Monday, 31 October 2011


MT @swardley @cdaffara UEFI being used to prevent Linux installs - is *already* happening -

Fresh German police-malware uncovered; everything the police said in defense to date revealed as lies - oh, really? #de

#Openaccess to scientific papers, a summary of the state of play - useful background from @michael_nielsen #oa

Sunday, 30 October 2011


E-Learning Company #Blackboard Bows To The Growing Power Of Openness Again - it's just inevitable #moodle #sakai

SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet - first part of #EFF's analysis

The New Einsteins Will Be Scientists Who Share - nice gentle intro to #opendata #openscience

Spanien und Portugal betteln ehemalige Kolonien an - whoa, how things change... #geopolitics

Human rights claims to lose out if legal aid reform goes through - not good #uk

Music for Nothing and the Fans for Free - "fans will pay for music experiences" - good to see others get this

This man received a 3-year jail sentence for encouraging riots via Facebook - ridiculously vindictive

ISP Boss Brands Copyright Trolls “Scum”, Vows To Stop Them - kudos to John Linton of Exetel: we need more like him

House Airline Bill is Bad for Business, Jobs and the Climate - real "not listening" fingers in the ears stuff

NOAA Bombshell: Human-Caused Climate Change Already a Major Factor in More Frequent Mediterranean Droughts –

Commonwealth leaders under fire for refusing to publish human rights report - shabby stuff

Busted Pirate Movie Site Primed For Grand 1.5 Million Euro Rebirth - many-headed hydras....

The #Energy Revolution That Keeps Carbon on Top - Myhrvold wilfully obtuse as usual: he ignores externalities

Say NO to ACTA - good video to pass on to those who can't be bothered reading about this (v @TheMormegil)

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Another example of how the iPhone is changing everything - glimpse of a future world

Past historic 1: how #patents for invention came from Venice to England - fascinating stuff #history

Justin Bieber Tries to Stop - sadly, this was inevitable #copyright

Activists occupy site of huge Brazilian dam - brave move, not sure how it will end

Who Will occupy Whom? A Warning for #OWS - thoughtful, provocative stuff

Hector #Berlioz: Complete Chronological Catalogue - more fab stuff from the #spotify playlist maestro

Access Info Calls for an End to Closed Negotiations on Fighting #Corruption - isn't this obvious?

Steve #Jobs - oh no: #RMS has "just one more thing" to say on the subject... </ducks>

#India formally proposes government takeover of Internet - what could possibly go wrong? (v @rmack @dotnxtcon)

RT @swardley @Mark_Antony Open Source is a key part of the UK Gov ICT Plan from the Cabinet Office >>we shall see...

Launch of Open Spending Blog: Thoughts on Journalist-Programmer interaction - more great #opendata stuff

Turkish School IT infrastructure project could use mostly #opensource - great move #turkey

Three-Eyed Nuclear 'Simpsons' Fish Caught - I'm sure it was just a coincidence it was near Argentinean nuclear plant

Will Anti-Free Trade Protectionist Agreements Be Bad For US Citizens Too? - let's guess #acta #tpp

Aardman: Shipshape and Bristol fashion - another big boost for the sympathetic pirate meme? poor #hollywood...

Mozilla's Brendan Eich on #JavaScript - and #Microsoft Buying #Netscape - read how it nearly happened

The Great Firewall of America - good summary of the key bad things in the aptly-named "E-PARASITE"

#Canonical and #Dell Retail Stores in China - pity they seem incapable of doing this in UK...

Was Galambos an IP Thief? - hilarious intellectual monopoly recursion

Rep. Blackburn, Co-Sponsor Of E-PARASITE, Explains Why Regulating The Internet Is Terrible - untroubled by logic

#Skype Goes After Reverse-Engineering - like #opensource; what a coincidence

The Non-Existent 'Cyber War' Is Nothing More Than A Push For More Government Control - yup #1984

End the #Patent Wars - recent decision enables company to "monopolize the process of discovery itself." bonkers

Friday, 28 October 2011


#OpenSource, #OpenScience, Open Source Science - it's the future #sciencecodemanifesto

The term "shanzhai" literally means a fortified mountain village, and originally meant those places in China that were outside government control, and hence not subject to its law. Today, by extensio...

#India's cotton yield may fall to 5-year low - so how's that Bt cotton revolution coming along? #gm

#Newzbin Judge: studios have asked other ISPs to voluntarily block, circumstances may be different for each ISP - bad

EU executive proposes tougher disclosure for mining & logging cos - about time #corruption

#Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support - interesting: #google must sort this (v @robinwauters)

PROTECT IP Renamed E-PARASITES Act; Would Create The Great Firewall Of America - they really want to break the Net

Intellectual Property in #ACTA and the #TPP: Lessons Not Learned - great analysis; why TPP is worse (v @gnat)

UK accused of stalling EU tar sands regulation - so what about those "green" aspirations, Dave...? #shameful

Iran Outlaws #VPNs Or Any Other Attempt To Get Around Filters - how long before western nations follow suit

Literary Magazines Struggle with Submission Fees For Writers - adopting the #openaccess model?

Give unwanted fish to the poor, says EU fisheries chief - fisheries policy is an outrage; at least she's trying...

Revised EPO Patent For Conventional Broccoli Has Public Interest Ramifications - #EPO out of control - abolish it

Forget Lumia for a second, #Nokia’s Asha phones could change the game in #Asia - good analysis

The War Between the States (to Subsidize Hollywood), Part 3: The Revenge of Swamp Shark - fascinating - & unbelievable

Yes, Google "Stole" From Apple, And That's A Good Thing - nicely done #patents

E-PARASITES' Sponsor, Lamar Smith, Was Against Massive Regulatory Compliance The Day Before He's For It - bonkers

PETA Files Whale Slavery Lawsuit Against SeaWorld - brilliant move

Tell Us What You've Done Initiative - Pilot Study Results - not good #transparency #corruption

Erik #Satie: Complete Chronological Catalogue - fact: I organised a 24-hour performance of "Vexations" #spotify

Watch Out MAFIAA, Antibiotics Don’t Work On Viral Pirates - nice little metaphor there...

Amazon reveals its patent lawsuits are on the rise - of course: successful company, ergo sued (v @fosspatents)

Jay Walker Continues Quest To Sue The Internet Into Oblivion With #Patents - the madness continues

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Damn. This Is What It Looks Like, Isn’t It? - nice point about politics, power and time

Bad Move By #Google: Hiding Search Referral Info... Unless You're An Advertiser - upping the evil

Javan #rhino driven to extinction in #Vietnam, conservationists say - sad sad sad

Tradeshift’s New $17m Russian Round Shows Valley’s Power Waning - maybe need more than one data point, but yes...

Court Tells Users They Can't Use RECAP - can't have people sharing public documents, can we?

Brussels discusses Greek solar payback - at least they're coming up with some original ideas for a change

Klagen wegen Internet-Veröffentlichungen vereinfacht - this is going to cause problems... #law

MT @JanisSharp @jmcest U.S tells #Italy they'll refuse 2 Extradite AmandaKnox regardless of appeal but tells U.K they must have Gary

Behind the headlines: libel committee report, #anonymous comments & corporate defamation - excellent, detailed analysis

Married BitTorrent Admins Charged in Billion Dollar Piracy Case - "foreign sources furnished copy of website": fishy...

California Politician Discovers You Can't Ban Specific Type Of Music; Admits 'I Didn't Know What Was Going On' - daft

Calling the Anti-Net Neutrality Bluff - not enough bandwidth? give power to the user, not the telecom: here's how

How film studios keep getting it wrong: Warner pulling Harry Potter DVDs, Blu-Rays - this is why piracy flourishes

#EU Politician Wants Internet #Surveillance Built Into Every Operating System - they haven't thought this through...

Monday, 24 October 2011


Igor #Stravinsky: Complete Chronological Catalogue - more fab classical completeness on #spotify

RT @jordanhatcher Swiss court rules that #anonymous blog comments protected by journalistic privilege >>UK NB #ch

Alibaba set to launch ‘Chinese iPad’ by the end of 2011 - #linux based, of course #china #tablets

Why I (A/L)GPL - wonderfully wise & angry post about licences and the malevolent influence of VCs (v @gen)#gpl

I miss the Britain of compassion and public ownership. Can we have it back please? - funny but fair (v @paul_clarke)

The New Luxury Consumer: White male serving Chinese couple in Toyota Highlander Advertisement - v

The Silent Strength of Liu Xia - powerful images by a censored photographer - and wife of Liu Xiaobo #china

1 commercial publisher is taking out of the system enough money 4 everything to be open to the world - (v @jwildeboer)

Wiki loves monuments 2011/Preisträger Deutschland - many of these are wonderful #wikimedia

The Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement - ouch (v @bilibutterfield @birgittaj)

Apple Continues To Insist Only It Can Use An Apple In A Logo; Threatens Small German Cafe - #apple the bully again...

#Japan speeds up #TPP decision-making process, unveils plan to back farmers - some interesting tensions there

Trusted Computing 2.1 - ouch, sneaky stuff #microsoft

Piracy and Copyright Challenges in 1841 Mirror Those of Today - Macaulay: "monopoly is an evil" - he meant #copyright

MT @ruslantrad @asteris Bulgarian media are under pressure. Police prohibited broadcast of videos showing fraud from yesterday's elections.

#Wikileaks to suspend all publishing operations - v bad news...must set up alternative funding methods

What the 99 percent are whining about - this stuff makes me v angry, too... (v @daeaves @taylor_owen @normative)

Malyshevs Disappeared - utterly shameful behaviour by UK government, complicit in who knows what horrors...

Open Science Summit Summary - useful for those of us who missed it #openscience

Huge mass of #japan tsunami debris headed for US West Coast - "20 million tons of debris on its way"

Orangutan Culture Develops Like Human Culture - what a pity we're wiping them out

US Trying To Force Governments To Pay Much Higher Prices For Needed Drugs Through Secretive #TPP - worse & worse

WIPO Defends Involvement In IP Enforcement Meeting In The Philippines - #WIPO shows its bias once more

#Nokia's Windows Phones Will Be Europe-Only At Launch; U.S. In 2012 - will definitely be big in...Finland...

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs - seriously impressive

Android pushes past iOS in app downloads - the real reason Jobs hated #android...


Jumentum Introduces a Single-Chip #Linux System - sounds v cool

The Verboten Story of Argentina’s Post-#Default Economic Success - rather important - and timely (v @davidgraeber)

Open Research Reports: What Jenny and I said (and why I am angry) - this: "Closed access means people die " #oa

Microsoft Inks Tenth #Android Patent Deal, Signs Agreement With Compal Electronics - #google has mishandled this badly

Centuries of open #justice threatened by secret courts - outrageous & shameful: why we need #wikileaks

Watts wrote a check he couldn’t cash - I think the phrase is "gotcha" #climate

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Average #Wikipedia reader is 36 years old - and other interesting stats

How an extinct zebra could upend the #networking market - nice open source project; early days, though #quagga

#Poland: 'Government use of proprietary software locks-in local administrations' - as usual #lockin

Meet Nigeria's #Tablet Computer Pioneer - good to see #nigeria really taking off; #android based

Meghalaya's Living Bridges - very cool

Open Source Spinoff of Second Life Slowly Smothering Revenue Base of Second Life Itself - #SL should embrace #OSS

"After many years of working cross platform I have decided to concentrate only on Android" - interesting (v @vickeegan)

Almost Wikipedias and innovation in free collaboration projects - fascinating thoughts #openness

MT @wikileaks Yochai #Benkler, writes paper on the US banking blockade against #WikiLeaks (PDF) - great summary

#WIPO's secret, corporate-run #trademark enforcement meeting - more meetings behind closed doors: something to hide?

Bolivian president Evo Morales scraps plans for Amazon highway - significant - and welcome - u-turn #bolivia

A cultural thought experiment - fab speculation, as ever

German #Pirate Party Riding the Wave of Success - pretty amazing stats #germany

Friday, 21 October 2011


The case for #piracy - good to see on a mainstream website #copyright

#Android shipments set to treble in #Asia in 2011, account for 54% of smartphones - the key market at the moment

Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics' concerns - big; will make denialists look even more stupid

#Android's secret weapon: Loads of low-cost phones - "this particular smartphone market is Android's to lose"

Second German court decision on Google Image search - Google is not liable for #copyright infringement from thumbnails

Jimmy Wales wades into London's startup scene - and moving here, too... (v @monkchips)#london

Google’s Android Market surpasses 500,000 successful submissions - these numbers are meaningless now

Maurice #Ravel: Complete Chronological Catalogue - another fab #spotify playlist

Jamaica The Latest To Embrace Retroactive #Copyright Term Extension And Screw The Public Domain - exactly wrong thing

The Connection Between Wikileaks Censorship And PROTECT IP: Censorship Through Cutting Off Service Providers - bad

Exotic pets USA: Tigers, big bucks and organised crime - "5000 tigers were kept in captivity in the US": gobsmacking

#Roundup and birth defects researcher presents findings to German government - nasty stuff - in all senses

The World's First Bitcoin Conference - still hard to know what to make of #bitcoin...

Mitochondria –Our Ancient Allies Get a New Sister Clade - truly fascinating (v @phylogenomics)#genomics

MySQL Leads Open Source Market Share - not what I expected #database

The Pirate Bay Users Long for Anonymity - the surprise is they haven't worked out how to get it

The State of Open Data 2011 - good summary #opendata

Hint: If You Commit A Crime, Do Not #Google Every Aspect Of It Afterwards - better not to commit the crime, of course

Thursday, 20 October 2011


London Olympics Go For Gold in 'Ambush Marketing' Law Event: 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' – & No Streaking Allowed –

What is #netneutrality and why you need to worry about it - good update on what's happening in #brazil

European Parliament legal service confirms: #ACTA may or may not be legal - sounds like a chocolate teapot

MT @GeorgeMonbiot Cameron has agreed to include #thinktanks on #lobbyist register. We must hold him to this.

As German Pirate Party Hits 10%, Some Thoughts On The Next Five Years - pretty amazing #germany

Ritualized child abuse: circumcision - "The arguments for circumcision are pathetic and awful."

The Web's Most Ambitious Personal Data Project, Singly, Goes Live Today - looks v cool #privacy #opensource

The Blue Obelisk Shoulders for Translational Cheminformatics - great work #openchemistry #openscience

#GM crops promote superweeds, food insecurity and pesticides, say NGOs - pretty damning stuff

Can we force #facebook to give us its "like" database? - important point about databases in #EU

Net Neutrality Resolution Adopted in EU Parliament - what will @NeelieKroesEU do now?

An Introduction to Amdatu, An Open Cloud Platform Powered By #Apache - I'm beginning to lose track of all these

Biking And Walking Ban Proposed In Wisconsin - must protect those defenceless cars...

Beijing leaps to defense of "Great Firewall of China" - "in line with accepted practices." (v @TechZader @Asher_Wolf)

Of Open Source, #Microsoft, #India and #Paraguay - it's déjà vu all over again

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world - why we need more #transparency in business

First Digital Economy Act warning letters: summer 2013 - Ofcom - nice analysis; juicy rumours #deact #copyright

Europe Says Stem Cells Are Not Patentable; Confused Scientists Freak Out - yup: this good news, not bad

Google confirms Ice Cream Sandwich will be open source, released publicly - well, we'll believe that when we see it

Europe on the breadline: Thessaloniki, where Greece no longer exists - foreshadowing of tomorrow's world?

Biotech group bids to recruit high-profile GM 'ambassadors' - read this and laugh...then weep at the sheer duplicity

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


#US Blocks Chinese Company From Contract Bid: Worried #China Might Spy On US Just As US Spied On Others - wise?

#Apache (incubating) - more info on the podling

Calling all Mozilla Contributors Past & Present - please fill out this #Mozilla Volunteer Contributor Survey

World’s First Vertical Forest Being Built in Milan Plus “The Cult ‘Green Building’ of the Moment” - looks cool

Chinese government looks to introduce real name policy for microblogs - #google leads the way... #china

Piratenpartei klettert auf zehn Prozent - impressive but will it last? #pirateparty #germany

#Diaspora: Paypal blocked our account and is preventing donations - #paypal clearly wants to be hated a little more

Event #oshcamp — Open Source Hardware Camp, #London - just a fiver - sounds like a bargain #openhardware #reprap

Just How Open Are Open Consultations, If Only Big Companies Have The Resources To Answer The Questions? - any idea?

Major Loophole Remains in Net Neutrality Resolution - issue of congestion #netneutrality

Claude #Debussy: Complete Works by Lesure Numbers - 24 hours of non-stop Deb: what a feast #spotify

Reactions From #SEOs Come Loud, Fast & Often Angry To #Google’s Switch To Encrypted Search - gosh, what a surprise

Can't look now: finding film online - useful if depressing analysis of availability of films in UK

Time to Rebel on #Copyright? - well, I think you know the answer to that... #abundance #scarcity

UK Government departments neglect Contracts Finder procurement portal - that didn't take long #procurement

OpenData & Étalab : La guerre française des licences s’achève ! - new "licence ouverte" #opendata #france

Feature film goes open source on - cool #cc by-nc-sa #cinema

TVShack Admin Eyes Court Hearing After US #Extradition Blow - ridiculous one-sided treaty, unjust treatment

RT @ralpost“We’re not going to subpoena reporters in the future. We don’t need to. We know who you’re talking to”

Do not feed the #patent #troll - from Adam Smith Institute (v #apple #samsung

Private Copying and Fair Compensation: An empirical study of #copyright levies in Europe - useful study

RT @mgeist Big win at Supreme Court - court dismissed Crookes case against Jon Newton & >>yay #ca

Investors Worth $20 Trillion Call For Urgent Action on #Climate - will money talk?

RT @StopActaNow @telecomix: Meanwhile in #Sweden: Government only invites industry to #ACTA-hearing (swe)>>shameful

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


About that Data Protection myth - raise some important issues #vodafone #privacy #security

Knowledge Sharing Among Inventors: Some Historical Perspectives - typically thought-provoking stuff from bessen et al.

So long & thanks for all the fish - "new version of community site #h2g2 opened at" that's good

Why the quoted price of #Bitcoin doesn’t matter - because it's a protocol, not a currency; great explanation

Why Did Climate Progress Stall? It's Called Conservative Ideological Activation - great analysis of shameful move

Official launch of Open Biology - great open access move by Royal Society #oa

Mass Infringement Lawyer Complains About Too Many People Challenging His Lawsuits - these people are immune to irony

Monster #YouTube-Viacom #Copyright Battle Is Back - </yawn>

#Italy launches #opendata portal - benvenuta...

Stem cells and Patentability: the Brüstle decision issues - important case, good explanation #patents

File-Sharing Admins Jailed For #Linking To #Copyright Works - slippery slope here

#Bolivia reparte miles de ordenadores a profesores con la imagen de Morales - anyone know what these are running?

Cape Verde's Big Win - "have telecenters for digital inclusion in #Brazil." #opensource

Losing $13.5 Billion to Piracy Spurs Microsoft-Led EU Legal Push - pushing out old #BSA FUD -

Hackers are vital to the university culture of openness and innovation - good to see "hackers" being reclaimed

Vodafone Webbook launched in South Africa with #Ubuntu software - seems appropriate...

Complexity, Why Steve Jobs Got More Coverage Than Dennis Ritchie... And What That Says About The #Patent System - yup

New Stronger Whitewash - I wonder whether we will get to see a leaked copy of the uncut Liam Fox Report?

America is broken, now what? - great graph: "Most of the profits from that added productivity went to Wall Street."

Out ACTA-ing #ACTA: All #TPP Negotiating Documents To Be Kept Secret Until Four Years After Ratification - #nz

Monday, 17 October 2011


Jean #Sibelius: Complete Works With Opus Number - fantastic music; foul man #spotify

Irreproducible Results - "the reproducibility of an experiment declines over time, almost as if it were fading away"

Making #robots with #opensource: An interview with Steve Cousins, CEO Willow Garage - great combination

Russian #search giant #Yandex inks deal to power Samsung TVs and smartphones - interesting moves

EU issues veiled warning on closed e-book standards - needs sorting now #openstandards

#Lobbying links put pressure on coalition - a chance to shine a little sunlight #transparency #uk

#Bookbinding in the Digital Age: an interview with Michael Greer - lovely piece about slow, analogue pleasures

Attorney-General alters #copyright consultation paper - suspicious stuff down under

Science Code Manifesto - important stuff: please endorse #opensource #openscience

Speech by Minister of the State Internet Information Office, #China - nothing startlingly new, but interesting

French Minister of Digital Economy speaks out on open source software and open formats - hope he backs up with actions

MT @UKinItaly @LifeinSicily Last days to apply for the temporary position of Assistant Butler in #Rome. @ UK embassy

Fighting Back Against Public Domain Erosion By Growing The #Commons - what we can all do #pd #cc

Finalization of EU Parliament's Weak #NetNeutrality Resolution - not good enough: must try harder

#Google's #opensource search to end - another one bites the dust: does it matter?

The cost of closed data & the economics of open data - is £17,850 million. Great post #opendata

#BBC mulls new effort to kickstart computer education - it would be crazy not to #opensource

Obama’s #Organic Game - yet another flat-out broken campaign promise; good background to politics of #gm food

Office Suites: #LibreOffice or - lots has been happening #apache #lgpl

Porn link tipped in Australian net piracy case - "stalking horse for a larger assault for porn industry"? (v @4b5)

Adult content filters can't replace good parenting - the key point that gets overlooked

Record-Breaking File-Sharing Trial Heard in #Sweden - doesn't look very hopeful...

From #MeeGo to #Tizen: the making of another software bubble - excellent, detailed history (v @TheTechScribe)#linux

British Historian On Porn And Internet Censorship: North Korea Is Right -- The Internet Is Our Enemy - riiight

Trafficking of baby #gorillas poses new threat to endangered species - which sickos are fuelling this trade?

Friday, 14 October 2011


Chinese KTV Girls: 6-Figure Salaries Make Education Optional - fascinating glimpse of another #china

Where has London's oil gone? - powering some of #London's cabs, apparently #recycling #energy

Anti-#Piracy Outfit Tries to Erase History - but the Net never forgets #india

#Japan: High radioactive cesium concentrations found in plankton off Fukushima - more indications of future probs?

Meet the Guy Who Snitched on Occupy Wall Street to the FBI and NYPD - well, he's going to be popular... #ows

CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair - runs #android, of course

Keeping a lid on your digital DNA - clever use of homomorphic #encryption# #privacy

From whales to earthworms, the mechanism that gives shape to life - #hox genes unwind like computer tape #digitalcode

#DRM Needs To Be Banned Because It’s Toxic - just like banned lead...

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Announcing Step2 -- Our New Platform For Helping Creators Succeed - another innovative move from @mmasnick

Dennis Ritchie, 1941-2011: Computer scientist, Unix co-creator, C programming language designer - another loss #dmr

Perry Officials Try to Hide Sea Level Rise from Texans with “Clear-Cut Unadulterated Censorship” - mad #antiscience

UK gov admits it has no evidence "on the scale & nature of infringement of copyright by websites" - outrageous #deact

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Samsung plays dirty, ambushes Apple’s iPhone 4S launch in Sydney - well, tit-for-tat, no?

#Verisign wants power to shut sites down upon law enforcement request - what could possibly go wrong #censorship

European Data Protection Supervisor on #netneutrality and #privacy - excellent in-depth analysis, including DPI issues

S Korea to crack down on Internet users praising N Korea - gosh, is #southkorea that insecure? #censorship

O2 to trial new VoIP app in the UK, giving customers free calls over WiFi - someone gets a clue #voip #mobile

Looks like #ARM just won the smart TV war - hmm, does rather

This is My Winter - yeah, easy, anyone could do that...well, maybe not...

#WIPO Article About #Manga #Piracy Describes Publishers' Failure To Meet Demand In Graphic Detail - a classic

#Amazon Publishing Launches New Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Imprint - traditional publishers: be very afraid

Corrupção: redes sociais preparam onda de protestos para o dia 12/10 - looks like autumn of discontent is going global

Before #Netscape: the forgotten Web #browsers of the early 1990s - great piece: I was always a big fan of Cello

Leadership & Open Source Protest #ows - fascinating parallels with #opensource software #leadership

#Google #Dart, or ‘how we lost the ECMAScript 4 battle so we decided to create our own language instead’. - ha! #devs

#Bangladesh Announces National Laptop Line Starting At $130 - runs #android (v @umairh @MariaSpringer)

Tell Mastercard: Stop Supporting the Live Dolphin Trade - shame on #mastercard #epetitions

#Microsoft's Subtle Knife Through the Heart of EU Software Industry - why the cheesemakers are not blessed #swpats

#Facebook Says Some of Your Personal Data Is Its 'Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property' - you thought it was yours?

Insanity: Judge Rules That #Copyright Holder Of 10-Second Sample Deserves 84% Of The Royalties - out of touch, much?

Uncovering the business of child sacrifice in #Uganda - what incredible savagery; what shame this still happens today

How online crooks use "work from home" patsies to launder goods and forward them offshore - fascinating

Carl #Nielsen: Complete Works with Opus Numbers - fab list; but where's the Maskarade? #spotify

An introduction from Antonio Acuna, new Head of - "refreshing, exciting, and most of all inspiring."

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Censorware or child protection? - a real danger: "trying to persuade adults to live with layers of #censorship" #uk

Sam Ramji: Cloud makes open source 'inevitable' for Microsoft, others - interesting analysis: services, not sw matter

The $4 Retro Computer - not very powerful, but fun; #arduino-based

Un acusado de pagar prostitutas con la tarjeta de la SGAE, alega que no se le prohibió su uso personal - hilarious

As Expected, Alternative #DNS Systems Sprouting Up To Ignore US Censorship - will ultimately shard the #net

BlueStacks Releases App Player & Cloud Connect Service To Let You Run Android Apps On PC - makes #windows irrelevant

Frankreich: Netzzensur gegen Polizei-Kritiker - blatant #censorship by gov of inconvenient info #france

Dutch ruling sends intermediary liability back to the 90s - good summary of a really bad decision

Forensic #DNA Could Make Criminal Justice Less Fair - good point about dangerous feedback loop inherent in system

London 2012 Olympics: 17000 athletes, 11000 computers - running Vista: record number of #BSOD assured...

#Iran – ‘the next #Chernobyl’ - right, then, won't be going there for my holiday next year...

Spotify Loses $42 Million On Licensing Costs - almost as if record labels wanted it to fail...

Lei da cópia privada avança em março - levy on recording media - & thus permission for #piracy (v @remixtures @0vigia)

International Open Data Hackathon 2011: Better Tools, More Data, Bigger Fun - great to see #opendata

UK ACTION: Repeal Web #Censorship! - please phone your MP about these amendments now, if you can...

Domino’s demonstrates the importance of #mobile #commerce as orders top £130,000 in one day - nice little data point

Greens concerned over escalation of conflict in #WestPapua - time these people got some justice (v @Asher_Wolf)

The ‘getting’ of #Assange and the smearing of a revolution - fine piece, rightly angry (v @wikileaks)#guardian

Gadget patrol: Bigger is better? - great, insightful post: "not about one-handed phone use, it's about ageing eyeballs"

Public Citizen letter on #ACTA legal review to EU Committee on Legal Affairs [pdf] - makes interesting points

Will #Nginx Be to #Apache What Chrome is to #Firefox? - I certainly hope so #webservers

Polish Deputy Prime Minister calls #FLOSS “the greatest success of the 20th century” - what a cool chap #poland

Netherlands: Green politicians want Court of Audit to redo its open source analysis - quite right too #nl

Patent Chaser MacroSolve Has A Trump Card: A Deal With Donald Trump - er, no: now it's vulnerable to patent suits

Monday, 10 October 2011


2012 Olympic music project recruits prisoners and bell-ringers - great to see Howard Skempton there

Shopping centre guard calls police over father taking 'illegal' photographs of his daughter - still? (v @Glinner)

#HuffPo Partners With Le Monde, LNEI On French Edition - Le Huffpo, Die Huffpo, El Huffpo, Il Huffpo... #newspapers

#Google's Dart: a language for structured web programming - released under #BSD licence #devs

Europeans more worried about climate change than economic crisis - rather impressive

Bristol City Council all clear for open source - well, that's good, but only the start #uk #procurement

The Public Data Corporation vs Good Governance - raises key issues #opendata #pdc #governance

Mass Production for the Masses: Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen on the Rise of Personal Manufacturing - #3dprinting

GEMA Strikes Again: Demands Licensing Fees For Music It Has No Rights To - entitlement much? #copyright

Secret US Court Order demands email data for WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum - not good #secrecy #privacy

EU #Greens Come On Board Pirates' #Copyright Agenda - pretty significant political development for the future

#ACTA's Impact on Industry and Human Rights - Letters to EU Parliament - short and bitter-sweet

The Digital Death of Copyright's First Sale Doctrine - because #copyright doesn't work for abundant, digital artefacts

RT @monkchips ten years later, it seems as if there aren’t any more rich countries. Just a whole lot of rich people #ows

Digital Rights: Prepare for Complexity, Likes of Which You've Rarely Seen - digitally: "there is no 1st sale doctrine"

guess 1 of main sponsors of #AndroidOpen? Hint: begins with "M" - well, they earn enough from android... (v @codepope)

Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules - oh, come on, people (v @akaSassinak)#bonkers

#Google Backs #HTC in Fight With #Apple - er, be crazy not to

A Huge Leap Forward for #OpenScience - #cern leads the way again

Automotive #Linux Summit 2011 - potentially huge market, but seems slow to take off

Kindle Fire Hit With Patent Suit - didn't take long for the trolls to get moving #swpats #amazon

#mozilla: 3 days of massive learning in London - sounds good #openweb

Permanent Protest #ows - thoughtful stuff, as ever #opensourceprotest

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Chaos Computer Club analysiert Staatstrojaner - wow: the Chaos Computer Club takes apart a #german government trojan

#Apple Has 1,000 Engineers Working On Chips For Post-PC Era - “Getting low power & smaller is the key to everything”

FDP will von Piraten lernen - and not just the FDP #pirateparty #germany

#Google Must Be Feeling Burned For Investing In IV - there are no long spoons when you're dining with #trolls

What newsrooms can learn from #opensource and maker culture - "think about the story as code" (v @mbauwens)#journalism

Remembering Jeff Buckely's Grace - incredible voice, tremendous loss to music

Occupy Wall Street is an open source protest - oh my word yes; and: "We are going to see more" (v @mbauwens)

Saturday, 8 October 2011


WIPO boss: the Web would have been better if it was patented and its users had to pay license fees - blinded by dogma

Everything Is A #Remix: The #Matrix Edition - draws some interesting parallels with other works #creativity

10 Projects to Liberate the Web - 10 important projects for the future - of the #web, and of #freedom...

Larry Ellison unveils #Oracle Public Cloud, claims no one will be locked in - also says water no longer wet...

Larry offers Hotel California ... - why Ellison may find #interoperability is a two-edged sword

Government u-turn on vital public data - bad coalition (v @harrym @doctorow)#opendata #ogov

There's a wealth of data out there – why not let us use it? - good summary of why UK #opendata consultation matters

Eureka! Ditching #DRM Decreases #Piracy - as we all know, but here's more research confirming it

Scalable #Collaboration: Lessons From China: Li & Fung - interesting application of #opensource methodology to business

Friday, 7 October 2011


Huge Victory As #EU #Green Party Group Adopts Pirate Perspective On #Copyright Monopoly - v important alignment here

RT @Glinner Remember that 'present' Blair&Co gave Gaddafi? He's suing >> ha! brilliantly put

The Whole Earth Catalog Online: The “Bible” of Steve Jobs’ Generation - freely available online

#GM crops safety assessments: present limits & possible improvements - worrying: more research needed

RT @Court of Appeal has granted permission to appeal the Digital Economy Act judicial review decision #DEAct >>fab

#Linux is a Hot Topic in #Philippines - "government shall apply only FOSS or Foss solutions in all ICT projects"

Judge Makes Company Pay More For Infringement Because CEO Complained Publicly About The Patent System - fair? hardly

Lawrence Lessig on How We Lost Our Democracy - tantalising except from #lessig's new book #lobbying

Ada Lovelace Day has begun! - but you probably already knew that

New Record Label Will Give Out All Its Music For Free; Wants Fans To Subscribe To The Label - great to see #abundance

RT @farwestchina The beautiful faces of #Xinjiang (h/t @JennyLau)>> lovely images #pix

Which #VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? - good question, with some answers

Introducing – open data initiative from Czech Republic - great to see another one #opendata #cz

KindFriends - "I have decided to call this selection by associative opportunity." sounds plausible

Lawrence Golan Speaks About His Fight To Protect The Public Domain - how the public domain was stolen, & what we lose

last post referring to this: RT @Mark_Antony Hear it from Bristol City Council themselves: #ossplease #ukgovit

The Scholarly Poor: The Climate Code Foundation - definitely a worthy cause (I'm on its advisory board...) #openaccess

Computer #virus hits US Predator and Reaper drone fleet - er, so they're running all this on #Windows? riiight...

Massive #Cornwall rockfall captured on video - impressive #geology

Thursday, 6 October 2011


The Court Decision On Streaming Shakespeare At UCLA—What It Really Means - all about "sovereign immunity"

Parliament Committee Urges EU Commission To Support Print Disabilities Treaty - so let's do it

P is for… - and Ubuntu 12.04 will be called....

Software Is Mathematics - The Need for Due Diligence, by PolR - another great, deep post from #groklaw #swpats

Wikimedia receives $3.5million grant from Stanton Foundation - great news #wikipedia

Bruce Schneier's Status Report: Liars and Outliers - sounds like it will be a fascinating book #security #trust

The Pirate Bay Adds Domain to Bypass Court Order - first but not the last #censorship

Will Barack Obama break his GM food labelling promise? - is the pope etc etc #betrayal

How do You Like your Net Neutrality: Weak or Strong? - could this new approach square the #netneutrality circle?

Met loses diary that may have proven former chief's links to Rupert Murdoch - gosh, bit of a coincidence that, no?

Not faking it: H ... H ..Halliburton gets simulation patent after all - really bad UK decision on #swpats

Rackspace gives up the OpenStack reins - good move for openness #cloudcomputing

The Electric Leviathan - from Venkatesh Rao; looks intriguing #blogs

My response to the UK Open Data consultation: from @CountCulture- "like it or not, we now live in a ‘Big Data’ world"

Is #ACTA Enforceable? - now there's a good question (v @mgeist)

Is It Legal To TiVo The Radio? - #copyright maximalists trying hard to tell the public what it can/can't do

GMO cultivation drops in EU, except in Spain and Portugal - just not wanted

Slew of whale deaths mystifies scientists - "North Atlantic #whales [may live] up to 200-300 years": wow, just wow

Getty Images Facing Upwards To 80 Million Trademark Claims? - legal madness spreads (v @copyrightgirl @MMP_Photography)

Cheap tablet computer leads #India's drive to tackle rural poverty - useful background of #android system

Intellectual Ventures Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Motorola Mobility - inevitable (v @FOSSpatents)

Dutch Government Will Release Geodata and Satellite Images - great move #opendata #geodata #nl (v @karounos)

#techdirt Video Contest: Create A PSA Video Showing The Impact Of Technology On Creativity - with $1000 prize

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


#Brazil Drafts An 'Anti-#ACTA': A Civil Rights-Based Framework For The Internet - we could learn a lot from it

Classifying #Patent and #Copyright Law as “Property”: So What? - debunking the "IP" trick #intellectualmonopolies

Why I believe AAPL will crumble ... - excellent: provocative & thought-provoking #apple #ecosystems

Pirate politician: We want open, online government - hmm, not sure that pic quite conveys the right image...

Officer accused of terrorizing citizens, still on force - man in diabetic coma "beaten to a pulp"; disgusting

Hats off to the Global Text Project! - "engaging academic communities to help build library of free online textbooks"

California wants to put GMO labeling on 2012 ballot - outrageous that USians aren't allowed to know what they eat

“Fossil Fuels Are Wonderful,” Claims U.S. Documentary - called "Spoiled" - just like the environment #fud #energy

Kickstarter Hit With #Patent Claim Over Crowd-Funding - no comment necessary (v @Beautyon_) #trolls

Digital Monopolies A Bigger Threat Than #Piracy, Says Miramax CEO - more people get it #copyright

Happy 5th Birthday, #Wikileaks - how time flies when you're having fun

#Wikimedia Foundation to Launch #Arabic Catalyst - excellent

IBM open sources Blue Spruce to aid medical research - more please

EU faces down #tarsands industry - kudos to European Commission (can't believe I wrote that...) #energy #lobbying

#Samsung asks European trademark agency to void #Apple’s iPad design rights - think of the money being wasted here

Massive #privacy issue with new #Norway law to tackle #copyright infringement - this is seriously bad news

New UK Banknote Celebrates James Watt, #Patent Bully and Monopolist - innovation? not so much

Success: Barbie and Mattel drop #deforestation! - ah, isn't that just so sweet? #packaging

Creating a web literate planet (summary) - a great idea, I think - provided we drop the badges... #mozilla

#Guantánamo film shows plight of Canadian national detained at 15 - yeah: why the West will win that War on Terror

Princeton Tells Its Academics Not to Hand Over #Copyright When Publishing In Scholarly Journals - big #openaccess win

Rooftop #QR Codes Aim to Infiltrate Google Maps - how long before these link to #malware?

Pay-Per-View Science for the Scholarly Poor is unacceptable: immoral, unethical and encourages bad science - yup

Urgent crowd-source request: social media, privacy & super-injunctions - "for written evidence to the Joint Committee"

German #Pirates on 8% - this is getting interesting; wonder when the politicians will notice? #de

#Net Neutrality: the Plum report on the Open Internet - commissioned by BBC, but looks sensible #openness

Access To Italian #Wikipedia Blocked In Protest Of Wiretapping Bill In #Italy - end of Italian #blogging? #censorship

Bletchley Park lands £4.6m restoration bonanza - at last, some well-deserved dosh #turing

follow-up to "New UK Banknote Celebrates James Watt, Patent Bully and Monopolist" - links to monopoly sceptics

Newzbin2 Team Up With The Pirate Bay To Defeat Site Blocking - copyright enforcement drives evolution: it's that simple