Friday, 28 October 2011


#OpenSource, #OpenScience, Open Source Science - it's the future #sciencecodemanifesto

The term "shanzhai" literally means a fortified mountain village, and originally meant those places in China that were outside government control, and hence not subject to its law. Today, by extensio...

#India's cotton yield may fall to 5-year low - so how's that Bt cotton revolution coming along? #gm

#Newzbin Judge: studios have asked other ISPs to voluntarily block, circumstances may be different for each ISP - bad

EU executive proposes tougher disclosure for mining & logging cos - about time #corruption

#Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support - interesting: #google must sort this (v @robinwauters)

PROTECT IP Renamed E-PARASITES Act; Would Create The Great Firewall Of America - they really want to break the Net

Intellectual Property in #ACTA and the #TPP: Lessons Not Learned - great analysis; why TPP is worse (v @gnat)

UK accused of stalling EU tar sands regulation - so what about those "green" aspirations, Dave...? #shameful

Iran Outlaws #VPNs Or Any Other Attempt To Get Around Filters - how long before western nations follow suit

Literary Magazines Struggle with Submission Fees For Writers - adopting the #openaccess model?

Give unwanted fish to the poor, says EU fisheries chief - fisheries policy is an outrage; at least she's trying...

Revised EPO Patent For Conventional Broccoli Has Public Interest Ramifications - #EPO out of control - abolish it

Forget Lumia for a second, #Nokia’s Asha phones could change the game in #Asia - good analysis

The War Between the States (to Subsidize Hollywood), Part 3: The Revenge of Swamp Shark - fascinating - & unbelievable

Yes, Google "Stole" From Apple, And That's A Good Thing - nicely done #patents

E-PARASITES' Sponsor, Lamar Smith, Was Against Massive Regulatory Compliance The Day Before He's For It - bonkers

PETA Files Whale Slavery Lawsuit Against SeaWorld - brilliant move

Tell Us What You've Done Initiative - Pilot Study Results - not good #transparency #corruption

Erik #Satie: Complete Chronological Catalogue - fact: I organised a 24-hour performance of "Vexations" #spotify

Watch Out MAFIAA, Antibiotics Don’t Work On Viral Pirates - nice little metaphor there...

Amazon reveals its patent lawsuits are on the rise - of course: successful company, ergo sued (v @fosspatents)

Jay Walker Continues Quest To Sue The Internet Into Oblivion With #Patents - the madness continues

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