Sunday, 30 October 2011


E-Learning Company #Blackboard Bows To The Growing Power Of Openness Again - it's just inevitable #moodle #sakai

SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet - first part of #EFF's analysis

The New Einsteins Will Be Scientists Who Share - nice gentle intro to #opendata #openscience

Spanien und Portugal betteln ehemalige Kolonien an - whoa, how things change... #geopolitics

Human rights claims to lose out if legal aid reform goes through - not good #uk

Music for Nothing and the Fans for Free - "fans will pay for music experiences" - good to see others get this

This man received a 3-year jail sentence for encouraging riots via Facebook - ridiculously vindictive

ISP Boss Brands Copyright Trolls “Scum”, Vows To Stop Them - kudos to John Linton of Exetel: we need more like him

House Airline Bill is Bad for Business, Jobs and the Climate - real "not listening" fingers in the ears stuff

NOAA Bombshell: Human-Caused Climate Change Already a Major Factor in More Frequent Mediterranean Droughts –

Commonwealth leaders under fire for refusing to publish human rights report - shabby stuff

Busted Pirate Movie Site Primed For Grand 1.5 Million Euro Rebirth - many-headed hydras....

The #Energy Revolution That Keeps Carbon on Top - Myhrvold wilfully obtuse as usual: he ignores externalities

Say NO to ACTA - good video to pass on to those who can't be bothered reading about this (v @TheMormegil)

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