Wednesday, 19 October 2011


#US Blocks Chinese Company From Contract Bid: Worried #China Might Spy On US Just As US Spied On Others - wise?

#Apache (incubating) - more info on the podling

Calling all Mozilla Contributors Past & Present - please fill out this #Mozilla Volunteer Contributor Survey

World’s First Vertical Forest Being Built in Milan Plus “The Cult ‘Green Building’ of the Moment” - looks cool

Chinese government looks to introduce real name policy for microblogs - #google leads the way... #china

Piratenpartei klettert auf zehn Prozent - impressive but will it last? #pirateparty #germany

#Diaspora: Paypal blocked our account and is preventing donations - #paypal clearly wants to be hated a little more

Event #oshcamp — Open Source Hardware Camp, #London - just a fiver - sounds like a bargain #openhardware #reprap

Just How Open Are Open Consultations, If Only Big Companies Have The Resources To Answer The Questions? - any idea?

Major Loophole Remains in Net Neutrality Resolution - issue of congestion #netneutrality

Claude #Debussy: Complete Works by Lesure Numbers - 24 hours of non-stop Deb: what a feast #spotify

Reactions From #SEOs Come Loud, Fast & Often Angry To #Google’s Switch To Encrypted Search - gosh, what a surprise

Can't look now: finding film online - useful if depressing analysis of availability of films in UK

Time to Rebel on #Copyright? - well, I think you know the answer to that... #abundance #scarcity

UK Government departments neglect Contracts Finder procurement portal - that didn't take long #procurement

OpenData & Étalab : La guerre française des licences s’achève ! - new "licence ouverte" #opendata #france

Feature film goes open source on - cool #cc by-nc-sa #cinema

TVShack Admin Eyes Court Hearing After US #Extradition Blow - ridiculous one-sided treaty, unjust treatment

RT @ralpost“We’re not going to subpoena reporters in the future. We don’t need to. We know who you’re talking to”

Do not feed the #patent #troll - from Adam Smith Institute (v #apple #samsung

Private Copying and Fair Compensation: An empirical study of #copyright levies in Europe - useful study

RT @mgeist Big win at Supreme Court - court dismissed Crookes case against Jon Newton & >>yay #ca

Investors Worth $20 Trillion Call For Urgent Action on #Climate - will money talk?

RT @StopActaNow @telecomix: Meanwhile in #Sweden: Government only invites industry to #ACTA-hearing (swe)>>shameful

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