Wednesday, 5 October 2011


#Brazil Drafts An 'Anti-#ACTA': A Civil Rights-Based Framework For The Internet - we could learn a lot from it

Classifying #Patent and #Copyright Law as “Property”: So What? - debunking the "IP" trick #intellectualmonopolies

Why I believe AAPL will crumble ... - excellent: provocative & thought-provoking #apple #ecosystems

Pirate politician: We want open, online government - hmm, not sure that pic quite conveys the right image...

Officer accused of terrorizing citizens, still on force - man in diabetic coma "beaten to a pulp"; disgusting

Hats off to the Global Text Project! - "engaging academic communities to help build library of free online textbooks"

California wants to put GMO labeling on 2012 ballot - outrageous that USians aren't allowed to know what they eat

“Fossil Fuels Are Wonderful,” Claims U.S. Documentary - called "Spoiled" - just like the environment #fud #energy

Kickstarter Hit With #Patent Claim Over Crowd-Funding - no comment necessary (v @Beautyon_) #trolls

Digital Monopolies A Bigger Threat Than #Piracy, Says Miramax CEO - more people get it #copyright

Happy 5th Birthday, #Wikileaks - how time flies when you're having fun

#Wikimedia Foundation to Launch #Arabic Catalyst - excellent

IBM open sources Blue Spruce to aid medical research - more please

EU faces down #tarsands industry - kudos to European Commission (can't believe I wrote that...) #energy #lobbying

#Samsung asks European trademark agency to void #Apple’s iPad design rights - think of the money being wasted here

Massive #privacy issue with new #Norway law to tackle #copyright infringement - this is seriously bad news

New UK Banknote Celebrates James Watt, #Patent Bully and Monopolist - innovation? not so much

Success: Barbie and Mattel drop #deforestation! - ah, isn't that just so sweet? #packaging

Creating a web literate planet (summary) - a great idea, I think - provided we drop the badges... #mozilla

#Guant√°namo film shows plight of Canadian national detained at 15 - yeah: why the West will win that War on Terror

Princeton Tells Its Academics Not to Hand Over #Copyright When Publishing In Scholarly Journals - big #openaccess win

Rooftop #QR Codes Aim to Infiltrate Google Maps - how long before these link to #malware?

Pay-Per-View Science for the Scholarly Poor is unacceptable: immoral, unethical and encourages bad science - yup

Urgent crowd-source request: social media, privacy & super-injunctions - "for written evidence to the Joint Committee"

German #Pirates on 8% - this is getting interesting; wonder when the politicians will notice? #de

#Net Neutrality: the Plum report on the Open Internet - commissioned by BBC, but looks sensible #openness

Access To Italian #Wikipedia Blocked In Protest Of Wiretapping Bill In #Italy - end of Italian #blogging? #censorship

Bletchley Park lands £4.6m restoration bonanza - at last, some well-deserved dosh #turing

follow-up to "New UK Banknote Celebrates James Watt, Patent Bully and Monopolist" - links to monopoly sceptics

Newzbin2 Team Up With The Pirate Bay To Defeat Site Blocking - copyright enforcement drives evolution: it's that simple

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