Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Censorware or child protection? - http://bit.ly/ogsSU4 a real danger: "trying to persuade adults to live with layers of #censorship" #uk

Sam Ramji: Cloud makes open source 'inevitable' for Microsoft, others - http://bit.ly/r57kfo interesting analysis: services, not sw matter

The $4 Retro Computer - http://tcrn.ch/npcws1 not very powerful, but fun; #arduino-based

Un acusado de pagar prostitutas con la tarjeta de la SGAE, alega que no se le prohibió su uso personal - http://bit.ly/qmveci hilarious

As Expected, Alternative #DNS Systems Sprouting Up To Ignore US Censorship - http://bit.ly/nQ9Tlm will ultimately shard the #net

BlueStacks Releases App Player & Cloud Connect Service To Let You Run Android Apps On PC - http://tcrn.ch/o22MpD makes #windows irrelevant

Frankreich: Netzzensur gegen Polizei-Kritiker - http://bit.ly/qXgK02 blatant #censorship by gov of inconvenient info #france

Dutch ruling sends intermediary liability back to the 90s - http://bit.ly/qdw0DI good summary of a really bad decision

Forensic #DNA Could Make Criminal Justice Less Fair - http://bit.ly/nCBCsG good point about dangerous feedback loop inherent in system

London 2012 Olympics: 17000 athletes, 11000 computers - http://bit.ly/reCvRv running Vista: record number of #BSOD assured...

#Iran – ‘the next #Chernobyl’ - http://bit.ly/pJGDGK right, then, won't be going there for my holiday next year...

Spotify Loses $42 Million On Licensing Costs - http://onforb.es/phuOOR almost as if record labels wanted it to fail...

Lei da cópia privada avança em março - http://bit.ly/p2xKAa levy on recording media - & thus permission for #piracy (v @remixtures @0vigia)

International Open Data Hackathon 2011: Better Tools, More Data, Bigger Fun - http://bit.ly/rqe0XY great to see #opendata

UK ACTION: Repeal Web #Censorship! - http://bit.ly/qdJNp2 please phone your MP about these amendments now, if you can...

Domino’s demonstrates the importance of #mobile #commerce as orders top £130,000 in one day - http://tnw.co/nKLPzU nice little data point

Greens concerned over escalation of conflict in #WestPapua - http://bit.ly/qPNLHp time these people got some justice (v @Asher_Wolf)

The ‘getting’ of #Assange and the smearing of a revolution - http://bit.ly/ndxe8e fine piece, rightly angry (v @wikileaks)#guardian

Gadget patrol: Bigger is better? - http://bit.ly/qJsK0L great, insightful post: "not about one-handed phone use, it's about ageing eyeballs"

Public Citizen letter on #ACTA legal review to EU Committee on Legal Affairs [pdf] - http://bit.ly/q4g9su makes interesting points

Will #Nginx Be to #Apache What Chrome is to #Firefox? - http://bit.ly/oE7WDL I certainly hope so #webservers

Polish Deputy Prime Minister calls #FLOSS “the greatest success of the 20th century” - http://bit.ly/qbbqrC what a cool chap #poland

Netherlands: Green politicians want Court of Audit to redo its open source analysis - http://bit.ly/o4aGWI quite right too #nl

Patent Chaser MacroSolve Has A Trump Card: A Deal With Donald Trump - http://bit.ly/oBQvM3 er, no: now it's vulnerable to patent suits

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