Sunday, 2 October 2011


Dramatic Growth of #OpenAccess September 30, 2011 - "now over 7,000 journals, still adding more than 4 titles per day"

#Copyfraud and Classroom Performance Rights: Two Common Bogus #Copyright Claims [pdf] - good discussion

#Apple is now Public Enemy No 1 - itneresting to see this meme spreading

#Disabled Schoolkids Were Forced to Chew on Vinegar-Soaked Cotton Balls - this makes my blood boil

Home Secretaries and #humanrights - excellent, sensible stuff #uk

Invasion of the body scanners - welll-written piece on the continuing loss of privacy (v @Glinner @OpenRightsGroup)

Ben Goldacre asks: Can Green Open Access work for Science? My answer, no. - provocative stuff

Perry will US-Militär in Mexikos Drogenkrieg schicken - because that worked so well in #iraq, #afghanistan

Music Royalty Collectors Accused of Copyfraud - #copyfraud should be illegal: say, $150,000 per song...

Find your #MEP by region - very useful resource; lots of info about MEPs, declared interests etc. (v @liotier)#eu

On the #Ethics of Virtual Endings - moral blackmail of children online: deep one, this...

NASA: It Rained So Hard the Oceans Fell - "I suspect crazy weather years like 2010 will become norm a decade from now"

#ACTA: Meeting U.S. Objectives - one of the worst-written, most repetitious press dox I've read: duplicity personified

Return Of The High Court And Low Court - of course, we little people shouldn't really be reading this... #justice

PassMyWill Is A Will For Your Online Assets And Passwords - but what happens when PassMyWill dies...? #recursion

MT @petermurrayrust Conference of European National Librarians vote for CC0. Open Bibliography was created for this!>>great

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