-Newsnight journalist - why @bbc is a shadow of former self

Harper Says Canada ‘Cannot Be Left Out’ of #TPP  - fatal admission: means he has to accept what is offered

#TPP: Australia considers 'modified' #ISDS clause - lawyers will find a way around it...just bin it completely

#TPP edging closer to being finalised - #AU

#TPP documents suggest clampdown on SOEs - another ratchet that only allows more privatisation

Pacific partners may discuss currency rules along with trade deal - but not part of #TPP, not binding

#TPP leak: sweeping restrictions on SOEs, more worries for Labour - See more at: #NZ

Stop #TISA the secret trade agreement - avaaz petition; 350K signatures so far...

Harper government hopes #TPP deal is signed before election campaign kickoff - I bet he does... #canada

Could #TPP become Key’s most embarrassing moment? - "NZ  has yet to secure additional access 4 agricultural exports"

#TPP deal inadequate for NZ dairy - of course, you're being taken for suckers, #NZ

#TPP: Secrecy and costs threaten benefits - "placing foreign corporate interests above domestic ones." #AU

#TPP pone en riesgo el acceso a medicamentos en los países menos desarrollados - and how...

Open source leader 'livid' at #TPP software patent capitulation p staggeringly antidemocratic move #NZ

World Bank rejects energy industry notion that coal can cure poverty - just bin this stupid idea #dirtycoal

EU automakers set to win lion’s share of TTIP gains - of course: #TTIP = Atlantic Car Trade Agreement (#ACTA)

Malaysia to remain firm in #TPP talks - well, we'll see... #my

UK restricts dissident artist Ai Weiwei's stay over his “criminal record” in China - UK is just painfully risible

Malaysia will not sign #TPP in Hawaii, says Mustapa - others should follow suit

Key on #TPP: 'Things are progressing along' - suggests not as fast as people there hoped

Gordon Campbell on D-Day for dairy at the #TPP - "has been far more about cementing US corporate advantage in place"

Environmentalists, union members protest #TPP being negotiated at Maui resort - nice pic

#Canada under pressure to scrap farm marketing boards for #TPP: not keen on committing it before Oct polls - ouch

Communication Workers Union backs Corbyn as antidote to Blairite 'virus' - well said: enough toxins for the UK

US Chamber of Commerce is in Big #Tobacco’s thrall - ISDS " one most sought after by Big Tobacco": same for #TTIP

#TPP leaks show Canada Post & CBC up for trade - will #BBC & other EU government TV stations fall victim to #TTIP?

UN paid millions to aviation firm since learning of sex attack on girl - digraceful: all involved should be fired

Athletes at Rio Olympics to compete in 'basically raw sewage' - who will top medal table for illnesses?

Now  USTR Has Fast Track, Hollywood Ramps Up Demands While USTR Brushes Off Public Interest Group Concerns - #TPP

Letter from 18 pro fast track Dems on lack of enforcement, environment - #TPP

#TPP Threatens Access to Affordable Medications for People Around the World - disgraceful

#Canada Under Pressure as Pacific Trade Talks Slow Over Dairy - won't somebody think of the cows? #TPP

Farage accused of launching '#Ukip front operation' to run EU no campaign - this lot are even worse than Westminster

Open source leader 'livid' at #TPP software patent capitulation - staggeringly antidemocratic - pl. RT widely #NZ

Editorial: #TPP without dairy access will be hollow -  nothing on the table "that allows me to recommend #TPP" #NZ

#TPP implications for PHARMAC raise serious concerns - "Multiple Sclerosis Society of #NZ is extremely concerned"

Dairy Deal "Disastrous" As #TPP Talks Near End - "It could be a backwards step for #NZ dairy industry": don't do it

What could possibly go wrong with the #TPP? - excellent (snarky) analysis of all bad stuff already agreed by #NZ

#AU should reject US Congress Members’ demand to rewrite Australian laws even after #TPP is signed and legislated -

#TPP could change the story of a rising China and a declining America - no, just entrenches corporations as lawmakers

#NZ Govt trading away health costs for what? - not even a bag of magic beans... #TPP

Trade deal threatens affordable healthcare for millions, experts say - but hey, profits before people, you know #TPP

Secrecy of #TPP documents heads to court - bit late, alas...

#TPP may force #NZ  to amend software patent law - "Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry won't say"; a "yes", then

'Modified version' of investor clause no fix in TPP - good analysis: "safeguards" just won't work: bin #ISDS now #AU

CAFTA’s 10th anniversary spotlights TPP’s threat 2 affordable life-saving drugs - #CAFTA was a disaster; #TPP will be

After publishing secret spy docs, German news site investigated for treason - appalling attack on press freedom #de

TPP: Former WTO head Pascal Lamy says #TPP benefits 'modest' - but costs disproportionately high for public

Japan's #TPP benefits limited as U.S. mulls taking 20 years to remove vehicle tariffs - walk away, walk away...

Never, perhaps, has contrast been as great between debate on changing #NZ flag and on #TPP negotiations - gd point

Japan's Amari: Intellectual property not yet worked out at TPP - after all, #copyright still has a finite term...

#Canada's dairy hardball could slow TPP talks: New Zealand envoy - #NZ should do the same

#Canada's Demands Delaying TPP Deal, Says New Zealand Envoy - #NZ in a hurry to sell out its public?

Green groups express 'major concern' over Tory policies in letter to Cameron - smug Tories say: "go recycle yourself"

EU steps up PR campaign to overcome #TTIP hostility - 'cos it's all about PR, isn't it, not about democracy at all?

Contrary To What You've Heard, #TPP Will Undermine US Law - Including Supreme Court Decisions - don't patriots care?

Zimbabwe seeking extradition of Cecil the lion's killer from U.S. - I'm sure the law-loving US will hand him over

Yes, German Authorities Are Pushing Treason Charges Against @Netzpolitik For Publishing Surveillance Plans -

#TPP chases elusive final deal in tough talks - disgusting that #tobacco still has anything to do with this

#TPP Trade Negotiators Reach Environmental Accord - … but seems it lacks binding enforcement = chocolate teapot

US has yet to pursue trade remedies against countries already obliged to environmental enforcement under existing trade accord" #TPP

Courting Unions, Hillary Clinton Says She Didn't Work on #TPP - oh, TPP already toxic?

Magistrates resign over court charges that encourage innocent to plead guilty - they have decency - unlike UK gov

Windows 10: Microsoft faces criticism over privacy - come on: privacy is so Windows 3.1...

#TPP could seriously hurt Canadian interests - but Harper seems to think a bad deal better than no deal... #ca

Facebook’s numbers just aren’t adding up - "undermines security and privacy"

U.S. Bends on Patent Data as Dairy Vexes #TPP - must bend on tobacco too...

Climate models are even more accurate than you thought - despite what deluded denialists would have us think

Andrew Robb tells US it's now or never for #TPP deal - definitely never...

Fight against #netneutrality focuses on definition of Internet access - what idiots these ISPs are

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150722 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Claimants against #TPP to go before Waitangi Tribunal today - fingers crossed #NZ

#TPP aims at health service's heart - "why the Trade Minister's assurances on Pharmac don't go far enough" #NZ

Abuse and Exploitation of Migrants Ignored in Exchange for #TPP - shameful stuff

Potential human rights impacts of the #TPP - 151 page analysis of impact of TPP on various #humanrights #my

Labour says will not support #TPP because it worries that it could see #NewZealand give up too much power - it will

Theresa May to launch independent review of deaths in police custody - about time...

Leon Brittan among senior Westminster figures named in new child abuse files - definitely no cover-up here...

London's Olympic legacy three years on: is the city really getting what it needed? - seems better than other cities

Burma sentences 153 Chinese workers to life imprisonment for illegal logging - harsh, but the logging must stop

UK suspends ban on pesticides linked to serious harm in bees - yeah, just ignore your own experts - again...

Irish Congress of Trade Unions agrees complete opposition to #TTIP, #CETA, #TiSA - good to see #IE

Half-naked Spartan warriors thwarted by Beijing police - nice headline... #china #sparta

UK authorities 'lack resources' to investigate Trafigura over toxic waste - convenient; we'll hear this excuse a lot

Antitrust: EU sends Statement of Objections on cross-border provision of pay-TV services available in UK & Ireland -

US, EU investors ask Big Pharma to release all drug trial results, including failures - fewer side-effect cover-ups

.@bhpbilliton's new coal mine in Borneo amid concern for orangutans - selfish & stupid: time for international shame

Thai seafood products could be banned, warns MEP - must solve terrible labour abuses that seem prevalent

Obama Administration Hype About a #TPP Vote in 2015 Does Not Comport with Fast Track Timelines - fascinating analysis

Your Tax Dollars At Work: 1,000-Page Funding Bill Dropped On Senate Floor One Hour Before Vote - such contempt

Nasa says scientists have found 'closest twin to Earth' outside solar system - not long before we can image directly

Richard Stallman bestows blessing upon open-source crowdfunding site - interesting