Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140929 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power - shows it's a serious alternative now

#TTIP Update XXXVIII - more slaps in the face of EU public, while @MalmstromEU backs #ISDS for lots of wrong reasons

EU Ombudsman: Clinical trials face new transparency challenges - @EMA_News is a disgrace

 Günther Oettingers Netzkompetenz: Der Digitalkommissar und die Dummheit -

Analysts hail yuan-euro direct trading announcement - "USD is no longer needed for trading between CNY and EUR"

US dairy industry decries market barriers raised in EU-Canada trade deal - ah, poor petals #CETA

A "Petrolhead" as the next Climate Commissioner? - doesn't sound like a good idea, does it?

Theresa May vows Tory government would introduce ‘snooper’s charter’ - are we so fearful as to accept this disgrace?

Angriff auf EU-Digitalkommissar: Günther Oettingers Schreibmaschine von Unbekannten gehackt - ha! (v @ronpatz)

"American intelligence has, as far as we can tell, regularly been one step late and one assessment short" - #nsa

Vu à la télé : le lobbying de Microsoft à l'école dévoilé dans un documentaire -

#Facebook has over 200 #opensource projects on GitHub - well, it would be foolish not to...

Thought Crime: UK Leadership Wants To Ban Predicted 'Extremists' From Social Media, TV, Events - just shameful

70 groups tell Obama: Don’t restrict GMO labeling in trade agreements - #TPP #TTIP

Telecom Industry and Vendors Unite to Build Common Open Platform to Accelerate Network Functions Virtualization -

#TTIP Trojan Horse. Selling out EU to US Corporate Plunder - "brake on new progressive regulation" (v John Gwilliam)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140928 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Malmström under the spotlight as hearings begin - must explain what she will do with #ISDS in #TTIP & #CETA

British firm Ineos accused of ‘bribes and bulldozers’ approach to fracking - getting #fracking desperate...

Big brother’s little helper inside the European Commission - serious implications for #TTIP

De Gruyter Open converts eight subscription journals to #OpenAccess megajournals - interesting move

backroom 'trade' deals under fire - "Trade negotiations are kept more secret than disarmament negotiations" #TTIP

Neue EU-Kommission: Junckers Handelschefin im Kreuzfeuer - "Die Schwedin verwirrt mit unklaren Aussagen" #TTIP

Strong concerns about EU-US trade deal raised in Poland - & remember that #poland started the #ACTA fightback.. #TTIP

Cecilia Malmström EP hearing now live - Portfolio: Trade; #TTIP #ISDS key issues

 “Trading away access to medicines: How the European trade agenda continues to undermine access to medicines” -

Workers Uniting condemns EU-Canada trade agreement - the resistance grows #CETA

hearing of #Oettinger about to start - important questions for new digital commissioner #EPhearings2014

.@davidmartinmep:#ISDS "not necessary between two countries with developed legal systems" - #TTIP

As Hong Kong protests escalate, FireChat sees a surge in off-grid messaging - uses peer-to-peer Bluetooth

New 'Company' Claims It Uses Algorithms To Create Content Faster Than Creators, All Future Creations 'Infringing' -

Pivotal Moment - "launched in 2013 to support social movements in Europe and the USA"

How the European Commission is trying to smother debate on TTIP - "should be negotiated without public intervention"

Osborne targets benefits and tax credits in new squeeze on working poor - how shameless & callous can you get?

#CETA: "We have all - and those we represent - committed to it" - no, we didn't, matey... this is #democracy?

How The Rule Of Law Is Actually Undermining Human Rights - interesting

Sunday, 28 September 2014


Umstrittenes Handelsabkommen: EU-Kommission deutet Einlenken gegenüber USA an - more indications... #ISDS #TTIP

.@timberners_lee calls for internet bill of rights to ensure greater privacy - "I want a web where I’m not spied on"

Occupy democracy: 17-26 Oct - NO #TIP - "This video highlights the Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership"

Israel Is Put on Trial for War Crimes - "what he saw in Gaza following a humanitarian ceasefire from last month"

Yahoo Shuttering Its Web Directory - anyone else remember the early dancing #Yahoo logo?

McDonald's, Nestlé Pledge to Halt Deforestation at UN Climate Summit - great - provided they deliver

Fed whistleblower secretly recorded 46h of regulatory capture inside Goldman Sachs - we need people like Segarra

So Who is Carmen Segarra? - "Would you call yourself a #whistleblower?" "Absolutely! " good to hear proud of it

Nine Epic Failures Of Regulating Cryptography - important points

"Al Qaida have grown into a full-scale scary government-shaped object [IS]" - & it's our fault

Economic Benefits of Preventing Global Warming Open New Front in Debate - important realisation: makes business sense

German officials visiting Ottawa delivered a blunt and unwelcome message: The [#CETA] deal must be changed -

Intel invests $1.5B in Chinese SoC partnership - another sign of the times #china

Gesundheitssystem: Schweizer entscheiden über Ende der privaten Kassen - would be impossible under #TTIP's #ISDS

Court Orders Warner Bros. to Reveal Flawed Anti-Piracy Technology - helpful decision

Sendy: Digitizing Motorcycle Deliveries - fascinating #africa

Ilham Tohti’s Sentence Shows Dark Vision for the Web of the Future - excellent analysis of terrible injustice #china

'Then and now' photos at Tiananmen Square - but with the same people in both... #china

Global Net Neutrality Coalition - "for activists, academics, policy makers and technologists who share our vision"

Designierte EU-Handelskommissarin Malmström soll amerikanische Interessen vertreten haben - hmm (v @Liese_Mueller)

#Fracking trespass law changes move forward despite huge public opposition - so much for democracy...

Friday, 26 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140925 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Over 100 Canadian and EU Groups Strongly Oppose #CETA’s Corporate Rights - powerful call - pl. pass on

« Le #TAFTA veut placer les profits avant l’intérêt des peuples » - interview avec moi, FWIW... #TTIP

hugely important:@berndlange - CETA: Wir werden Nachverhandlungen einfordern - he's chair of INTA committee in EP

#CETA signing postponed - "doesn't bode well for another transatlantic trade pact" #TTIP

.@libreoffice Celebrates - and Does Something Unusual - let's hope it works... #opensource #android

#TTIP – das Geheimprojekt - "Einigkeit bei der Podiumsdiskussion bestand in der Kritik an der EU-Kommission"

Juncker rejects UK push for independent scrutiny of EU laws - UK acting as Trojan Horse 4 #TTIP's Regulatory Council

official #CETA text finally published - we can see it, but we can't change it: where's the #democracy in that?

#CETA bedroht den freien Austausch von Wissen und Kultur - "Ideen aus dem #ACTA-Abkommen"

FBI Director Angry At Homebuilders For Putting Up Walls That Hide Any Crimes Therein - lots of important points

CETA, TTIP: threatened by vested national interests - parrots CEPR number without understanding; no mention of public

"la crainte était que #TAFTA/#TTIP pourrait être un autre #ACTA. En fait, c’est bien pire" - oh, that's moi...

Questions for the 2014-2019 European Commissioners - important ones

Court On TSA Methods: Compared To Terrorist Attack, Invasive Searches Aren't Invasive - but cumulatively, they are

MT @euHvR Successful finalization #CETA negotiations marks qualitative jump in #EUCanada relations >>yes, downwards

S&D Welcome Next Trade Commissioner Commitment to Remove #ISDS from #TTIP - huge if confirmed; but what about #CETA?


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140924 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

USTR on #TPP: "we were unable to make further progress on the key outstanding issues" with #Japan - again

We must not be ‘frozen with fear’: Cameron - which is why he keeps fearmongering & destroying civil liberties

When can High Court grant injunction to trade mark holders against ISPs to block access to “infringing” websites? -

MT @michelreimon Austrian parliament majority votes against #ISDS in #CETA & asks @EU_Commission not to finish negotiations on friday>>big

EU Risk-based approach to data protection: risky for fundamental rights - totally inappropriate; we must stop it

Brandis rebuffs questions on #surveillance laws...again! - dogged pursuit by @SenatorLudlam... (v @MsLods) #au

Coalition MP calls anti-coal protesters ‘terrorists,’ ‘green germs’ - stunning rant #au (v @Asher_Wolf)

France Adopts Anti-Terror Law Eroding Civil Liberties - more bad stuff

Oh Canada! #CETA killed off the #FQD - another sell-out by @EU_Commission (v @BartStaes)#pollution #energy

Barack Obama to create world's largest ocean reserve in the Pacific - good news; UK, pl. sort out marine reserves

Pirate Party Launches Site For Public To Put Questions To New #EU Commissioners Responsible For Internet Policy -

EU official: proposed data exception could undermine #TTIP - too right (v @lennarthuizing @CarloPiltz)

De Gucht on #ISDS: "a populistic, emotional debate & one which has been fanned by Internet" - oh, naughty Internet

actually, Mr De Gucht, the #ISDS debate is totally factual - you are the one who has not produced a *shred* of evidence to support it...

Meet the thermal-imaging camera you can afford - in a few years, this will be standard on every #smartphone...

NJ Law That Would Grant Law Enforcement The Right To Warrantlessly Search Houses To Find Underage Drinkers - uh-huh

CETA: Der Stand der Dinge - good update on #CETA, & how Austria has voted against #ISDS

Making Sense of #CETA - indepth analysis: "unbalanced, favouring multinational corps at the expense of consumers"

Nightingales v 5,000 new homes: the battle over the woods of Lodge Hill - what's the point of an SSSI, then?

US attorney general Eric Holder to announce resignation - ho-ho, interesting...

Germany wants investment clause scrapped in EU-Canada trade deal - "Germany will not sign" if #ISDS is in #CETA

Why the Climate Movement Cannot Ignore Trade - neither can digital rights groups, either... #TTIP #TPP

Multinational Veolia is suing Egypt for almost £50 million for cost of raising workers’ salaries - help fight #ISDS

Freedom Not Fear 2014/Schedule - FWIW, I'll be talking there about #TTIP and #ISDS on 27 September

Demonstration tomorrow against the signing of CETA - #London

Facebook Aspires To Jumbo Drones The Size Of Boeing 747s - solar-powered drones

Inside the #Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire - hugely important, hugely worrying piece (v @Klangable)

Europaweiter Aktionstag gegen #TTIP & #CETA - remember what happened after the #ACTA marches?

House Judiciary Committee hearing on trade secret legislation, & revolving door - we need fewer secrets, not more

EPP would sacrifice Moscovici if the left attacks its Commissioners - things getting nasty

Mobilisation contre la ferme-usine des 1000 vaches - #ISDS in #CETA/#TTIP would make this action v. costly for #FR

Who’s afraid of free trade with Europe? - some good reasons why #Canadians should be #CETA

 Junckers Kommissionspläne: Experten warnen vor Wechsel der EU-Arzneimittelbehörde ins Industrieressort - senseless

Social network Ello gets boost after Facebook boots drag queens - Facebook will be replaced by something; is this it?

Murder Case Prosecutors Claim 'National Security' To Stop Questions About FBI Examination Of Google Maps Search -

Major terrorist attack is ‘inevitable’ as Isis fighters return, say EU officials - doing the terrorists' job for them

Free Software Foundation statement on the #GNU Bash "#shellshock" vulnerability -

#Privacy, remember, is only for criminals - how did we end up here?

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140923 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Is The UK Government Trying To Sneak Through Its Own Corporate Sovereignty Rules? - new law puts growth above all

Towns in Umbria region switch to #LibreOffice - more wins for #freesw (v @schestowitz)

#London ‘Night Tube’ Start Date Announced - hooray, about time too

South #Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early - kudos; NB @TonyAbbottMHR...

EU considers delaying end of mobile roaming charges - will @EU_Commission *ever* stop grovelling before big business?

Greek Wikipedia user wins key hearing in defamation case - that's good

allowing #torture case "would damage Britain’s relations with America" - what a pathetic, contemptible excuse #UK

Research On #OpenInnovation - new book from OpenForum Academy; free download CC BY-SA

#TTIP - Gemeinsames Papier von Bundeswirtschaftsministerium und Deutschem Gewerkschaftsbund -,did=655140.html see next tweet

"[#ISDS] sind in einem Abkommen zwischen den USA und der EU grundsätzlich nicht erforderlich und sollten nicht mit #TTIP eingeführt werden."

#Microsoft: Learn how to keep your public sector office compliant with the #ODF mandate - this should be fascinating

Open Data,@opencorporates ,@Open_Oil - how #opendata can help save the planet for humanity

France backs agroecology to fight climate change - every bit helps

"opportunity to celebrate the recent end of negotiations" for #CETA - ah, "celebrate"; riiight (v @snlester)

Q&A with former Islamic State member - assuming it's true, disturbing but informative (v @MarietjeSchaake)

Japan, U.S. remain apart on #TPP talks - "we are not in situation in which a breakthrough can be made easily"

Five ways Ban Ki-moon's summit has changed international climate politics forever - "not in the ways you might think"

#TPP Talks Dead In The Water, BMO's Doug Porter Says - going nowhere fast...

EU adverse drug reactions: public access to qualitative data is needed, pharmacovigilance data not “trade secrets” -

Cameron faces ‘day of reckoning for trashing #NHS’, says Labour - @UKLabour finally understands Tories' weak point

Prosecutors forced to admit covert operation caused miscarriage of justice - so police spy guilty of #perjury, no?

French consumers: better informed about #DRM, but still handcuffed - cold comfort

Leaked documents reveal EU-Canada trade deal a ‘sham’ - still major disagreements over #ISDS in #CETA

A Data Revolution that Works for All of Us - not just the 1% - a real risk

Software Business Method Patent Fails Again - another one bites the dust... #alice #alfresco

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140922 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

CETA: Bundesregierung lehnt Investitionsschutz für EU-Kanada-Abkommen ab - what confusing signals (v @Senficon)#ISDS

One month to stop Royal Parks new charges to play sport in Hyde Park! - not again... #shameful

Tohti gets life sentence - outrageous: this man is a moderating influence on #uyghurs; #China has learned nothing

FFII submission to the @EUombudsman public consultation in relation to the transparency of #TTIP - great stuff

Bringing Literacy to Millions of Kids With #OpenSource - sounds like a great combination

A Deep Web Service Will Leak Your Documents If the Government Murders You - hmmm (v @slashdot)

European Ombudsman demands far-reaching changes to Commission's handling of revolving door cases - long overdue

Filling a gap in the public archive: missing party speeches, now online again - nice, but needs to be updated store

#MapJam 2.0 to Put New Economy on Map! - "grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, & commons"

Triclosan in toothpaste: potential risks not a "rumor" as arrogant Colgate official argues, something 2 worry about -

Germany puts #CETA free trade deal with Canada on hold - great, but is it just a trick? #ISDS

CipherShed: A replacement for TrueCrypt - what a great name... #crypto #opensource

An epic chart comparing every science fiction spaceship ever - wow, epic indeed

#TTIP and Jobs: Does the Emperor Have Clothes? - good analysis of why we need plenty of scepticism here

"#badger shot in the abdomen in Somerset shows the animals are suffering cruel deaths, campaigners claimed" -

France demands greater transparency from extractive industries - UK "first member state to do so"; well done...

School Claims Teen's Writing About Marijuana Use Is 'Drug Possession' - just staggering

Peaceful advocate for Muslim #Uighurs in #China sentenced to life in prison - just appalling, & so short-sighted

#Elephant killings in Mozambique happening on ‘industrialised’ scale - depressing #china

France’s calls for #TTIP #transparency fall on deaf ears - "lack of transparency will cause  TTIP to fail"