Monday, 17 October 2011


Jean #Sibelius: Complete Works With Opus Number - fantastic music; foul man #spotify

Irreproducible Results - "the reproducibility of an experiment declines over time, almost as if it were fading away"

Making #robots with #opensource: An interview with Steve Cousins, CEO Willow Garage - great combination

Russian #search giant #Yandex inks deal to power Samsung TVs and smartphones - interesting moves

EU issues veiled warning on closed e-book standards - needs sorting now #openstandards

#Lobbying links put pressure on coalition - a chance to shine a little sunlight #transparency #uk

#Bookbinding in the Digital Age: an interview with Michael Greer - lovely piece about slow, analogue pleasures

Attorney-General alters #copyright consultation paper - suspicious stuff down under

Science Code Manifesto - important stuff: please endorse #opensource #openscience

Speech by Minister of the State Internet Information Office, #China - nothing startlingly new, but interesting

French Minister of Digital Economy speaks out on open source software and open formats - hope he backs up with actions

MT @UKinItaly @LifeinSicily Last days to apply for the temporary position of Assistant Butler in #Rome. @ UK embassy

Fighting Back Against Public Domain Erosion By Growing The #Commons - what we can all do #pd #cc

Finalization of EU Parliament's Weak #NetNeutrality Resolution - not good enough: must try harder

#Google's #opensource search to end - another one bites the dust: does it matter?

The cost of closed data & the economics of open data - is £17,850 million. Great post #opendata

#BBC mulls new effort to kickstart computer education - it would be crazy not to #opensource

Obama’s #Organic Game - yet another flat-out broken campaign promise; good background to politics of #gm food

Office Suites: #LibreOffice or - lots has been happening #apache #lgpl

Porn link tipped in Australian net piracy case - "stalking horse for a larger assault for porn industry"? (v @4b5)

Adult content filters can't replace good parenting - the key point that gets overlooked

Record-Breaking File-Sharing Trial Heard in #Sweden - doesn't look very hopeful...

From #MeeGo to #Tizen: the making of another software bubble - excellent, detailed history (v @TheTechScribe)#linux

British Historian On Porn And Internet Censorship: North Korea Is Right -- The Internet Is Our Enemy - riiight

Trafficking of baby #gorillas poses new threat to endangered species - which sickos are fuelling this trade?

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