Monday, 24 October 2011


Igor #Stravinsky: Complete Chronological Catalogue - more fab classical completeness on #spotify

RT @jordanhatcher Swiss court rules that #anonymous blog comments protected by journalistic privilege >>UK NB #ch

Alibaba set to launch ‘Chinese iPad’ by the end of 2011 - #linux based, of course #china #tablets

Why I (A/L)GPL - wonderfully wise & angry post about licences and the malevolent influence of VCs (v @gen)#gpl

I miss the Britain of compassion and public ownership. Can we have it back please? - funny but fair (v @paul_clarke)

The New Luxury Consumer: White male serving Chinese couple in Toyota Highlander Advertisement - v

The Silent Strength of Liu Xia - powerful images by a censored photographer - and wife of Liu Xiaobo #china

1 commercial publisher is taking out of the system enough money 4 everything to be open to the world - (v @jwildeboer)

Wiki loves monuments 2011/Preistr├Ąger Deutschland - many of these are wonderful #wikimedia

The Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement - ouch (v @bilibutterfield @birgittaj)

Apple Continues To Insist Only It Can Use An Apple In A Logo; Threatens Small German Cafe - #apple the bully again...

#Japan speeds up #TPP decision-making process, unveils plan to back farmers - some interesting tensions there

Trusted Computing 2.1 - ouch, sneaky stuff #microsoft

Piracy and Copyright Challenges in 1841 Mirror Those of Today - Macaulay: "monopoly is an evil" - he meant #copyright

MT @ruslantrad @asteris Bulgarian media are under pressure. Police prohibited broadcast of videos showing fraud from yesterday's elections.

#Wikileaks to suspend all publishing operations - v bad news...must set up alternative funding methods

What the 99 percent are whining about - this stuff makes me v angry, too... (v @daeaves @taylor_owen @normative)

Malyshevs Disappeared - utterly shameful behaviour by UK government, complicit in who knows what horrors...

Open Science Summit Summary - useful for those of us who missed it #openscience

Huge mass of #japan tsunami debris headed for US West Coast - "20 million tons of debris on its way"

Orangutan Culture Develops Like Human Culture - what a pity we're wiping them out

US Trying To Force Governments To Pay Much Higher Prices For Needed Drugs Through Secretive #TPP - worse & worse

WIPO Defends Involvement In IP Enforcement Meeting In The Philippines - #WIPO shows its bias once more

#Nokia's Windows Phones Will Be Europe-Only At Launch; U.S. In 2012 - will definitely be big in...Finland...

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs - seriously impressive

Android pushes past iOS in app downloads - the real reason Jobs hated #android...

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