Monday, 3 October 2011


Genetically Engineered Food - "US experiment with GE food has been a failure. " good debunking of "#Monsanto myths" #gm

Europe refuses to rule use of trademarks in Google Adwords as infringement - good decision (v @nashtonhart @jamie_love)

#OrphanWorks – A Very Limited Proposal - grateful for small mercies #eu #copyright

HuffPo at One Biiiilllliiion Monthly Page Views: More Buying, More Launching, More Hiring - love or loathe it, it's big

Anonymous #Twitter alternative developed for rioters - but only for iPhone?

Carbon credits tarnished by human rights 'disgrace '- #palmoil - murderous as well as harmful

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Accepting Donations in #Bitcoin; Big Test for the Controversial Virtual Currency - hmm

RT @DaHammerstein Treaty Visually Impaired before European Parliament at aprox. 15:30. Webstream: info:

Why Not NC (Non Commercial) - useful summary of why NC is not the best choice #licensing #cc #oer

“Rumors are a Cancer that Threatens the Internet & Society” - "pay the deserved price for crimes" #china #censorship

Pirates and Librarians: Big Media, Technology, and the Role of Liberal Education - thoughtful stuff #openaccess

#Android #trojan hides behind #QR code - sneaky

Theorizing Ushahidi: An Academic Treatise - great post about why #opensource #ushahidi is so important

Oil Lobbyists Targeting “Super Committee” - this is not going to end well #lobbying #energy #environment

Project Mango kick-off - 2The next Open Movie project by the Blender Institute" more #blender goodness

fab pic of Richard Stallman - would be great for a caption competition... #rms #gnu

ACTA’s Threat to Access to Medicines - important: this means #ACTA will inevitably lead to increased loss of life

A formula for justice - this is insane - & an insult to mathematicians (v @ColinTheMathmo @rupertg)#stats #bayes

#BAILLI's appeal for funding - a crucial #openlaw resource; pl donate - I've given a tenner...

MT @Copycense IP law firm questions #BSA's reported software "piracy" loss estimates #copyright >>even lawyers don't believe

#LSE's one-day workshop on 'IPRs and the Global Civil Society Reform Project: What Next?' [pdf] - 18 november #london

Introducing @whensmybus- get tweet with times of next buses for that route, in each direction, from closest stops #uk

Well, I Do Declare: Washington & Open Government Declarations - one good but naive, the other good but hypocritical

RT @DaHammerstein Ex-Copyright lobbyist, EU copyright Czar, Martín Prat, rejects treaty for right to read of blind persons >>such humanity

As Countries Sign #ACTA, Many Finally Admit Their Copyright Laws Will Need To Change - good summary of gov duplicity

Chrome for Android Finally in the Works - why the delay? #browsers

Private Anti-#Piracy Investigator Spills The Beans - interesting insights into this twilight world

#Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales - a seriously bad company #bribery #corruption #pollution

Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science - important book by key #openscience chap @michael_nielsen

#Microsoft’s Patent Strategy Against #Android - #NYT's decline continues: a feeble puff piece for MS bullying

"Internet download of sound recording does not constitute a public performance" - too right... (v @howardknopf)

#Patent Troll Says Anyone Using #WiFi Infringes; Won't Sue Individuals 'At This Stage' - but already suing shops

The Open University is number one on iTunes U, surpasses 40m downloads - it's all about sharing #ou

CORE - "facilitate access & navigation across science papers stored in #OA repositories" (v @FigShare @phylogenomics)

60 French ISP Account Holders On Third Strike For Internet Piracy - & 650K 1st strikers who won't be voting for Sarkozy


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