Tuesday, 4 October 2011


India, 25 others oppose EU airline carbon charge plan - http://bit.ly/rm4Pah "discriminatory"; hardly - it applies to everyone

EPT Award for indviduals in developing countries working for OA - http://bit.ly/n1IQB7 nice #openaccess
Simulación, sushi y la firma del ACTA - http://bit.ly/pa5Mct useful summary in Spanish of the Great #ACTA Farce
Vast shark sanctuary created in Pacific - http://bbc.in/rpN1Va amazing: some good news at last #conservation
Pub can use foreign decoder for Premier League games - http://bbc.in/nRJJz1 important ruling (v @copyrightgirl)#copyright #eu
São Paulo releases all educational materials under #cc licence [pt] - http://bit.ly/mS8O8K #brazil leads the way again

#Arduino 1.0 bringing improvements and changes - http://bit.ly/q8vJEk lots of good stuff coming #openhardware

PhoneGap to become an Apache project as Adobe acquires Nitobi - http://bit.ly/qM47Fg nice to see #opensource spinoffs

Thank you Friends of the SF Public Library for 130,000 books - http://bit.ly/pmSq2j nice initiative

Organized Climate Change Denial “Played a Crucial Role in Blocking Domestic Legislation,” Top Scholars Conclude – http://bit.ly/q3yZjg

#Hackers Intervene in #Syria - http://bit.ly/oLx6Wm fascinating development: the future?

Deadly Weapons on Thingiverse - http://bit.ly/oPKCYT how easy should printing guns be? #3dprinters

Google opens #Gmail up to the developing world with feature-phone signup - http://tnw.co/oHMM4H so why didn't they do this before?

#Copyright law turns kids into criminals - Reform will enrich artists & public - http://bit.ly/reCYtZ do we want to criminalise our future?

LibreOffice Is One - http://bit.ly/oCpQMs useful reminder of where it came from, where it's going #opensource

#RedHat to Acquire Gluster - http://red.ht/n6O3cD "#opensource storage software company with development in Bangalore, #India."

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