Friday, 7 October 2011


Huge Victory As #EU #Green Party Group Adopts Pirate Perspective On #Copyright Monopoly - v important alignment here

RT @Glinner Remember that 'present' Blair&Co gave Gaddafi? He's suing >> ha! brilliantly put

The Whole Earth Catalog Online: The “Bible” of Steve Jobs’ Generation - freely available online

#GM crops safety assessments: present limits & possible improvements - worrying: more research needed

RT @Court of Appeal has granted permission to appeal the Digital Economy Act judicial review decision #DEAct >>fab

#Linux is a Hot Topic in #Philippines - "government shall apply only FOSS or Foss solutions in all ICT projects"

Judge Makes Company Pay More For Infringement Because CEO Complained Publicly About The Patent System - fair? hardly

Lawrence Lessig on How We Lost Our Democracy - tantalising except from #lessig's new book #lobbying

Ada Lovelace Day has begun! - but you probably already knew that

New Record Label Will Give Out All Its Music For Free; Wants Fans To Subscribe To The Label - great to see #abundance

RT @farwestchina The beautiful faces of #Xinjiang (h/t @JennyLau)>> lovely images #pix

Which #VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? - good question, with some answers

Introducing – open data initiative from Czech Republic - great to see another one #opendata #cz

KindFriends - "I have decided to call this selection by associative opportunity." sounds plausible

Lawrence Golan Speaks About His Fight To Protect The Public Domain - how the public domain was stolen, & what we lose

last post referring to this: RT @Mark_Antony Hear it from Bristol City Council themselves: #ossplease #ukgovit

The Scholarly Poor: The Climate Code Foundation - definitely a worthy cause (I'm on its advisory board...) #openaccess

Computer #virus hits US Predator and Reaper drone fleet - er, so they're running all this on #Windows? riiight...

Massive #Cornwall rockfall captured on video - impressive #geology

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