Thursday, 20 October 2011


London Olympics Go For Gold in 'Ambush Marketing' Law Event: 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' – & No Streaking Allowed –

What is #netneutrality and why you need to worry about it - good update on what's happening in #brazil

European Parliament legal service confirms: #ACTA may or may not be legal - sounds like a chocolate teapot

MT @GeorgeMonbiot Cameron has agreed to include #thinktanks on #lobbyist register. We must hold him to this.

As German Pirate Party Hits 10%, Some Thoughts On The Next Five Years - pretty amazing #germany

Ritualized child abuse: circumcision - "The arguments for circumcision are pathetic and awful."

The Web's Most Ambitious Personal Data Project, Singly, Goes Live Today - looks v cool #privacy #opensource

The Blue Obelisk Shoulders for Translational Cheminformatics - great work #openchemistry #openscience

#GM crops promote superweeds, food insecurity and pesticides, say NGOs - pretty damning stuff

Can we force #facebook to give us its "like" database? - important point about databases in #EU

Net Neutrality Resolution Adopted in EU Parliament - what will @NeelieKroesEU do now?

An Introduction to Amdatu, An Open Cloud Platform Powered By #Apache - I'm beginning to lose track of all these

Biking And Walking Ban Proposed In Wisconsin - must protect those defenceless cars...

Beijing leaps to defense of "Great Firewall of China" - "in line with accepted practices." (v @TechZader @Asher_Wolf)

Of Open Source, #Microsoft, #India and #Paraguay - it's déjà vu all over again

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world - why we need more #transparency in business

First Digital Economy Act warning letters: summer 2013 - Ofcom - nice analysis; juicy rumours #deact #copyright

Europe Says Stem Cells Are Not Patentable; Confused Scientists Freak Out - yup: this good news, not bad

Google confirms Ice Cream Sandwich will be open source, released publicly - well, we'll believe that when we see it

Europe on the breadline: Thessaloniki, where Greece no longer exists - foreshadowing of tomorrow's world?

Biotech group bids to recruit high-profile GM 'ambassadors' - read this and laugh...then weep at the sheer duplicity

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