Tuesday, 18 October 2011


About that Data Protection myth - http://bit.ly/nW62Rw raise some important issues #vodafone #privacy #security

Knowledge Sharing Among Inventors: Some Historical Perspectives - http://bit.ly/ncmmbD typically thought-provoking stuff from bessen et al.

So long & thanks for all the fish - http://bbc.in/nglx8a "new version of community site #h2g2 opened at www.h2g2.com" that's good

Why the quoted price of #Bitcoin doesn’t matter - http://bit.ly/qBqxPl because it's a protocol, not a currency; great explanation

Why Did Climate Progress Stall? It's Called Conservative Ideological Activation - http://bit.ly/oviVaa great analysis of shameful move

Official launch of Open Biology - http://bit.ly/mQZayU great open access move by Royal Society #oa

Mass Infringement Lawyer Complains About Too Many People Challenging His Lawsuits - http://bit.ly/nyUcV3 these people are immune to irony

Monster #YouTube-Viacom #Copyright Battle Is Back - http://bit.ly/nwto8i </yawn>

#Italy launches #opendata portal - http://bit.ly/oW4JA4 benvenuta...

Stem cells and Patentability: the Brüstle decision issues - http://bit.ly/qwoHRs important case, good explanation #patents

File-Sharing Admins Jailed For #Linking To #Copyright Works - http://bit.ly/q3SSP2 slippery slope here

#Bolivia reparte miles de ordenadores a profesores con la imagen de Morales - http://bit.ly/rt301O anyone know what these are running?

Cape Verde's Big Win - http://bit.ly/njW5fH "have telecenters for digital inclusion in #Brazil." #opensource

Losing $13.5 Billion to Piracy Spurs Microsoft-Led EU Legal Push - http://bloom.bg/mPpLSU pushing out old #BSA FUD - http://bit.ly/lDq9fs

Hackers are vital to the university culture of openness and innovation - http://bit.ly/nUsQxI good to see "hackers" being reclaimed

Vodafone Webbook launched in South Africa with #Ubuntu software - http://bit.ly/r2Pd9E seems appropriate...

Complexity, Why Steve Jobs Got More Coverage Than Dennis Ritchie... And What That Says About The #Patent System - http://bit.ly/q2bif0 yup

New Stronger Whitewash - http://bit.ly/ozktzy I wonder whether we will get to see a leaked copy of the uncut Liam Fox Report?

America is broken, now what? - http://bit.ly/olNHWn great graph: "Most of the profits from that added productivity went to Wall Street."

Out ACTA-ing #ACTA: All #TPP Negotiating Documents To Be Kept Secret Until Four Years After Ratification - http://bit.ly/oqKFZI #nz

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