Thursday, 6 October 2011


The Court Decision On Streaming Shakespeare At UCLA—What It Really Means - all about "sovereign immunity"

Parliament Committee Urges EU Commission To Support Print Disabilities Treaty - so let's do it

P is for… - and Ubuntu 12.04 will be called....

Software Is Mathematics - The Need for Due Diligence, by PolR - another great, deep post from #groklaw #swpats

Wikimedia receives $3.5million grant from Stanton Foundation - great news #wikipedia

Bruce Schneier's Status Report: Liars and Outliers - sounds like it will be a fascinating book #security #trust

The Pirate Bay Adds Domain to Bypass Court Order - first but not the last #censorship

Will Barack Obama break his GM food labelling promise? - is the pope etc etc #betrayal

How do You Like your Net Neutrality: Weak or Strong? - could this new approach square the #netneutrality circle?

Met loses diary that may have proven former chief's links to Rupert Murdoch - gosh, bit of a coincidence that, no?

Not faking it: H ... H ..Halliburton gets simulation patent after all - really bad UK decision on #swpats

Rackspace gives up the OpenStack reins - good move for openness #cloudcomputing

The Electric Leviathan - from Venkatesh Rao; looks intriguing #blogs

My response to the UK Open Data consultation: from @CountCulture- "like it or not, we now live in a ‘Big Data’ world"

Is #ACTA Enforceable? - now there's a good question (v @mgeist)

Is It Legal To TiVo The Radio? - #copyright maximalists trying hard to tell the public what it can/can't do

GMO cultivation drops in EU, except in Spain and Portugal - just not wanted

Slew of whale deaths mystifies scientists - "North Atlantic #whales [may live] up to 200-300 years": wow, just wow

Getty Images Facing Upwards To 80 Million Trademark Claims? - legal madness spreads (v @copyrightgirl @MMP_Photography)

Cheap tablet computer leads #India's drive to tackle rural poverty - useful background of #android system

Intellectual Ventures Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Motorola Mobility - inevitable (v @FOSSpatents)

Dutch Government Will Release Geodata and Satellite Images - great move #opendata #geodata #nl (v @karounos)

#techdirt Video Contest: Create A PSA Video Showing The Impact Of Technology On Creativity - with $1000 prize

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