Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130428 - http://bit.ly/Y7PdDY yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Mélenchon & Jadot issue warnings on #TAFTA - http://bit.ly/18d1BDU important post: how #TTIP could destroy #EU independence (v @PostActa)

Panel seeks to fine tech companies for noncompliance with wiretap orders - http://wapo.st/18712OF #policestate (v @ioerror @kurtopsahl)

Digital #Surveillance: how to avoid another Snoopers' Charter - http://bit.ly/ZQWIj1 important contribution to debate #ORG

#Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees - http://bit.ly/18d51GE let's hope UK's stupidity doesn't ruin this

Bad Seed Law - http://bit.ly/12U69j2 "no seed can be sold, or even given for free, to anyone anywhere in EU unless it is registered" insane

Opera claims ex-employee took trade secrets to #Mozilla, sues him for $3.4m - http://tnw.co/Y8en5l absurd; I shan't be using #opera again

The power of lobbyists for pesticides 'harmful' to bees - http://bit.ly/ZKsPCH aided & abetted by disgraceful UK gov (v @corporateeurope)

Welcoming Greece Local Group as Open Knowledge Foundation Chapter - http://bit.ly/12bxJoc great

Bee-harming #pesticides banned in Europe - http://bit.ly/ZYGyjN one in the eye for Paterson #food #lobbying

European parliament starts discussing the proposed Directive on collective management of copyright - http://bit.ly/187wT1E useful analysis

Die Deutsche Telekom will dreist die Netzneutralität abschaffen. Remix Deine Meinung! - http://bit.ly/ZfmJpg hilarious #netneutrality

What the Letzgo Hunting vigilantes can teach Home Office - http://bit.ly/18e8wg4 avoiding "obsessive focus on blanket surveillance"; nice

What Do We Mean By Small Data - http://bit.ly/Y8nClX thought-provoking stuff #opendata

G-8 #OpenData for #Agriculture Conference - http://1.usa.gov/153UuSn live now: important initiative (v @wilbanks @dhgisme)#transparency

hilarious to hear @BillGates calling for #opendata in agriculture that can be shared widely... ORLY? - http://1.usa.gov/153UuSn

US senators target pharma IP in #TPP meeting - http://bit.ly/17sYyJo "12 years of regulatory data protection for biologics" & #TAFTA/#TTIP?

European Commission Replies to My #IPRED Letter - http://bit.ly/12IZU0r so I write back... #copyright #enforcement #EU

In the future our police, lawyers and jails will be run by G4S - http://bit.ly/Y8CrFb a terrifying future: it must not be (v @JackofKent)

#TPP: Todos Podemos Perder - http://bit.ly/18f90Te well, aside from the huge multinationals - they will win & win & win...

#Trademarks: the good, the bad and the ugly - http://bit.ly/10OLpeu excellent intro to important but oft-times problematic area

OLAF's #Dalligate report slammed as 'biased', 'amateurish' - http://bit.ly/Y92w76 wow, what a saga #EU #transparency

"the right to access public information is not a 'fundamental' privilege" - http://bit.ly/Y92NH5 uh-oh, not good #us #foi

U.S. Lawmaker Proposes New Criteria for Choosing NSF Grants - http://bit.ly/14IK3TK #china must be laughing at this autodestruction

Act of Terror - http://bit.ly/10nUyTV brilliant, simple film about right to film police; kudos to Gemma Atkinson. show it in all schools...

Announcing Outreach Program for Women Internships for the #Linux Kernel: Please Apply - http://bit.ly/14IOEVR great idea    

How HMRC treated its Goldman Sachs tax deal #whistleblower as a criminal - http://bit.ly/11Sp3EH unbelievable; unforgiveable

#China commits billions in aid to #Africa as part of charm offensive - http://bit.ly/ZMfmKA fascinating

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's repeated requests for a lawyer were ignored - http://bit.ly/ZMgk9w er, isn't this ringing any alarm bells in US?

What Is #TPP? It's the Biggest Global Threat to the Internet Since #ACTA - http://bit.ly/13GNohG yup - until #TAFTA/#TTIP gets going...

Bill Gates joins administration in promoting open agricultural data - http://wapo.st/10oe7M2 yeah, he's a big fan of openness...wait, what?

Political Corruption & "Free Trade" Racket - http://bit.ly/ZYd0n8 "increasing protectionist barriers" (v @info_justice @PostActa)#TAFTA

Beware the rise of the government scientists turned lobbyists - http://bit.ly/16eqD96 glad I'm not the only one appalled by Walport here

Ridiculous: Short-Sighted, Anonymous Hollywood Exec Flips Out Over Using BitTorrent For Promotions – http://bit.ly/ZYeGgo

Who Owns Your Pictures? - http://bit.ly/ZMHI7r good analysis of what's really going on with UK #orphan works changes

The #copyright orphanage - http://bit.ly/ZMKPML more sensible thoughts on the UK's new #orphan works legislation

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130427 - http://bit.ly/150C4Sz yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The Revival of Tradition in France’s Forests - http://bit.ly/126QCbJ fascinating tale of the forest #commons (v @mbauwens)

#Pirate Party Enters #Iceland’s National Parliament After Historic Election Win - http://bit.ly/ZPqWmw impressive & great news #is

Death Threats, a Fired Bullet and Cold Cells: Hear #Guantanamo Horror Stories as Mass Hunger Strike Continues - http://bit.ly/150DkoL shame

Fact vs. Fiction: How Renewables Outshine Fracking - http://bit.ly/13DnHPk some great graphs here

$200 Intel #Android Laptops Are Coming - http://bit.ly/15R2V2V can't wait #linux

Mayflower #tarsands Spill: Chemist finds benzene, AG investigates, residents organize - http://bit.ly/12RlAIL a "taste" of things to come

Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees - http://bit.ly/11MUhxX shame on UK for fighting experts' advice on this

Is the NHS safe in his hands? - http://bit.ly/17qpuJB well-written article about tragic destruction of #NHS (v @marcuschown)

Scientists on brink of #HIV cure - http://bit.ly/Z9qTPp hmm: let's hope so... (v @mpesce @PME2013 @williamcrawley)#health

Heavy use of herbicide #Roundup linked to health dangers-U.S. study - http://reut.rs/ZVvLHW important if confirmed #monsanto

Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes & Amino Acid Biosynthesis: Pathways 2 Modern Diseases - http://bit.ly/189IZVp #monsanto

#Italy's first black minister attacked by Northern League - http://bit.ly/11NOrwx that didn't take long (v @LifeinSicily)#racism

The rise of patent monetization entities: situation in the EU and UPC developments - http://bit.ly/11Pimmx more patent trolls in EU?

Are #Geeks the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties? - http://bit.ly/11uGw5k they have been since Richard Stallman... #freesw #rms

#China's Going To Build Massive #4G Mobile Networks—Snubbing EU Companies In Process - http://read.bi/12EdyBU no surprise (v @africatechie)

Michael Jackson trial pits family against concert organiser AEG Live - http://bit.ly/10LHSh1 "$40bn wrongful death lawsuit"; uh-huh

Global scientists back 10-year moratorium on field trials of Bt food crops - http://bit.ly/ZtIQM1  "well-argued, scientific & fair" #india

Man accused of placing GPS device on victim’s car before burglarizing her home - http://ars.to/ZtJcCy at least he didn't use a drone...

"cybersecurity is a proper career" - http://bit.ly/11uQ8wV stop giving it such risible name, then...

How Privacy is Lost - http://bit.ly/18b04hD important post on how our #privacy & #dataprotection is being lobbied away #EU

Number 10 hands out #Twitter exclusives to favoured journalists - http://bit.ly/Yf5Gbz shows it matters (v @MikejMcDermott @marcuschown)

Reflections on Iceland’s Election of Pirate MPs - http://bit.ly/12SNQLb by the man who started it all...

#Australia's boom is anything but for its #Aboriginal people - http://bit.ly/ZWc4Qm who are still waiting for amends from so many


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130426 - http://bit.ly/Yb8nLg yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Get Ready for the Australian Coal Show-Down - http://bit.ly/ZCsLVB great to see the Dirty Coal Brigade panicking (v @DrRimmer)#au

Bundesregierung bastelt mit üblichen Verdächtigen an EU-USA-Freihandelsabkommen - http://bit.ly/Yb9hr4 we demand #transparency now

#RioTinto should address pollution and human rights abuses at its mines in West Papua and Papua New Guinea - http://bit.ly/ZNN6FM

Tackling "Monoculture of the Mind" - http://bit.ly/11LI4IS good analysis of blinkered, doomed approach

#china grows in importance to ‘NZ Inc’ - http://bit.ly/12xxkyX another reason #TPP is exactly wrong for #newzealand

US GM food labeling drive has biotech industry biting back - http://reut.rs/10j9oLu important: GM industry knows it's lost labelling debate

[RT] this is why we must have strong data protection in #EU - http://bit.ly/ZRS41a once our data is sold, there's no getting it back

If Everything Is A Threat, Then Nothing Is - http://bit.ly/ZToiJj good analysis

The Italian Constitutional Court experiments an #opendata approach (with a CC license) - http://bit.ly/ZCLjoy interesting issue about #pd

Die Wikipedia-AG – Ein Pilotprojekt mit Zukunft - http://bit.ly/11rJcRe interesting initiative

Vote for us – the politicians who bankrupted #Iceland! - http://ind.pn/ZDshhS fascinating if depressing situation (v @AnnieMachon)

Automated constrained poetry, made from Markov Chains and Project Gutenberg - http://bit.ly/12PuZR9 markov chains rule

Blow for Cameron as #China welcomes Hollande - http://bit.ly/10IDLT6 but kudos to Cameron for "daring" to meet dalai lama

SO THAT’S WHAT “#RAND” MEANS?: A Brief Report on the Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law in Microsoft v. Motorola – http://bit.ly/10jBq9C

ease of finding information online makes us keen to know more about food we eat - http://bit.ly/12yVV6t yup (v @Steph_Steinberg @DrRimmer)

Former #Microsoft Managers Now In Charge of Washington State's Budget - http://bit.ly/12Pz4EW level playing-field for #opensource? ORLY?

"You have to see how hits blow up strictly from bluetooth swapping" - http://bit.ly/17oSnpH digital music in #africa (v @rassina)

Saturday, 27 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130425 - http://bit.ly/10EM7eq yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] The return of #ACTA: US dictating Canada’s intellectual property laws - http://bit.ly/13xYHJe sounds plausible #TPP #CETA

Stand up for #WestPapua - http://bit.ly/11IWo4S "#Indonesia has been getting away with human rights abuses" (v @suigenerisjen)

The Great Pill Push - http://bit.ly/15LxVB7 Bad #Pharma down-under (v @DrRimmer)

The Value of #OpenData – Don’t Measure Growth, Measure Destruction - http://bit.ly/12Me7e7 great analysis: spot on

Obama campaign launches plan to shame climate sceptics in Congress - http://bit.ly/Y8ANWc time to make them face the facts

Police Arrests CEO of #China’s No.1 Pirate Site - http://bit.ly/ZyrJtv more signs of a move to respectability? (v @gadyepstein)

#TAFTA/#TTIP Trade pact with E.U. may not be best - http://bit.ly/10gTils good analysis #IPout #opendrafts

James Hansen: The One Thing We Should Be Doing to Prevent Catastrophic #ClimateChange - http://bit.ly/ZoJqe1 externalities are key

6 New Ways Big Pharma Is Scheming to Make Billions at the Expense of Your Health – http://bit.ly/11J1iyF

In “Great Shame,” WIPO Fund For Indigenous Peoples’ Participation Running Dry - http://bit.ly/17m0WkU #WIPO losing even more credibility

China moves to source GM-free soya supplies: why will UK supermarkets not do same in Britain? - http://bit.ly/11pbdsL fake reasons

European Parliament Trade Committee Backs Cultural Exclusion From EU-US FTA - http://bit.ly/10ETQck bad news that Moreira is rapporteur

#OpenChemistry project upholds mission of unorganization, The Blue Obelisk - http://red.ht/10gXEcl great stuff

After Muzzling Librarians And Scientists, Now Canada Starts Making It Difficult For Citizens To Express Their Views – http://bit.ly/17m56ct

EP trade committee rejects meaningful #TTIP amendments - http://bit.ly/180DRCW not good: have we got to go through #ACTA again?

You Got To Fight For Your Right....To Privacy - http://bit.ly/ZM7wim good explanation of how EU Data Protection is being subverted

Wikipedia is now drawing facts from the Wikidata repository, and so can you - http://bit.ly/13z7tqa important shift

Why I'm stepping down as a GP over #NHS 'reforms' - http://bit.ly/17m6OKW because tories have destroyed doctor-patient trust

#WTO set for Latin American boss, Brazil and Mexico vie for job - http://reut.rs/11pfOeo let's hope it's Brazil...

#OpenData for African platform to Boost Access to African Stats - http://bit.ly/12Mrvik good to see (v @rassina)#africa

"File sharing" in area of seeds will become a criminal act - http://bit.ly/ZMk6OD empowering #monsanto, & reducing diversity, is madness

evidence to the Science and Tech Select Committee inquiry on missing trial data - http://bit.ly/ZSThoa good stuff from @bengoldacre

40.000 equipos informáticos públicos migrarán a sistemas de software libre en 2013 - http://bit.ly/ZSTAiG great news from #spain (v @Sjig)

Why students need the right to copy - http://bit.ly/Zp60TQ great piece about what's happening in #india #copyright (v @petersuber)

US Demands #Transparency Everywhere -- But Only From Everyone Else - http://bit.ly/181neK5 gosh, strange that

Nueva amenaza para la libertad en internet - http://bit.ly/12sKJZ9 the threats from #TPP (v @carobotero)

Campaign for a progressive copyright law in #Uzbekistan - http://bit.ly/ZRyiTC great to see

U.S. Ambassador To Australia Takes On #1 Issue Of The Day: Game Of Thrones Piracy - http://bit.ly/15M6iIq says all that needs to be said

Five reasons Canada should NOT ratify a Canada-EU free trade agreement - http://bit.ly/11Z8khp "about making dubious policy reforms"

Bangladesh building collapse: This is what race-to-the-bottom global trade looks like - http://bit.ly/14VtmEV remember: #TAFTA/#TTIP #TPP

US Chamber of Comm. fights 4 right of oil, gas & mining corporations to keep payments to foreign governments secret – http://bit.ly/ZzwQKb

Join the Wikipedia Language Mavens! - http://bit.ly/Y1SqVt "seek advice, guidance and validation on language features"

#INDECT : Big Brother en Europe ? - http://bit.ly/ZzBp7h they say no...but Mandy Rice-Davies applies... (v @manhack)

US schools weigh bulletproof uniforms - http://bit.ly/YZkPsD because guns really aren't a problem, are they?

How to vilify a movement - http://bit.ly/ZzR2eG fascinating analysis of the rhetoric & tropes being used against environmentalists

this is why we must have strong data protection in #EU - http://bit.ly/ZRS41a once our data is sold, there's no getting it back

EU plant Vorratsdatenspeicherung 2.0 - http://bit.ly/ZRSzrW thinks there just isn't enough surveillance going on in Europe...

Russia Plans to Fight Drugs at Home with Jobs in Central Asia - http://bit.ly/Y9vzcR good to see some new thinking

pic of the week: Silver river - http://bit.ly/182ghWp lovely: just what we need on a Friday evening... #london

banks implicated in $500 trillion fraud: biggest price-rigging scandal in history - http://bit.ly/Y9L2JQ greed in its purest form

Celebrate The Right To Share On 'World Intellectual Property Day' - http://bit.ly/1822CBi great work by @article19org

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction - http://bit.ly/15XC4BL old but fabulous tale (v @xpectro)

Strongest Evidence of Animal Culture Seen in Monkeys and Whales - http://bit.ly/11qlRzs so can we stop feeling special now, please?

Hurray! We are not headed for a disaster of biblical proportions - http://bit.ly/Z063C6 we just have to kick the carbon habit

Fair use decision: remixing is legal even when there is no intent 2 comment or parody original work - http://bit.ly/15MUupc looks important

McAfee Patents System To 'Detect And Prevent Illegal Consumption Of Content On The Internet' - http://bit.ly/ZN1rlK yeah, that'll work

Friday, 26 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130424 - http://bit.ly/17VIYEo yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

In the Dark, #TPP Advances to the Next Round of Negotiation - http://bit.ly/ZJYOBr good summary of many problems (v @DrRimmer)

Urgent: Please Write to MEPs Now about #TAFTA/#TTIP - http://bit.ly/17iINo9 important vote today: here's what we need #opendrafts #EU

EU Free Trade Agreements With India And Canada Grind To A Halt - http://bit.ly/14RkNuM taking on too much? #CETA #TPP #TAFTA

background to today's big #TAFTA/#TTIP vote - http://bit.ly/ZJZqGZ from La Quadrature du Net; good explanation of amendments

#Japan’s rice lobby visits Capitol Hill to fight free trade pact - http://wapo.st/Zmin39 could rice farmers scupper #TPP?

Not Learning From ACTA: IPR Protection And Enforcement Seen As 'Less Difficult Issue' For #TAFTA/#TTIP - http://bit.ly/12lcEtW </facepalm>

Changing my mind on nuclear disarmament - http://bit.ly/14RoqRm what I've thought for a while, put rather better than I could...

Berners-Lee Unveils Details Of Web Foundation Research on #Opendata - http://bit.ly/ZmktQt definitely no #DRM here (v @Asher_Wolf)

EPA deems US state department Keystone review 'insufficient' - http://bit.ly/Zu9Mwc good to see people more assertive here #tarsands

Crisis for #EU as trust hits record low - http://bit.ly/14Rrzkn maybe they should listen to public, then: #TAFTA/#TTIP #opendrafts

Pirate Bay Finds Safe Haven in Iceland, Switches to .IS Domain - http://bit.ly/11T52fz but for how long?

The struggle continues… #ami2 would like alpha testers - http://bit.ly/11T5k63 pl. help defend #OpenScholarship

Pew: Online Political Engagement Can Lead to Offline Activism - http://on.mash.to/12JNR3U important

No time to waste in EU-US trade talks - http://bit.ly/Y68Yhj " I will push for  transparent negotiations": vital #opendrafts #TAFTA

"Treaty for Rightholders Against Persons with Visual  Impairments & Print Disabilities" - http://bit.ly/17Z3PcC fine tirade against #EU, US

EU Regulation Set To Strip Citizens Of Their Right To Privacy - http://bit.ly/15JqZVj #MEPs must stand up for strong #dataprotection

Ending the book famine for the #blind - http://bit.ly/10Jr9ap great post on #US/#EU's utter contempt for 285 million people (v @graysouth)

UK museums will have to pay for images where #copyright is unknown - http://bit.ly/10fd2pM promoting knowledge? (v @copyrightgirl @abaipl)

Are elite journals declining? - http://bit.ly/14SamXQ interesting (v @CameronNeylon)#reputation #openaccess

Divided TTAB Panel Finds OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE Merely Descriptive of Technology Website Services - http://bit.ly/ZPaccb (v @9600)

Controversy over leaked summary of OLAF Supervisory Committee document - http://bit.ly/ZKtUbY easy: release the whole thing #transparency

Open letter on the conflicts of interest with the seed industry of a national expert seconded to DG SANCO - http://bit.ly/ZvtVSF  #seeds

EU Parliament Opens The Door to Copyright Repression in #TAFTA - http://bit.ly/13xSQUa not a good start #IPout #opendrafts

Denmark to Close Down on #Openness in Government Administration - http://bit.ly/11HJown I'm disappointed in #denmark here (v @EllnMllr)

Facebook Censors Users During Media Blackout On Privatisation Of The #nhs - http://bit.ly/ZRr7d1 #facebook being super-evil now?

ACLU: #CISPA Is Dead (For Now) - http://bit.ly/ZL7Pdg but it'll be back...

#Ubuntu 13.04 arrives, Ubuntu 13.10 named - http://bit.ly/13xVnh2 behold the Saucy Salamander...

Support California's New #OpenAccess Bill - http://bit.ly/14TaEhj great; more please...

Naked Citizens campaign launch - http://bit.ly/17YlTkr important initiative, great name #privacy #dataprotection

Plastic Surgery Blamed for Making All Miss Korea Contestants Look Alike - http://bit.ly/17ZToWi fascinating

The return of #ACTA: US dictating Canada’s intellectual property laws - http://bit.ly/13xYHJe sounds plausible #TPP #CETA

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130423 - http://bit.ly/17W6nZf yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Double Blow Against Freedom Of Speech For #Twitter Users In #Turkey - http://bit.ly/14Olgy2 not good

British culture should be seen as commodity, says Maria Miller - http://bit.ly/12Hj3kl well, course, everything's a commodity, no? #nhs

Against freedom - http://bit.ly/12Hj6N4 India's decision 2 partner with #microsoft will cost it dear through future lock-in (v @koolhead17)

El negocio farmacéutico tampoco es transparente - http://bit.ly/10yGoa2 why we must have clinical trials as #opendata (v @DaHammerstein)

How Ministry of Justice’s proposal for the tendering of criminal legal aid is misconceived & illiberal - http://bit.ly/17W7rfw dogma-led

Supreme Court justices tackle Texas-Oklahoma #water fight - http://bit.ly/15G6xV6 this will become common

Adopt an MP (in #newzealand) to educate them about #TPP - http://bit.ly/15G6PLP "to tackle their local MP on the subject of the TPP"

U.S. sues Novartis over alleged fraudulent kickbacks - http://bit.ly/ZO4ztD oh look, more Bad Pharma....

Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? a Tool to Help You Find Out - http://bit.ly/Y3au3K churnalism in US (v @newsbrooke)

Public Domain Human Genome Project Generated More Research And More Commercial Activity Than Proprietary Competitor – http://bit.ly/11BcyhQ

Richtlinie über Fluggast-Daten: EU-Innenausschuss stimmt gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung von Reisenden - http://bit.ly/YO50ow great news #EU

A&E patients 'being left on trolleys in corridors' - http://bit.ly/12Hq8RV #NHS privatisation will make this far worse... #UK

A reference article for the Communications Data bill - http://bit.ly/141pqlt people waking up to the dangers (v @julianhuppert)#snoopers

E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Works With Chinese Government to Bring Down Piracy in China - http://bit.ly/17hKJx7 seeking respectability? #china

Will the EU Parliament Let #TAFTA Turn Into Another #ACTA? - http://bit.ly/17Wfh8T big vote tomorrow - pl. contact your MEPs

No EU PNR before Data Protection Rules are firmly in place - http://bit.ly/13u6RlE good news, but maybe not definitive (v @kaatje36)

Abgeordnete begraben EU-Fluggastdatensystem - http://bit.ly/ZOfsvB well, let's hope so... #privacy #surveillance

Why is Reuters puzzled by global warming's acceleration? - http://bit.ly/17RwfCu one of the clearest explanations of today's #climatechange

Putting the evidence back into evidence based medicine - http://bit.ly/YOBRJQ #ESHLSG behaving badly #alltrials (v @bengoldacre)

UK may withdraw from European rights convention over Abu Qatada - http://bit.ly/ZIiS7e "temporary withdrawal": how pathetic is that?

Urgent: Please Write to Your MPs About Snooper's Charter - http://bit.ly/12gq9Lt let's add to the pressure building to kill it #uk

Hack the Police! - http://bit.ly/14P1en2 original sense of "hack": "Bring your unique talents to the fight against crime!" #opendata

Internet on TV, TV on Internet: EU seeks views on rapidly converging audiovisual world - http://bit.ly/13urGgX don't turn the Net into TV

Deborah Blum on science writing: I'm a neurotic over-researcher - http://bit.ly/ZIuh6O interesting points (v @Stephen_Curry)

Spain's #opensource centre publishes model for desktop cost savings - http://bit.ly/ZIxvas handy

Building foundation for an Open Data Directory - http://bit.ly/Y46Wy6 "central entry point to #OpenData related resources"; comments pl.

Civil society participation in drafting the UK National Action Plan – has it been worth it? - http://bit.ly/ZOzmXq you be the judge

#Openaccess science news is mostly good, with a bit of ugly - http://ars.to/YPEFX8 handy summary of what's been happening

yeah! Let's flood our public spaces with lots of "clean", porn-free WiFi - http://bit.ly/Y4c2ud stupid, unworkable idea, ably debunked

Gletscherschmelze: Alpen werden zur Seenlandschaft - http://bit.ly/10zsswc well, obvs

Finding Proxima Centauri - http://bit.ly/14PdeVy nice tale

Bureau Of Economic Analysis Shows Why #Copyright Terms Should Be Greatly Diminished - http://bit.ly/ZqF5YX fascinating analysis

Libel Reform – smells like victory - http://bit.ly/144a4MP nice summary. kudos to everyone that made this happen #UK

Facebook, Microsoft and BCS back government funding for UK computer science teaching - http://bit.ly/15H140m ORLY? (v Paolo Vecchi)

Free education on a hard drive to boost #Kenya in a tech-driven world - http://red.ht/17ipqeU great idea, showing power of #openness

SAP Africa Workforce to Double as Oil-Rich States Courted - http://bloom.bg/11kAPH3 only 2 fight neocolonialism & corruption, no? (v @mjasay)

When Corruption Fails: Hollywood Has 'Turned Off The Critical Thinking Functions Of Many Democrats' - http://bit.ly/Y4vNln sickening

Milestone Supreme Court Decision for #WikiLeaks Case in Iceland - http://bit.ly/Y4wewe #VISA blockade slapped down - quite right, too

#Google: That #Mozilla Penalty Only Impacted One Page Out Of 22 Million - http://selnd.com/10zMZAW #spam (v @stshank)

"Foreign citizens visiting #Israel may be asked 2 open their email accounts for airport security" - http://bit.ly/ZJ0JGe (v @jilliancyork)

Urgent: Please Write to MEPs Now about #TAFTA/#TTIP - http://bit.ly/17iINo9 important vote tomorrow: here's what we need #opendrafts #EU

Fake bomb detectors and the latest casualties of corruption - http://bit.ly/ZNjZPN lack of #transparency costs money & lives

Brussels ready to make concessions to untangle EU-India trade pact - http://bit.ly/11CREPm panicking much?

Frictionless Data: making it radically easier to get stuff done - http://bit.ly/XXlIEN "radical improvements in “logistics” of data"

Illegal procurement favouring #Microsoft in Portugal killed in the courts - http://bit.ly/15M5XF9 fab news (v @RuiSeabra)

Schweiz: Petition “Nein zum Überwachungsstaat!” - http://bit.ly/11EqDtG yay, #switzerland

Net freedom organizations urges #W3C to reject Encrypted Media Extensions, a proposal to build #DRM into the Web – http://bit.ly/Y4ViDn

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130422 - http://bit.ly/15Dk5Rm yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Leave the ocean garbage alone: we need to stop polluting first - http://bit.ly/17U2p3e surprising but cogent analysis (v @joorb)

Open Letter to ISPs - http://bit.ly/15DjPS0 hey, how about standing up for your customers over Snooper's Charter? #ccdp

Deutsche Telekom etabliert 2-Klassen-Netz mit Datenschnellspur - http://bit.ly/11gsyUO not good #netneutrality

EU puts fast-track IPR enforcement on map - http://bit.ly/ZFHCNn without giving public a chance to offer its views #copyright #shameful

#NHS: Section 75 of the health act is an engine for destruction - http://bit.ly/128VMGN this is utter insanity: why aren't people angry?

#Wikipedia Adopts MariaDB - http://bit.ly/Y15tZA really big win here #opensource

Australian Census Data Released Under #CC License, But Official Site Tries To Make It Hard To Download - http://bit.ly/17U6013 so pointless

The Fiat Emperor Has No Clothes - http://bit.ly/17U6Yuv provocative stuff #money

French EU elite abandons ‘defensive’ stance on language - http://bit.ly/17fjTpo we need french as counterpoise to english

'Pay For Delay' Drug Deals Under Scrutiny In US, EU And UK - http://bit.ly/17fkc3u really important development #patents #pharma

US makes first public comment over draft EU data #privacy law - http://bit.ly/17U8YTr but #CISPA will make "safe harbour" utterly worthless

Catalan Wikipedia hits the 400,000 articles milestone during 35-hour edit-a-thon - http://bit.ly/17flgnX impressive; other should do

#OpenAccess in #Poland: Interview with Bożena Bednarek-Michalska - http://bit.ly/11xWAou useful

#Nestlé: Stop trying to #patent the fennel flower - http://bit.ly/11zYWSy unbelievalbe; please sign epetition to stop this

Engineers Call for 'Repairable' Cellphones to Save Money, Environment - http://on.mash.to/15DugoB seems obvious thing to do

The Biotech Industry Has Trotted Out a Flimsy Lie to Avoid Labeling the Food We Buy as Genetically Modified - http://bit.ly/17MbDeU again

UK abattoir linked to Dutch distributor investigated over horsemeat scandal - http://bit.ly/15Dqg8a supply chain info must be #opendata

NHS 'culture of fear' stops nurses raising patient safety concerns - http://bit.ly/17MevbG will get worse with privatised NHS = more deaths

Legal fee rises will stem 'soaring' judicial review cases, says MoJ - http://bit.ly/15DqLyU more suppression of dissent #uk

Massive personal data breach by police to G4S - http://bit.ly/ZJJOjT will be common if #ccdp comes in: once data exists, it will be abused

Is #Africa About to Lose Right to Her Seed? - http://bit.ly/17Uyk3E it's neocolonialism: learn from #argentina's mistakes (v @JulieOwono)

Dumped! by #Google - http://bit.ly/10wdqHH a cautionary tale

MPAA members join book publishers to weaken a treaty for the #blind - http://huff.to/17N9Vdb EU and US now spitting on deaf, too

EU will Anbau von Obst & Gemüse in Gärten regulieren - http://bit.ly/ZlxnPH insane: we need more seed diveristy, not less (v @kaatje36)

The #Copyright Lobotomy: How Intellectual Property Makes Us Pretend To Be Stupid - http://bit.ly/YKD70K interesting & original analysis

The Next Steven Spielberg Uses A Smartphone - http://bit.ly/13smRVx & won't be from the US....

iOS developers abandoning sinking Apple mothership: biggest drop ever - http://zd.net/11hojYV whoa, losing devs is the worst sign (v @sjvn)

"No single language, then; at any rate not in anatomically modern humans. We have always been multilingual." - http://bit.ly/10wAm9O fab

BitTorrent opens up its Dropbox competitor to the public - http://bit.ly/17UPiP8 choice is good

Tell Members of Congress to Protect Access to Lifesaving Medicines - http://bit.ly/17g7Qbw USians, this ones for you #TPP

Article 19 Event: What’s Wrong with #Copyright? - http://bit.ly/15ipyNq promises to be a long evening... #london

The Snoopers’ Charter – what’s happening? - http://bit.ly/ZMEXxe not just stupid & ineffectual, but anti-democratic to boot... #ccdp

Hosting Companies Shouldn't Be Parasites - http://bit.ly/YL05F4 do we need a new free email client? #opensource

Home Office - Give us a say on the snoopers charter! - http://bit.ly/13Wkkqn it's called democracy: is that too much to ask? #ccdb

US Safe Harbor guarantees "adequate" - http://bit.ly/10bAp3j rubbish: #CISPA totally destroys that idea (v @Privacymatters @alexanderhanff)

Court Not Impressed By #Dentist Using #Copyright To Try To Censor Online Reviews - http://bit.ly/11KHTvM this is developing nicely

Grooveshark Loses Latest Round In Court, In A Ruling That Could Gut The #DMCA's Safe Harbors - http://bit.ly/Znc6Fp this looks worrying

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130421 - http://bit.ly/121EzPq yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

What legal rights should Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have? - http://bit.ly/11vJOpu how can this even be a question? #justice

"It is essential that #TTIP becomes a partnership by and for people." - http://bit.ly/13q28kW oh yes (v @Marcvanderham)#IPout #opendrafts

Corsican MEP battles for Europe to protect endangered languages - http://bit.ly/17RozmN that's good

FFII letter to European Parliament Trade committee on agreement with US - http://bit.ly/XQGWUG the key battles to come #IPout #opendrafts

Why DOJ's Decision To Not Read Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights Is A Terrible Idea - http://bit.ly/ZIDpVb yes, wrong at every level

Seattle to Brussels Network - http://bit.ly/122t1eN lots of interesting articles about #TAFTA, #FTAs, investor-state disputes etc

Experts say drop Web #snooping plans - http://bit.ly/13qf6PU why is UK gov proceeding with what will be a dangerous fiasco? #ccdp

Mixed Reactions Among Participants In WIPO Talks On Treaty 4 The Blind - http://bit.ly/108SW0m (c) maximalists still spitting on the blind

German Parliament Sends Message: Stop Granting #SoftwarePatents - http://bit.ly/10tkULE hugely important; kudos to +Jimmy Schulz et al.

"hormone beef will not be allowed into the EU." - http://bit.ly/11uxas6 well, that's not what the USian think... (v @PostActa)#TAFTA #food

The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense - http://bit.ly/14IYVSh important points from someone who was in a position to know

Reinhart-Rogoff Revisited: Why we need #opendata in economics - http://bit.ly/12B2fLE oh yes

Why #CISPA is a global problem - http://bit.ly/XQUMXi & why we must have strong #EU #dataprotection #privacy

Angry #Prenda Is Angry - http://bit.ly/17RPY7V important & hilarious #copyright

How not to sell the Oil Sands - http://bit.ly/ZgW3J2 indeed, a classic by Canadian government #tarsands

Software Patents Storming Up the Agenda Again - http://bit.ly/123mgcx some good news for change, but dangers looming #swpats #tafta #ipout

Revolving Doors: Monsanto and the Regulators - http://bit.ly/ZDO7Ae old but excellent account of #monsanto's rise

Interview With U.S. Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis - http://on.wsj.com/123U2yq makes clear that #TPP is the death-knell for #Doha

Everywhere, Big Brother Is Smiling: Congress Sells Your Privacy For A Cool $84 Million - http://bit.ly/13qD6Co a little blatant, no? #cispa

EU #Transparency Legislation Paves the Way for a Global Standard - http://osf.to/YGecvh this looks really promising: let's move it forward

Opening up the wisdom of crowds for science - http://bit.ly/12BX2TZ "enables rapid development of online citizen science apps" #opensource

Data Communications Bill: the Home Office is trying to trap Britain in the past - http://bit.ly/ZhNWMr another good post from @MsSaraKelly

The Cultural Exception Is Non-Negotiable! - http://bit.ly/ZEcHRB some interesting resistance to #TAFTA #IPout #opendrafts (v @PostActa)

Victory Records claims #copyright infringement against Toh Kay for his own song - http://bit.ly/XRs7Bq the joys of copyright (@AxelSimon)

EC De Gucht on #TAFTA: The cultural exception is not up for  negotiation! - http://bit.ly/Y0abXm uh-huh, we shall see (v @PostActa)#TTIP

EU-Canada trade talks stalled, overshadowed by U.S - http://fxn.ws/11eTkg7 wow, this is pretty significant (v @PostActa)#CETA

doc about woman threatened with terrorism charges for videorecording cops as they stop-and-searched boyfriend – bit.ly/11ysfVC

Corrupt banks, corrupt copyright industry - why do they get to externalize business problems? - http://bit.ly/11ysMHc more on externalities

MSF Joins Opposition to #TPP - http://bit.ly/17epU5I "Doctors Without Borders is urging its members & donors to call Congress opposing TPP"

Groser right to be lukewarm over Japan’s entry to #TPP - http://bit.ly/17T4yvX "#Japan’s participation may turn into a poison chalice"

Monday, 22 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130420 - http://bit.ly/XOqKTT yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Building a Better Political International - http://bit.ly/12x2NSW proposal for improving cooperation between Pirate Parites (v @Asher_Wolf)

How #Monsanto Went From Selling Aspirin to Controlling Our Food Supply - http://bit.ly/11sMqo4  great intro to monster that threatens us all

Gene wars: the last-ditch battle over who owns the rights to our DNA - http://bit.ly/ZFzE3G good intro to key issues of #myriad case in US

Dungan: a Sinitic language written with the Cyrillic alphabet - http://bit.ly/17E0UmQ ooh, fascinating #linguistics

Home Office faces legal action unless it reveals details of 'Snooper's charter' - http://bit.ly/13FS3o6 good #ccdp (v @spyblog @GusHosein)

Home Office rules out wide consultation on Snooper’s Charter Mk. 2 - http://bit.ly/14HeYAd persists with fictions about need & scope

WTF? The University of California sides with publishers against the public - http://bit.ly/17cccjT @mbeisen predicted this... (v @RickyPo)

#TPP Ministers Chart Path Forward on Key Issues & Next Steps on Japan’s Entry - http://1.usa.gov/XPq4O9 still think will finish in 2013

#Monsanto page at #Sourcewatch - http://bit.ly/11cy7Uf probably the best single-page set of links on its past and present problems

#China Wants to Ban Superstition, Mandate Science - http://bit.ly/ZGJbY8 great: pl. do it before rhinos et al. are wiped out

Koch Brothers Interested in Buying Newspapers Across the Country - http://bit.ly/ZeqvUa can't imagine what they'd do with them...much

Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act! It's Time to Label GMOs! - http://bit.ly/12yxk2D seems only fair, no? #transparency

Land 'Grabs' Expand to Europe As Big Business Blocks Entry to Farming - http://bit.ly/XPGMgk oh maize, thou art sick #food #eu

#China Bans Media from Quoting Foreign News - http://bit.ly/11usVLM dangerous isolationism

Mining company working with Indonesian government to strip forest of protected status - http://bit.ly/11uti94 tiny co., huge destruction

pic of the week: Saksun, #Faroe Islands - http://bit.ly/12yyw69 looks harmonious in all senses

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130419 - http://bit.ly/ZDEI8L yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Make Art, Not Law. - http://bit.ly/ZDFt1m nice interview with @ninapaley #copyright

How Apple could use fingerprint sensors to solve multi-user iOS dilemma - http://tnw.co/13A4xxr or to forbid more than one person using it

MPAA Tells US Government To Screw Over The #Blind, Reject Fair Use - http://bit.ly/11o7OMn beneath contempt #copyright #vip

In UN Talks On Treaty For Blind, Concern About Heavy Focus On Copyright holders’ Interests - http://bit.ly/11o8XU7 so blind can get stuffed

Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare - http://bit.ly/15tCKz4 great idea, let's hope it catches on

Interview: Pirate Party founder on the collapse of ‘parasitic’ record labels - http://bit.ly/ZDG7Mp @Falkvinge on fine, pugnacious form

It's Not About Whether Amateur Internet Journalism Is Good Or Bad, But That It Happens And Will Continue To Happen – http://bit.ly/11uCokN

You Have to See It to Believe It: What It's Like to Have #Fracking in Your Backyard - http://bit.ly/11PDXfI not good

help needed from #Estonia, pl.: anybody know where I can find text of BSA letter to Minister Hanno Pevkur, received in late March? thx

March Against #Monsanto Event List - http://bit.ly/14DXQeo happening everywhere around the world 25 May

Bioengineers Build #OpenSource Language for Programming Cells - http://bit.ly/Zz2e9W interesting stuff #dna

Mozilla takes hard stance on protecting Web site certificates - http://cnet.co/11obL3x laudable, but what happens if governments demand it?

Crackdown on File sharing. Rapidgator and ISPs Appeal Domain Name Blockade and Seizure - http://bit.ly/179Fi3a fighting back #italy

Google Translate gains support for its 66th language: #Cambodia’s #Khmer - http://tnw.co/179Flw8 nice

The #Academic Challenge: Ideas, #Patents, #Openness and Knowledge - http://bit.ly/15qtStC good discussion of important issue

Clinical trials debate shifts to transparency ahead of EU vote - http://bit.ly/ZDHYkx pl. write to MEPs calling for Clinical Study Reports

Texas refinery explosion draws attention to limited OSHA resources as factor - http://bit.ly/15quGie not inspected for 10 years

Google CEO Larry Page confirms: yes, Google Glass runs on Android - http://engt.co/13nlB5R #linux runs the world

Critically Ill Woman Faces Jail Time if She Goes Forward with Lifesaving Abortion - http://bit.ly/ZFgWs4 utterly outrageous

Nokia is failing in #China: Lunar New Year retail boom fails to stem flagging sales numbers - http://tnw.co/17NfQlm definitely doomed, then

Countries most exposed to the carbon bubble - map - http://bit.ly/13AmuvT the sooner they wake up, the sooner we address climate change

Fox Censors Cory Doctorow’s “Homeland” Novel From Google - http://bit.ly/11oqbAN collateral damage from broken system #dmca

World Bank: Uphold Rights to End Poverty, Economic Exclusion - http://bit.ly/15qPvKo necessary move

None of world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for natural capital they use - http://bit.ly/10peZHj externalities crucial

Peabody Energy screwing former #coal workers out of health care - http://bit.ly/17NvOfh bad for the planet and evil

El Acuerdo Estratégico Transpacífico de Asociación Económica (#TPP) - http://bit.ly/11QKqHo excellent, detailed intro to key aspects

Police question Paris Brown over Twitter comments - http://bit.ly/13nxf0F political correctness gone mad #uk

Greek Banksters in Action by @yanisvaroufakis - http://bit.ly/ZbMaLF staggering stuff if confirmed (v @slutrix)#greece #banking

Lesley Kemp faces libel suit over Twitter comments - http://bbc.in/11wOAkV why we desperately need #libel reform (v @jackschofield)

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130418 - http://bit.ly/ZDfiHd yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Max Schrems zur EU-Datenschutzreform: „Von den Netzaktivisten sehe ich zu wenig Wind.“ - http://bit.ly/15qGsJR hey, we're trying

Snoopers' laws could be used to 'oppress us', says Cameron technology adviser - http://bit.ly/15lr4Or yup (v @nickpickles @glynwintle)

Free trade versus food democracy - http://bit.ly/116R0rF "could wipe out local efforts to rein in corporate power and rebuild food systems"

Google is testing One Today, an Android app for giving $1 micro-donations to good causes - http://tnw.co/11nmjyI interesting idea

ISOC, IETF Promote Open Standardisation, Consider What’s “Open”? - http://bit.ly/11IasfS important issue #royaltyfree

Überfischung: Bestände können sich schnell erholen - http://bit.ly/ZDigvl why we must reform #EU fisheries policy now

#TAFTA: Ambitious but Achievable - http://bit.ly/15iUxso v biased, but useful insight into what rich & powerful will try to force on us #GM

Wikimedia projects reach more than 500 million people per month - http://bit.ly/11noe6w now it will reach the other 6.5 billion #wikipedia

#Proms 2013: Hear 7 #Wagner Operas for £5 Each - http://bit.ly/10mvl3t wow, impressive #london

Klimawandel-Studie: Schneekanonen können Bayerns Skigebiete nicht retten - http://bit.ly/11nvRKe well, obvs

Lithuania And Estonia Use Google Maps Street View To Catch Tax Cheats - http://bit.ly/103zK3Y what next? #privacy #lt #ee

Why #CISPA Shows We Need Strong #EU Data Protection - http://bit.ly/ZBCmqV we must protect ourselves #privacy #dp

Why Public Interest Trumps Trade #Secrecy - http://bit.ly/116ZwH2 it's #fracking obvious... #transparency

#Amazon Is Finally Setting Up Shop In #Russia, Says Report, Expanding Its International Footprint Again - http://tcrn.ch/XKhe4e inevitable

#TAFTA: Global Impacts - http://bit.ly/ZwUntD forlorn attempt to convince #WIPO & #China that #TAFTA is not an attack on both (v @G20ICT)

.@cochranecollab signs up to AllTrials to campaign 4 reporting of all clinical trials - http://bit.ly/13uVlKC great news (v @bengoldacre)

RT @DaHammerstein Us, EU follow industry lobby against effective treaty for blind: TPMs, no books for individuals, "commercial availability"

MPAA, other publishers ask White House to take hard line in Treaty for Blind - http://bit.ly/17L36f6 why do they hate the blind so much?

EU PSI Directive - http://bit.ly/ZBSNDz "does not seem to take bold steps the #opendata movement has been clamoring for"; good analysis

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Kulturstaatsminister Neumann kauft digitale Wasserzeichen für 100.000 Euro - http://bit.ly/15rghCI a waste

Police In #Japan Are Asking ISPs To Start Blocking Tor - http://bit.ly/Z8tkFl more attacks on anything vaguely techy & subversive

The Economic Importance of Getting Data Protection Right - http://uscham.com/177WjLo more US attempts to bully EU over DP (v @bendrath)

also, 4 US Chamber of Commerce "study" http://uscham.com/177WjLo it's telling that preserving privacy has no value for them - what a giveaway

I’m a patient: show me the trial data - http://bit.ly/XV54YB great post about why we need open clinical trial data (v @bengoldacre)

ICT in EU schools survey: – many children not getting what they need - http://bit.ly/13vpcCJ time 2 end MS Office era: teach real computing

MUJI Stores: Stop selling shark fin soup - http://chn.ge/17w1H9h #MUJI says it's "eco-friendly": so drop fin soup now #epetition

Former DHS Official Says Boston Bombing Proves ACLU & EFF Are Wrong About Surveillance And CISPA - http://bit.ly/Z57kMo callous & cynical

"man has been jailed for faking data for a clinical trial" - http://bit.ly/10now1y wow, that's a great precedent (v @jwyg)#alltrials

Leading Italian Film Producer Calls For $16 Billion Lawsuit Against Italian State 4 Alleged Inaction Against Piracy – http://bit.ly/11Mqnd5