Monday, 24 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141122 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

EU liberals seem ready to sacrifice our democracy - "Like with ACTA, citizens will have to step in." I fear so #TTIP

Europe-US free trade agreement faces risks - stupid scare-mongering: #TTIP pretty thin if #ISDS so "indispensable"

 Karibik: Hunderttausende an Chikungunya-Fieber erkrankt -  "Die Epidemie verbreitet sich auch in den USA"; not good

Does the #TPP (Still) Make Buffer Copies Illegal? - crucial question #copyright

Thornberry ‘damaged Labour’s election prospects with Rochester tweet’ - @UKLabour supporting #TTIP more of a problem

We need a new law to protect our wildlife from critical decline - & from the selfish anti-"green tape" nutters

Together, we have chance to take the NHS out of #TTIP. Let's act now and email our MPs - online tool making it easy

Archbishop of Westminster shocked by effects of #Gaza war - “a deeply depressing situation in a devastated region”

Appeal court judge ‘horrified’ at number of litigants without lawyers - "justice is no longer accessible to all"

UK Food banks face record demand as low-income families look for help - this is an utter disgrace: shame on Cameron

"the big challenge for privacy rights activists now is articulating a strong moral case for #privacy" -

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141121 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

La ministre de la sante de Lituanie a proposé de tuer les pauvres - er, what??? (v @magdalakoff)#lt

Plague kills 40 people in #Madagascar - "transmissible through infected droplets spread by coughing" yikes

Handbook for fighting climate-denialism - useful #climatechange

#TTIP leak: draft EU services/investment offer - not sure if this is new, but new to me... #TAFTA

Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’ - massive cover-up; this rot goes very deep - & very high

MT @MikeFroman #TTIP is an opportunity for the US & EU to work together to promote high standards around the world>> so level up all stds

President’s move to grant amnesty to 5 million immigrants delights Hispanics at rally in Las Vegas - & is v shrewd

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141120 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

.@VodafoneUK bribed by #GCHQ to spy on entire UK - news report; it just gets worse...

Counter-terrorism bill will enable ‘internal exile’ of UK suspects - so we're becoming Soviet Russia now? #siberia

Close to Home: #TPP would threaten local control - big issue for #TTIP/#TAFTA too

As Expected: Trial Lawyers Made A Huge Miscalculation In Killing Recent Patent Reform - oh, what a pity...

#TTIP backlash: #NHS needs protecting from US trade deal, says Labour - people waking up at last?

Gender equality and environment laws on business lobby hit list - outrageous whining from greedy fatcats

Why people are giving money to think past the web - good intro to project(s)

Venedig verbietet Plastikräder an Rollkoffern - & yet speedboats can still wash away foundations of palazzi...riiight

Investor-state dispute settlement and the #China-Australia Free Trade Agreement - useful summary #ISDS

Israeli Police Ransack Homes of 40 Palestinians During al-Shaludi Home Demolition - "urinated inside one"

Friday, 21 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141119 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

What is the TPPA and what does it mean for #NZ? - excellent short video of #TPP's impact on New Zealand (v @fta_oz)

ORGcon 2014: #TTIP on the horizon - great summary of last Saturday's event #ISDS

Oil industry risks trillions of 'stranded assets' on US-China climate deal - oil is in big trouble (v @CarbonBubble)

arms firm Lockheed Martin in frame for £1bn #NHS contract - gives #NSA direct access to UK health records

Privacy International uncovers widespread surveillance throughout Central Asia, exposes role of Israeli companies -

Germany’s climate targets unattainable with dirty coal power, analysts say - hardly surprising

Measures to curb plastic-bag waste should be in place as soon as possible - that's welcome #EU

Stop the UK Government from Introducing "Extreme Disruption Orders"! - appalling, blatant #censorship

Implications of #TTIP for Financial Regulation of the Banks - good short video of threats to global financial system

Boris Johnson refuses to pay US tax bill - yeah, quite right: taxes are only for the Little People

An Overhaul Of The World's Largest Passenger Plane Takes 55 Days, But You Can Watch It In Less Than Two Minutes -

US multinationals could sue EU governments through #CETA - why #ISDS must come out here too

The siege of Julian Assange is a farce - by John Pilger - good summary of tortuous case (v @superglaze)

There’s a global warming generation gap in the GOP, like on the issue of gay marriage - interesting points

Commission official: The EU is not going to change its food legislation because of #TTIP - no GMOs, no hormone beef?

Vestager says will use 'Luxleaks' documents in EU tax probe - ah, that should be fun

#ISDS auch in Australien in der Kritik - everybody hates it - except big corporations...

France Takes 172 Million Euros From Citizens To Pay Publisher For Access To Research Public Already Paid For Once -

There's a Dark Side to Alibaba's Massive Profits in #China - useful background

Auf dem Weg in die Shitstormokratie - wow, public participation isn't democratic: who knew? (v @Liese_Mueller)#TTIP

State of the #Commons - important new report on key public space #cc #copyright

Senate Republicans are getting ready to declare war on patent trolls - intriguing (v @wendycockcroft)

Jon Stewart: 'Governor Chris Christie Has a Pig Problem,' Literally - appalling #animalabuse

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141118 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

#Ukip’s Mark Reckless: immigrants may be asked to go if Britain quits EU - what a bunch of mean-spirited bigots

#Israeli police spray putrid water on Palestinian homes, schools - imagine this other way round: still acceptable?

China Takes The Great Firewall Up A Notch By Blocking An Entire Content Delivery Network - bad timing...

#CETA: Trading away democracy - hugely important report on #ISDS dangers: pl. spread widely (v @Bwassertisch)#TTIP

Hotel guests ‘fined’ for leaving bad review on TripAdvisor - Broadway Hotel, please meet the #StreisandEffect

Jolla Is Crowdfunding An iPad Alternative Focused On Multitasking - #linux-based

Leaked documents on #TTIP - short video on what's being withheld from us

EU to water down net neutrality rules - not "watered down", destroyed... this is not #netneutrality

German government upholds #fracking ban - unlike greedy idiots in UK government

Ukip overrules Reckless claim that EU migrants could be asked to leave - uh-huh

Man allegedly #tortured by US and UK troops wins right to sue for damages - well done, UK judge

London's garden bridge: the public park where groups and cyclists aren't welcome - what a disappointment; just bin it

The good news about the 'death' of #NSA reform: surveillance supporters may have dug their own grave - interesting pt

#TTIP Update XLIII - the problem of data flows & privacy, + why #CETA's #ISDS is worse than NAFTA's #TAFTA

New report exposes myth that green regulations inflict major harm on business competitiveness and economic growth -

TTIP: Seid's ihr wo angrennt??? - why is @EU_Commission for #ISDS, but defends Romania from it too? (v @michelreimon)

Georgia Man Shoots Latino 22-Year-Old Dead For Pulling Into Wrong Driveway, Gets $500 Fine and Probation - #guns

#ISDS: "Some are very low quality. That is not the type the US have" - ridiculous "quality" idea: all are dangerous

New research study: #TTIP will have adverse effects on GDP, exports and jobs - translation of Danish article #dk

Consumers’ Association of Penang calls on govt to withdraw from #TPP negotiation - #my

EU court rules UK must clean up air pollution - great news; so act on it, Boris... #london

EU to "publish texts setting out the EU's specific negotiating proposals on #TTIP." - but what does that mean?

Blackpool hotel 'to refund £100 fine for bad TripAdvisor review' - be crazy not to... (v @kevinisageek)

Citizens & human rights in jeopardy with #TTIP - "affirmation of primacy of investors over popular sovereignty"

Beefed up iPhone #crypto will lead to a child dying, DOJ warned Apple execs - pathetic attempt at emotional blackmail

#ISDS: Corporations versus public health – Achmea v. the Slovak Republic - just came across this in-depth

Private firms on course to net £9bn of #NHS contracts - shows tory lies on privatisation; TTIP will make irreversible

New House Intelligence Boss Doesn't See The Need For Any Surveillance Reform - great

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141117 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

China opens up $4.2tn stock market to world via Hong Kong - more straws in the wind...

Congress will force Obama into #TPP compromise - interesting analysis

To Avoid Government Surveillance, South Koreans Abandon Local Software And Flock To German Chat App -

EU  study on the impact of TTIP on ENVI relevant legislative area - very useful comparison of EU/US practice

Call for Participation: Open Commons Kongress 2015 - Linz

Don't let Big Meat eat our bumper crop - don't let factory farming drive #TPP #TTIP

Giganews Not Liable for Pirating Usenet Customers, Court Rules - important ruling #copyright

EU Boosts #OpenData; Open Contracting Data Standard Out - how to save trillions using #openstandards #corruption

Conference: #TTIP & Consumers. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - today; streamed. send questions to @TheProgressives

Food prices will rise under China trade deal, Barnaby Joyce admits - so that's what FTAs are for: increasing costs

CAP calls on Malaysian Prime Minister to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (#TPP) - #my

Stunning time-lapse visualises flight paths over the UK - always fun to watch

Harry Reid Wants To Attach Part Of #SOPA To Surveillance Reform Bill - yikes, let's not do that

Michelle Müntefering zu #TTIP: "Bei Lebensmitteln und Kosmetika wird es schwierig" - sensible points

"resurgence of challenge prizes offers huge potential to help address some of most intractable problems we face" -

Licence fine forces town to drop move to alternative office tools - why lock-in is wrong at many levels

Trade deals criminalise farmers' #seeds - great summary of threats - & the fightback #TPP

S&D Conference: #TTIP and Consumers. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - livestream now running

Cost-benefit analysis of #TPP will be revealed, Dewan told - should be interesting

Female Indonesian police recruits forced to undergo ‘virginity tests’ - appalling, insulting & primitive #indonesia

New, Free Certificate Authority to Dramatically Increase Encrypted Internet Traffic - great: could have huge impact

Rotherham abuse scandal: IPCC to investigate conduct of 10 police officers - too right

US Defense Official Says Intelligence Agencies Need To 'Grow Up' & Stop Blaming Snowden For ISIS-Tracking Problems -

Keystone company's PR blitz to safeguard its backup plan - disgusting; I'm now boycotting @EdelmanPR

Netanyahu orders 'terrorists' homes destroyed - collective punishment - that'll work... #israel

Reglue: Deleting The Digital Divide One Computer at a Time - worthy project from the amazing Ken Starks: pl. support

Elephants are being wiped out, but not enough people seem to care - we must not be the generation that loses them

Internet Society Says 'Oh, Hell No' To ICANN's Plan For A 'UN Security Council For The Internet' - quite

EFF, Others Launch New Free Security Certificate Authority To 'Dramatically Increase Encrypted Internet Traffic' -

Why Hollywood Director Lexi Alexander Sides With “Pirates” - we need more voices like this #copyright

‘TTIP would destroy small businesses’  - good summary from @nickdearden75 of #TTIP's deep, irremediable problems

Good News: WhatsApp Gets Serious About End To End Encryption - others, please follow suit...

Campylobacter contamination found in over half of UK’s fresh chicken - voluntary schemes don't work; legislate now

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141116 - … yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Interpol launches first appeal for environmental fugitives - overdue, but highly welcome

Attack reveals 81 percent of Tor users but admins call for calm - yikes

US unions to fight back against right-wing attacks and trade deals - #TPP #TTIP

Regulatory advocacy in the EU: 5 years of 'new' comitology - interesting aspect

Merkel urges Europeans to speed up #TTIP talks with US - how about a bit of transparency first?

big:France will not support the inclusion of #ISDS in a potential #TTIP agreement -

India’s plan to stop importing coal deals another blow to Australia - wow, important move (v @CarbonBubble)

#TTIP Talks: What's Cooking?: Perspectives on Food & Farming - 10 December Brussels

English as ruby annotation for Chinese - nice #linguistics

Putins Angst vor TTIP - good try, but not true (v @Liese_Mueller)

EVERYTHING needs crypto says Internet Architecture Board - absolutely right

ISP Provides Free VPN to Protect Customer Privacy - great: should be standard for all

An unprecedented Public-Commons partnership for the French National Address Database - nice

Robots could soon replace human security guards - what could possibly go wrong? #robocop