Sunday, 9 October 2011


Chaos Computer Club analysiert Staatstrojaner - wow: the Chaos Computer Club takes apart a #german government trojan

#Apple Has 1,000 Engineers Working On Chips For Post-PC Era - “Getting low power & smaller is the key to everything”

FDP will von Piraten lernen - and not just the FDP #pirateparty #germany

#Google Must Be Feeling Burned For Investing In IV - there are no long spoons when you're dining with #trolls

What newsrooms can learn from #opensource and maker culture - "think about the story as code" (v @mbauwens)#journalism

Remembering Jeff Buckely's Grace - incredible voice, tremendous loss to music

Occupy Wall Street is an open source protest - oh my word yes; and: "We are going to see more" (v @mbauwens)

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