Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Nonfree DRM'd Games on GNU/Linux: Good or Bad? - http://bit.ly/MVWtvrguess what #RMS thinks....

Gifting - & the gift economy - http://bit.ly/QI3jUU "one of the most immediate blossomings of #abundance is available right here, right now"

#OLPC confirms tablet on the way - http://bit.ly/QI3S11 that's good, but is it all too late?

Tell Lottemart and Teh Botol Sosro to STOP supporting travelling #dolphincircuses! - http://chn.ge/Oe31VM awful: let's stop it #epetition

"Fair Dealing" or “Fear Dealing" in Canada? - "The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself" - http://bit.ly/Q3yHjP Access Copyright's fail

Trust buys extras-laden system for 20% of BT’s price - http://bit.ly/PafGYChow we have been ripped off.... #uk

Chinese enterprises move abroad to cut costs - http://bit.ly/N6qyHl here's a pretty important straw in the wind #china

FSFE wants to better protect Free Software licenses from bankruptcy -http://bit.ly/QYmQoO another issue to think about

Ebb and flood - http://bit.ly/Pf0h97 clever use of photos at low & high tide to show contrasts of British coasts

Oddbins website sees 22% increase following its anti-Olympics campaign -http://bit.ly/MW6JUy wouldn't it be great if everyone did this?

NSA asks hackers to help secure the internet - http://bit.ly/N6v4p8 maybe it should first tell US gov to stop breaking it with #sopa et al.

Proud - http://bit.ly/OsC0BA wonderful piece about what it was like to prepare & be part of #london2012 opening ceremony (v @RobertAndrews)

Hatwalk - http://bit.ly/T0D4fw "custom-made hats for 20 statues"; brilliant idea - more, please (v @londonist)#london

Wi-Fi don’t you try again? - http://bit.ly/MVsdTh nice submission from @Coadec to #ofcom consultation

Britain: this is for everyone - http://bit.ly/NDjmHF fine analysis of #london2012opening, which is growing in significance (v @Glinner)

US & EU blocking treaty to give blind people access to books -http://bit.ly/N6yDLX "rights of copyright owners" come 1st (v @ThiruGeneva)

Natural Gas #Fracking Industry May Be Paying Off Scientists -http://bit.ly/MO9Xgl not influenced by that, surely...?

Ubisoft ‘Uplay’ DRM Exposed as Rootkit, Poses Security Risk -http://bit.ly/N6z35c if confirmed, outrageous - & why should never trust #DRM

witty tweet about Indian blackout - http://bit.ly/OeAuzi (v @guardian)#energy#spiderman

#Microsoft's radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight -http://zd.net/Mfkb9K MS copying #opensource cos. for its business plan...

Coe dismissed pictures of the #emptyseats as ‘holiday snaps’ -http://bit.ly/Qr9YbR adds insult to injury #london2012

gallery of pix of Olympic #emptyseats - http://bit.ly/QraNRG more "holiday snaps" for lord coe... (v @jane__bradley @asteris)

Most Important Trade Agreement We Know Nothing About -http://slate.me/Q4we8e "lawmakers should embrace the informed question & the nerd" #TPP

MT @Asher_Wolf This French company is trying to trademark Anonymous' image and logo. Grabs popcorn - http://t.co/itVUwJqF wow, how foolish

#PornTrial: This Time it's Extreme - http://bit.ly/Q52J68 what would Robert Mapplethorpe say...? (v @bengoldacre)

Consumer Focus and the Digital Economy Act - http://bit.ly/MfxB5z great report on online traceability, and why #DEAct will be a disaster

UK Open Source Hardware Camp 2012 - http://bit.ly/T0RvAq 15th September 2012, West Yorkshire

#Opensource won - http://oreil.ly/MVGVtx well, course: what did you expect?

David #Maslanka: Reverse Chronological Collection - http://bit.ly/N6W7AMintriguing stuff #spotify

From IPA 2012 Congress to Finch Report – publishers and #openaccess -http://bit.ly/NDSE1i lots of interesting thoughts (v @CameronNeylon)

An appeal for fairness in society - http://bit.ly/Q5F3yP it's only fair, after all#sharing

Kansas' evolution debate just keeps evolving - http://lat.ms/Q5uyMr my, these creationists do love looking like buffoons (v @phylogenomics)

Archeologists unearth colossal human sculpture - http://bit.ly/QM8jb7 those wacky Hittites at it again... #archaeology #tr

It’s High Time There Was A Tech IPO Market In #London – Let’s Do This -http://tcrn.ch/MWRbzN the logical next step

Mozilla looks for startup ‘cross-pollination’ with new Berlin office -http://bit.ly/MVLyUg confirms berlin's ascent #eu

Berkeley Earth project is back to re-re-confirm Earth is warming -http://bit.ly/MulqgD nice graph - oh, wait... #climatechange

Dear Permission Culture: This Is Why No One Wants To Ask For Your OK -http://bit.ly/Q6Irtb read & weep

UK Politicians Don't Seem To Mind That Every Web Page You Load Is#Copyright Infringement Under Current Law - http://bit.ly/R062Od oh, OK

#India’s Fourth Largest State Gives #Transparency Priority with New Website Launch - http://bit.ly/Og3Kpq impressive (v @Mlsif)

WIPO Concludes the 24th Meeting of the Standing Committee on #Copyrightand Related Rights - http://bit.ly/MXgnX3 disgraceful footdragging

Journalist Twitter account suspended after complaining about #NBCFail -http://ind.pn/OxQQ6C (v @jamesrbuk @jeffjarvis)

Electromagnetic Field - 3-day camping festival - http://bit.ly/MVXe9I "hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, & craftspeople" #uk

Filmmaker shoots kung-fu vid on Samsung Galaxy S3 - http://cnet.co/N7lz9eso, about that $100 million budget you were talking about...

Modern culture began in South Africa 44,000 years ago - http://bit.ly/R0uFKCseems like only yesterday...

Nuevo paso en la tramitación opaca de la Ley de Transparencia -http://bit.ly/R0uYFf emergency: irony fail.... #es

Netflix experiments with crowd-sourced captioning - http://bit.ly/OuXrCa great, but don't people usually get sued for doing this?

Rumsfeld’s Intel Chief: Iraq War ‘Greatest Decision of Century’ -http://bit.ly/NEDMjf 'cos things have worked out so well as chaos spreads

The Genie Has Escaped the #Drug Prohibition Bottle - http://huff.to/Oyc6ZU a few wishes: decriminalisation & regulation ( v @TransformDrugs)

Sunday, 29 July 2012


RIAA's Backdoor Plan For Using 'Six Strikes' Plan To Cut Off Internet Access For People - http://bit.ly/LW1XIN nasty, sneaky & worrying

Interactive Panorama: Inside the Opening Ceremony - http://ti.me/Ox8yZI 3 gigapixel image: spot what the VIPs are up to... #london2012

An interesting bit of government non-communication - http://bit.ly/LW4DWTgood catch: UK gov knows #snooping law will be hugely unpopular

Open Help Conference - http://bit.ly/QA972V " open source documentation and support"

Music Labels Won’t Share Pirate Bay Loot With Artists - http://bit.ly/QA9H0Gnow, where did I put my surprised face...?

The Last Prodigy: Complete Chronological #Korngold on Spotify -http://bit.ly/QAaezx fascinating composer, rather sad life story...

Welcome to the community, Partido Pirata do Brasil! - http://bit.ly/M1jwCI huge potential, I would think... #br

A Private Data Leak by Islington Council - http://bit.ly/Ms76p3 hmm, hope this won't be used against #transparency (v @jdforrester @billt)

'#Twitterjoke' case only went ahead at insistence of DPP - http://bit.ly/PcjyIi he should resign, then - & I'm not joking...

NBC: We skipped terror tribute because it wasn't "tailored for the U.S. audience" - http://bit.ly/PU7KOV oh, OK (@JudithRosalind @ralpost)

Programmers sought for tropical hackathon - http://bbc.in/N4RVRX "cooking and cleaning taken care of" #freesw (v @julianhuppert)

Comment la propriété intellectuelle a transformé les Jeux olympiques en cauchemar cyberpunk - ouais http://bit.ly/OxKWUQ (v @cybeardjm) 

#openaccess TOWIG (The Only Way Is Greold) – or are there others? Some suggestions - http://bit.ly/Op3XdJ another good contrib to debate

Japanische Atomkraftgegner gründen Grüne Partei - http://bit.ly/MMQXPo wow, that's pretty exciting #greens #japan

Is #TED The New #Oprah? - http://onforb.es/NBv0mn ha! Spot-on

Leaked: IFPI Tutorial On How To Stop Pre-Release Music Leaks -http://bit.ly/QUGKB5 NB link to #RnBXclusive case in UK

surveillance key logging device in #China Internet cafes - http://bit.ly/Opbv07sneaky: attaches to k/b cable, records passwords etc

Mitt #Romney’s unexamined past - http://bit.ly/QBMD1B interesting analysis#us (v @Glinner)

#Twitterjoke trial: it’s not just about free speech - http://bit.ly/MUdKFn great point: this is also about the #surveillance state

Apple and Microsoft to team up for Kodak's patents? - http://cnet.co/N5swri + Myhrvold - the ultimate nightmare team (v @sjvn @maryjofoley)

Another conversion story - http://bit.ly/OclRwl rather telling. don't see so many people go the other way #climatechange

Apple v. Samsung: 5 Surprising Reveals in Latest Court Documents -http://bit.ly/OzmsKR "iPhone came from an idea for Sony smartphone"

The most amazing, moving commercial of the Olympics – Meet the Superhumans of the #Paralympics - http://bit.ly/MV2314 puts things in context

Income Inequality Killed The Music Business - http://bit.ly/PdHA5y interesting perspective 

Saturday, 28 July 2012


It’s Apple and Microsoft vs. Google and Samsung for Kodak’s patent portfolio -http://tnw.co/MRJ3Re what a colossal waste of money

German Student Defies Google Cease-and-Desist with 1 Million Signatures -http://rww.to/O56mZP interesting standoff

Hackers Linked To China’s Army Seen From EU To D.C. -http://bloom.bg/O57rkw good, but no mention of likely culprit #windows (v @TeaWithCarl)


OpenBSD's de Raadt slams Red Hat, Canonical over 'secure' boot -http://bit.ly/Ogw6Dw ah, what would we do without old Theo?

Hungarian city of Miskolc: "Saving €3,000 per user per year on licenses" -http://bit.ly/Mp0jwe serious money

The strategy behind the Nexus 7 - http://bit.ly/MNHEuZ I agree with #esr...#google

 Richard Stallman on Surveillance, the NSA, and Mobile Phones -http://bit.ly/LTZxpF you can probably guess the rest #rms

Disgust with Creative Commons & the Free Culture Crowd -http://bit.ly/MOvROM my, somebody got out of bed the wrong side today (v @Joscelyn)

Commissioner Michel Barnier determined to ensure equal access to books for visually impaired persons - http://bit.ly/MaNtq3 true or a trick?

Are The Courts Finally Trying To Bring Some Balance Back To #Copyright? -http://bit.ly/OQBwA6 maybe some tiny signs

UK botches #netneutrality regulation - http://bit.ly/QmkqkM good to see someone else thinks this is a disaster

Malformation of fetus will no longer be reason for abortion: minister -http://bit.ly/LRtLyf #spain turning medieval...

Canadian Cities Looking To Opt-Out Of #CETA Rather Than Get Roped Into An ACTA-Like Situation - http://bit.ly/O0YrNc clearly a disaster #ca

Give IPO ‘enforcing’ powers to take action against copyright theft -http://bit.ly/MOP4zR harman still clueless on "theft" (v @Klipcorp)

#NZ #Copyright Industry Claims New 'Three Strikes' Law Halved Movie Infringements After One Month: So What? - http://bit.ly/Mpc5qk

Proposed filter would allow search of whole communications data database, says academic - http://bit.ly/P5Q0Mz (v @Cybermatron @Asher_Wolf)

Interner Bericht: Musikindustrie will Netz-Sperren gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen, auch in Deutschland - http://bit.ly/MP85lQ

Response to Initial Obligations Code consultation - http://bit.ly/LROyS7 detailed & thorough response from @OpenRightsGroup#DEAct

#INDECT protests July 28, 2012 - http://bit.ly/Qlcjzi are many expected for this? seems a bit premature (v @GERrevolution @Asher_Wolf)

Norwegian Court Rules Blog Posts Are Not 'Made Public' - http://bit.ly/Mbb2z0er, what? #seriesoftubes #no

re: new #OA funding in UK. don't miss this thoughtful, fascinating G+ thread that includes lots of the big #OA names: http://bit.ly/N2399K

Next Week: The Senate Fights Over Whether It Can Take Away Your Online Privacy - http://bit.ly/Qn4Oxu maybe time to call your US politician

#London2012: An investigative roundup - http://bit.ly/OUbwnr naming & shaming the worst offenders

Leaked RIAA Report: #SOPA/PIPA “Ineffective Tool” Against Music Piracy -http://bit.ly/OUc1Ow no need to bring it back in any form, then...

Online traceability: Who did that? - http://bit.ly/N8LUTm important stuff on why#DEAct will lead to innocent people being punished #p2p

Government: we can freeze Mega assets even if case is dismissed -http://bit.ly/O5VGYh AKA "who cares about the law?"

#Google says book scanning didn’t cost authors a single sale -http://bit.ly/O5W2y3 well, that's a pretty strong statement...

#Skype handing over more chat data to law enforcement - http://bit.ly/OUf6hpwhy, how helpful

#ARM launches the first UK industry forum to help shape the Internet of Things - http://tnw.co/O2UkQC let me know when anything happens...

Who gets to see the confidential UK surveillance annex? - http://bit.ly/PS4IeFit's a secret, obvs

Friday, 27 July 2012


#SOPA/PIPA Wakes Up Internet Giants To Realize They Need To Be More Engaged In DC - http://bit.ly/MniN05 better late than never

KEI comment on SCCR 24 - http://bit.ly/LP4epo key issue is shaming European Commission into following European Parliament line

Is Civic Hacking Becoming 'Our Pieces, Loosely Joined?' - http://bit.ly/MKfu5Rimportant points #modularity #reuse

The Story Behind Record Ice Loss in Greenland - http://bit.ly/PrRVyS good, detailed analysis (v @TomRaftery @jzb)

Protesters: Free trade deals, drug patents derail AIDS fight -http://bit.ly/NWGQWw people realising that patents can kill #TPP

Kaspersky Denies Kremlin Ties, Compares Himself to Indiana Jones -http://bit.ly/O04PBv you decide...

Apple's buying power relegates Samsung to distant second -http://cnet.co/LP8KUK important aspect, often overlooked #supplychain

Anonymous hacks Australian ISP AAPT to show data retention problems -http://tnw.co/NKJi16 important point, maybe not beset way to make it

Meteor Open Source Project Gets $11.2M Led by Andreessen Horowitz -http://dthin.gs/LQjAVP #opensource is hot

Droid X360 Is The Standard-Bearer For Counterfeit Chinese Products -http://tcrn.ch/MJSIcx #android-based, ships with 9 emulators; impressive

FOIA "enhanced Britain's democratic system & made public bodies more open, accountable & transparent" - http://bit.ly/LP9MA8 (v @tom_watson)

Gunsmith Uses #3DPrinter To Make A Rifle - http://bit.ly/MJUeLC how long before laws passed to "stop" this? (v @cstross @UnlikelyWorlds)

Microsoft to open new Xbox studio in London - http://bit.ly/MK3XSh so that's#amazon#facebook & #microsoft in the last week (v @swardle)

UK #NetNeutrality Under (Coded) Attack - http://bit.ly/NX2xpH as expected, voluntary "Open Internet Code of Practice" is useless; laws now

Why we need Open, Hackable Materials now – An Interview with Catarina Mota - http://bit.ly/QaD75c interesting area #openhardware

The Olympics — Welcome to the Machine - http://bit.ly/P2DMEo great piece: "an exten­sion of ongo­ing copy­right wars" (v @jmcest @ralpost)

Wyden Traps Feds In Their Own Words: #ACTA Explanation Opens Up Big Hole In Cybersecurity Bill - http://bit.ly/OljfP1 bravo, nicely done

The ironies of academic publishing: The system is stupid and it’s time for a new manifesto - http://bit.ly/MIdGvX yup (v @MsCastan @klang67)

Police must empty crisps into plastic bags 2 avoid advertising rival brands in Olympics - http://bit.ly/Op0Wqk (v @ralpost @TaylorHerringPR)

Call For Participation - http://bit.ly/NwxDFR 4 conferences around #opensourcefor your summer delectation

Windows Azure outage hits Europe - http://bit.ly/NL1Tu6 people forget that clouds can go down, too...

Police Sting Operation Yields No Mobile Phone Thefts - http://bit.ly/N55y2Aconfirms people's basic honesty & decency

Consultation on proposals to change the UK's #copyright system -http://bit.ly/MIrHtH all 471 of the responses; some are hilarious

Changing My Mind on #Microsoft - http://bit.ly/N5fd9q doomed because Windows 8 tries to do what #Ubuntu Unity tries to do (v @robinwauters)

Europe Wants #Drones To Spot Illegal Immigrants at Sea - http://bit.ly/Moee5Rwell, that was inevitable...

RIANZ wants to filter your Internet - http://bit.ly/Madk1e everybody's doing it#newzealand #censorship (v +Bill Bennett)

OA advocate Stevan Harnad withdraws support for RCUK policy -http://bit.ly/QLfpBc if true, this looks disastrous for UK #openaccess

A trade deal that sets a bad precedent - http://bit.ly/OeBuHo more reasons why#CETA is bad news (v @mgeist)

Highlights from USTR’s Civil Society Briefing on the State of the #TPPNegotiations - http://bit.ly/QLgGbq sorry, this is faux #transparency

RIAA: Online Music Piracy Pales In Comparison to Offline Swapping -http://bit.ly/Mohtdm so why bother destroying the Net?

Not Long After Passing #Censorship Legislation, Russian Government Censors All of LiveJournal - http://bit.ly/NZaElm hey, at least be subtle

Are spoof Twitter accounts at risk? - http://bbc.in/PNRijR sadly looks like it

Legacy Artists Sign Letter Demanding ISPs & Search Engines Pitch In To Return Them 2 Their Former Glory - http://bit.ly/MJ483N fine takedown

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


First they came for #WikiLeaks, then the New York Times - http://bit.ly/Oh52mdwhen are people going to understand this?

Kicking the can down the road? Draft conclusions for SCCR 24 -http://bit.ly/PZlZPS "this is a money in politics story"; good analysis

UK Government transactional services (by volume) - http://bit.ly/LMIaLYinteresting visualisation (v @ntouk)#opendata

Can robotics change the future of a nation? - http://bbc.in/OYNsQ4 great story about open hardware in #uganda (v @whiteafrican)

Microsoft inks patent deal with service provider using Linux servers -http://zd.net/Pif86o more bullying; next step towards patent trolldom

Millions of Americans now fall within government's digital dragnet -http://bit.ly/Om44Dr whole of the west is turning into a police state

Massacre in #Uzbekistan - http://bit.ly/MGoquV the west's (continuing) complicity in torture & murder is just shameful

On 'freedom of the press', what 'regulation' really means, and why bloggers are not editors - http://bit.ly/Pill2p good analysis

How the Magna Carta became a Minor Carta, part 1 - http://bit.ly/NSb1OArambles rather, but full of interesting historical nuggets

Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt -http://1.usa.gov/NSf0uz eeek #climatechange

Facebook opens engineering office in #London - http://cnet.co/OYU3u1 first#amazon, now #facebook

The racism of the respectable - http://bit.ly/OYWuNc the horror of #FGM has gone on long enough: enforce UK law now (v @DavidAllenGreen)

Digital Economy Act Consultation Response - http://bit.ly/MGtn74 this closes tomorrow at 5pm - please send in your submission soon #deact

EU members oppose treaty on visually challenged - http://bit.ly/OmfyGV note that European Parliament backs it: it's the Commission et al.

MT @ZaReasonNZ Alto 3880 reviewed by @doctorow http://bit.ly/MHysbjdiscounted: http://bit.ly/LN6nSc review model, for UK buyers #linux

ITU's Landmark Decisions: no idea what multistakeholderism means -http://bit.ly/NWGht2 the #ITU is a superannuated joke

Leaked Report Reveals Music Industry’s Global Anti-Piracy Strategy -http://bit.ly/QD6Kkj interesting insights into their funny little world

#OKFN Energy Lab: Call for Partners - http://bit.ly/PHTYj9 "create data-driven applications within a very short timeframe"; neat #opendata

#Russia Is Stockpiling #Drones to Spy on Street Protests - http://bit.ly/NSXOFfthis will not end well

New Zealand looks to keep a register of judges’ finances - http://bit.ly/QiWG0Ngreat idea; UK please follow suit

Landmark speech by Brazilian soy industry leader - http://bit.ly/MWf2hnunusual perspective, worth reading

Devs can't be bothered with #Nokia's Windows Phone – report -http://bit.ly/PHY6j1 devs are the future of a device: no devs, no future...

UK Judge Rules Even Archived News Articles Can Be In Contempt Of Court -http://bit.ly/PkwuzC I don't think they've thought this through

SCCR/24/9 Prov. The revised "instrument" for copyright exceptions for disabilties - http://bit.ly/N20pbu not that it will help the blind...

invite to reuse and remix the 4 million Creative Commons-licensed videos on#YouTube - http://bit.ly/NJwqIC building the video #commons

How can we pay for Free Software? - http://bit.ly/QEw4pY why we need to, & how we might do it #crowdsourcing

Brazilians: anybody know anything about "Programa Soja Livre"? -http://bit.ly/M8CBZM are they doing good/bad stuff? thanks... #br

Northern Flowers: Wartime Music Series - http://bit.ly/On5EEX rare & fascinating stuff #russia #spotify

Amazon Hides Classic Free Public Domain Ebooks - http://bit.ly/Q4z4r3 pity#amazon doesn't show more commitment to the #commons here

Should the Freedom of Information Act extend to data in private companies? -http://oreil.ly/SUdKI9 sounds good to me  #foi

Global Voices seeks Advocacy Director - http://bit.ly/NJY6wT not just US/EU: go for it (v @rmack)

#wikimeda: Meet the Analytics Team - http://bit.ly/Q4WhcD "But we have bigger plans. Epic plans. Mythical plans"

Google Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger's Neural Network Diagnoses Breast Cancer - http://bit.ly/NJYOuh (v @mmilinkov @RepresentPledge)

Jacking hotel rooms with an #Arduino microcontroller

 - http://bit.ly/MWRqcvnow that's what I call #openhardware

Obama Administration Stalls Treaty To Help The Blind In An Effort To Appease Big Publishers (AKA Campaign Donors) - http://bit.ly/MIzFBa

Valve's Newell: #Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to embrace #Linux -http://bit.ly/LOYmHY all-round pretty amazing

#Barroso freaks out in fear of environmental NGOs - http://bit.ly/QjQLIN shows himself to be a Tony Blair-class deep thinker...

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Courts Losing Patience With Clearly Bogus Trademark Claims; Dismissing Them Early - http://bit.ly/MF0qIA at last

#Cargill Admits Buying Palm Oil from Illegally Cleared Orangutan Habitat -http://bit.ly/OVKMCK definitely on #evil list

#OpenStack developers leave Rackspace for Nebula - http://bit.ly/O2Sr7rprobably good for the ecosystem

The OA Interviews: Martin Hall, member of the Finch Committee on OA -http://bit.ly/M6KKhe great stuff, as ever #openaccess

Декларация парламентской открытости (черновик) - http://bit.ly/PDfsh0 good to see these moves on governmental openness in #russia

Richard #Stallman on How Browsers and Social Networking Sites Facilitate Surveillance - http://bit.ly/PDfYeL no surprises, but still...

In Myriad and More, Metaphysics Matters - http://bit.ly/P8JtUS makes important point about #genepatents

Sweded Movies: The Fans Talk Back - http://bit.ly/OdGV7N with some droll examples... #cinema

Musicians need strong copyright laws to excel globally - http://bit.ly/OVTDV3rich fatcats whine they are not rich enough (v @copyrightgirl)

Alleged UK File-Sharers Better Armed and Ready To Fight Ben Dover -http://bit.ly/MF5IE3 kudos to @consumerfocus, emerging as champion here

Verso una nuova Agorà Digitale - http://bit.ly/MEWKmm good luck #italy

the graffiti clampdown is like Versailles versus the sans-culottes -http://bit.ly/Ortmht the deep philistinism at the heart of #London2012

European Commission net neutrality consultation excludes TOR users -http://bit.ly/NSxJmW ironic, if true (v @mind_booster @remixtures)

How Britain got addicted to bookies’ betting terminals - http://bit.ly/M6Sgst not good #gambling

Apple wins European ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, loses 10.1N appeal -http://vrge.co/QgQpTp pathetic shenanigans

Time to Fight for #NetNeutrality in the #EU - http://bit.ly/MYHTAR this time, let's make it the law

Has #DWP lost £400,000 worth of Universal Credit studies it commissioned? -http://bit.ly/MCSZjg more #transparency needed #foi

The youngest MEP and Pirate Party member - in interview -http://bit.ly/PDPAS5 @teirdes speaks great English, but isn't learning French...

Release of personal datai by ISPs and online hosts – Norwich Pharmacal orders [pdf] - http://bit.ly/PancGc great intro from @consumerfocus

Spy Satellite Companies Form Space Monopoly - http://bit.ly/Oe93I6 time to roll out the #ArduSats - http://kck.st/LKsQLe #openhardware

Virgin Media hits 1 milion #TiVo customers in the UK - http://tnw.co/Qwle5tgreat: another million #linux users...

Brussels launches internet security survey - http://bit.ly/NP7n8k I'm not sure that this is going to be a good thing...

Wounded And Pregnant, An Aurora Family Without Health Coverage -http://bit.ly/OkIU8L at least $2 million hospital bill (v @umairh @LOLGOP)

#Visa Europe phases out VbV password requirements in UK -http://bit.ly/Qh6rwz que la bête meure (v @monkchips @aden_76)

Jack Daniel's Shows The World: Here's How To Send A Polite Cease-And-Desist - http://bit.ly/NTgRfU when it's done well, it deserves praise

Oil broker threatened City Trader with torture over 'unpaid debt' -http://bit.ly/Qx8OKB such lovely people (v @DavidAllenGreen)

Microsoft .NET for Mobile Company Xamarin Gets $12 Million in Series A Funding - http://tcrn.ch/MkGIxj Miguel de Icaza gets some dosh

London Mayor Welcomes You to the Olympics — Sort Of -http://on.mash.to/Qhcb9F ha! - Boris Johnson tells us what he really thinks#london2012

UK Government launches consultation on the #designs legal framework - http://bit.ly/MUrdv9 another threat we need to head off (+Alan Cox)

Defend the Right to Protest 2012 National Conference - http://bit.ly/PT4l01rather sad we need a conference for this... (v @PoliceStateUK)

SCCR24: today, all but India agreed on a single text to move broadcasting treaty forward - http://bit.ly/Nteqoq so let's see the text, then

U.S. Drought Could Cause Global Unrest - http://bit.ly/NIgyWQ pretty much a certainty, I would have thought...

Libertarians make the case: #netneutrality is unconstitutional -http://bit.ly/OvtxZj daft 

Huawei knocks off Ericsson as world’s biggest telecom vendor -http://bit.ly/QhBDvH another one falls #china

Could Romney Really Ban Porn? - http://tcrn.ch/MFLYA2 that could be interesting to watch...

Copyright Driving US Internet Freedom Debate - http://bit.ly/MFMSwy & elsewhere too (v @rmack)#ACTA #SOPA #TPP

#Linus Torvalds reviews, loves, the Google #Nexus 7 - http://zd.net/M7yVY3well, that settles it then - I'm getting one...

C4L Introduces "The Technology Revolution" - http://bit.ly/NIDlSh this. is. utterly. spectacular. (v @sinkdeep)

July 24 SCCR 4 informals on #blind treaty produce a text, but #EU and #USblock real movement on treaty - http://bit.ly/PeKfQi shame on both

#EU stalls treaty talks to allow #copyright waiver for print disabilities -http://bit.ly/NQA0Ca #thehindu names and shames

Two-Cent Doughnuts Breed Decades Of Bad Blood: It's Not So Easy Going From Free To Paid - http://bit.ly/PW2yHx good point


Russia: Lawmakers Consider Taxing Certain Bloggers - http://bit.ly/MRE2Xjpresumably the ones who write the "wrong" stories... (v @asteris)

US July 18, 2012 Intervention at WIPO SCCR 24 on Broadcasters’ Rights -http://bit.ly/Oayr1m strange you never hear about public's rights

Bacteria outbreak in N. Europe due to ocean warming, study says -http://reut.rs/NNUE2Q for those who think climate change only about weather

#Amazon expands in Europe, sets up design and development hub in London -http://tnw.co/OSZhqY more good news for #london

As sales surge, Google debuts its first #Nexus7 commercial -http://tnw.co/OSZuuc rather odd angle it takes, too

More Music on the Archive - http://bit.ly/SPP7MD that's the Internet Archive, which has a huge music collection

#Australia to publish live, free, satellite images - http://bit.ly/Oazkac under cc-by - great move

Schumer Calls for Free Vaccines in Response to Rise in Whooping Cough -http://gaw.kr/NLoDeE right idea; but isn't that EU-type socialism..?

Need to give farmers an alternative to Bt Cotton: Maharashtra -http://bit.ly/QqCyc4 "no longer a sustainable crop"; interesting #india

#Skype Won't Say Whether It Can Eavesdrop on Your Conversations -http://slate.me/NLqL63 bit of a hint there, I think...

Enable Adobe Flash and BBC iPlayer on the Google Nexus 7 -http://bit.ly/NY8e7B indispensable info for listening to Radio 3 (& other stuff)

USDA Prepares to Green-Light Gnarliest GMO Soy Yet - http://bit.ly/OZHTEZyou think weeds are super now? wait 'til they use 2 herbicides

A footnote to #ACTA in Europe? The EDPS speaks - http://bit.ly/SPWQKJconfirms previous distaste #privacy

US position at WIPO on "Nature of the Instrument" for copyright exceptions for disabilities - http://bit.ly/MDGQfS tl;dr - screw the blind

EU consults on Network & Information Security legislative initiative -http://bit.ly/OTdunM cybersecurity? </facepalm> (v @NeelieKroesEU)

EU opens public consultation on preservation of the open internet (#netneutrality) - http://bit.ly/PGBfko action needed (v @NeelieKroesEU)

GEMA Hikes Venue Performance Royalties 500%, Threatens Germany's Underground Club Scene - http://bit.ly/NYoIwr #GEMA, let me count the ways

New windows could generate electricity - http://bit.ly/M5ylu3 great idea, pity about low efficiency

When the Cloud feels creepy - http://bit.ly/NrgVHO are you ready for this future?

Ofcom's #DEAct 2014 plan requires compliant Parliament -http://bit.ly/MCAGsx sharp analysis; we need to watch this closely

US Drug War Expands to Africa, a Newer Hub for Cartels -http://nyti.ms/OiW2eo 'cos worked so well in mexico (v @TransformDrugs @zarasnapp)

Peer-to-peer production and the coming of the #commons - http://bit.ly/P0oFirexcellent intro to crucial area; cut out & keep (v @monkchips)

How Norwegians Reacted to Terrorism - http://bit.ly/PHbrEP "no changes to law to increase powers of police and security services, " kudos

#Canonical’s Unity Interface Reaches #Fedora - http://bit.ly/NGsHM1 potentially quite big #gnulinux

Guinea’s attempts to keep billions of mining assets falter - http://bit.ly/LHzW2Rthe vultures descend #resources #china

re Schneier blog post: Cyber-censorship in #Norway - http://bit.ly/MW9dzQgreat summary of what's currently happening (v @berrydm)

Privacy International commences legal action against UK government for exports of surveillance technologies - http://bit.ly/NYXmpX wow, bold

iPhone Sales Slow as Buyers Wait for Next Model - http://on.mash.to/P1u0GjOsborne effect strikes again... #apple

US maps Afghanistan’s geology… from 50,000 feet - http://bit.ly/LHFdHJ not that they have any plans to dig up bits of it soon... #mining

RT @Eaterofsun"US droughts have, for most part, become shorter, less frequent & less severe over the last century." http://bit.ly/P1AVPG 

Is European Commission sweet on land grabbing? Trade benefits, sugarcane concessions and dispossession in #Cambodia - http://bit.ly/OTzEX5

"Only people who do lousy work do it for free." - http://bit.ly/MCXJmW as GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap all prove... (v @wendyg)

Harsh Tweet Gets Fan Kicked Out Of Nerd Rapper's Show -http://bit.ly/PAm27O amazing tale

Broadcasting organizations (and MPA) views on why they need a treaty -http://bit.ly/NGDFkz risibly incoherent

UN torture expert banned from testifying at Manning hearings! -http://bit.ly/NrDOLl not that US has anything to fear here (v @birgittaj)

Australia Judge Calls Apple-Samsung Dispute Over 3G ‘Ridiculous’ -http://bloom.bg/PJf78U quite right: bang their heads together...

BBC Worldwide Labs announces a stellar line up of technology experts for its Advisory Board - http://bbc.in/QfnvD7 never heard of any of 'em

Civil society demands a more transparent EU lobby register -http://bit.ly/PARSl4 quite right

USTR Seeks Comments, Will Hold Hearings on the Entrance of Canada and Mexico Into the #TPP - http://bit.ly/LJfx28 good; now open up fully 

"nor does it make any logical sense to provide 20 years of protection for a signal that lasts for milliseconds"- http://bit.ly/OU4Oxs nope

Tor/Forge E-Books Are Now DRM-Free - http://bit.ly/LJnynT kudos: I hope lots of new customers buy them

The Moral Hazard of #Drones - http://nyti.ms/PKmCN1 the idea struck me too, but this piece explores it better & in depth (v @petersuber)

Developer says piracy forced Dead Trigger Android game to go free -http://bit.ly/MDuPDo yes: find a model that builds on wide uptake

#Obama Administration Blocks International Treaty To Benefit The #Blind -http://huff.to/PKsAgM good to see more people waking up to this

Your Gun Culture - http://bit.ly/P3NuKe bravo: more people in the US need to have the courage to stand up and dare to say the obvious

Publishing Execs Arrested, Face Jail Time, Because Book Tells People How To Back Up DVDs - http://bit.ly/MDx0H7 really, #Japan#copyright

Public Citizen Press Release: Obama Trade Pact Could Impede ‘AIDS-Free Generation’ - http://bit.ly/SQCl0j another reason to fight #TPP

sale of village magazine barred during Olympic race - http://bit.ly/PL58jv "area would be controlled by Locog" (v @ralpost @NickCohen4)

Monday, 23 July 2012


Tony #Blair's unfinished business - http://bit.ly/QmTsbw ...must play out in a war crimes court (v @Glinner)#iraq

Linux 3.5 released - http://bit.ly/MvcvOG amusing comment from #linus about european maintainers...

#Egypt’s legal battle to regulate #Monsanto’s GMOs - http://bit.ly/MPSLlqinteresting assertion of sovereignty

Murdoch Quits Boards of News Corp. Subsidiaries - http://dthin.gs/OaGZSf is it a trick?

Journal of Peer Production - http://bit.ly/Pw5WMu freely available, of course (v @mbauwens)#p2p

#HTML5 Splits Into Two Standards - http://bit.ly/ORpJoD welcome signs of vitality

Kodak suffers blow as patent in Apple, RIM case is ruled invalid -http://cnet.co/OaIe3Q that's good, but the troll isn't dead yet

Power Pwn: This DARPA-funded power strip will hack your network -http://zd.net/MC6BNB  watch out: there's a power strip about

The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies - http://bit.ly/OaM90g fascinating, especially "25 Rules of Disinformation"; worth reading

HTML5 Work Splits Into ‘Living’ And ‘Snapshot’ Standards. Developers Need Not Worry, Says Living Standard Leader - http://tcrn.ch/Ohiuoh

Deutsche Konzerne spenden für Romney - http://bit.ly/NpIDol hmm, interesting

The Global Politics of #Anonymous, the #Pirate Parties and Radical #P2PCommunities - http://bit.ly/O869V3 call for papers (v @mbauwens)

The Geography of Gun Violence - http://bit.ly/OhtlyD by state: "Gun deaths were highest in Alaska" (v @klillington)#us

#OpenSource Smart Meter Hacking Framework Released - http://bit.ly/QcJBGpah, smart meters - but smart for whom...?

Video Interviews from #SCCR 24 - http://bit.ly/OQRkTa I prefer text, myself, but YMMV

EU Parliament Debates their own DMCA - http://bit.ly/Mh32aU one of the big EU initiatives coming up: needs plenty of attention & input

hackshackers - http://bit.ly/MAyX73 "a network of #hacks & #hackers who rethink the future of #news and information." (v @karounos)

re EU DMCA,@jmcest rightly points out that this is the European Commission, not European Parliament: v different kettle of fish...

Sleeping Florida man arrested in drive-thru, offers cops taco as I.D. from inside burning car - http://bit.ly/Ohwaj5 (v @Glinner @Buzzsonic)

£13tn: hoard hidden from taxman by global elite - http://bit.ly/PwG6rS too much to expect anyone to be shamed into doing something here...

Circumcision is an affront to decent human behaviour - http://bit.ly/MToIIx "boy could decide for himself, later." exactly: what's the prob?

CIS's Statement at SCCR 24 on the Treaty for the Visually Impaired -http://bit.ly/M4fmzQ "a matter of shame"; yup, totally

Japan: Police Arrest Journalists For Selling DVD-Backup Tools -http://bit.ly/OhxLpd wow, #japan has officially gone bonkers

Download Portals Reject YouTube Converter Over Piracy Concerns -http://bit.ly/MvXwUw #google is playing a dangerous game here...

SPARC and ATA ask White House to match OA developments in UK and Europe - http://bit.ly/MhBm5U yeah, just do it #openaccess

One way around LOCOG ban - http://yfrog.com/obdwqcwjj ha! nice (v @artbizness @billt)#london2012

pic of the week: Orbit - http://bit.ly/ORILHI what a strange place #london has become #pix

The Raspithon’s finished! - http://bit.ly/M4UEjl and the result is...Rasperroids; hmm, might want to work on the name... #raspberrypi

INDECT-Debatte: Anonymous kapert erneut FPÖ-Website - http://bit.ly/QoClGh#INDECT in the news again... #at

Ninja power: open-source HTML5 toolset hopes to unleash the Web -http://bit.ly/MQLQsi more #html5 fun

Is This the Electric Bicycle of Your Dreams? - http://on.mash.to/LHcaZv now on #kickstarter (where else these days...)

Young #Pirates Evicted From Festival For Giving Out Free #Waffles -http://bit.ly/QdkT8X not a metaphor; may contain nuts

Youngsters change shape of te reo #Maori - http://bit.ly/MhII9r "change was a reality for all living languages." (v @gnat)#nz #linguistics

#Afghanistan Activists Urge Use of Social Media to Fight Politics -http://on.mash.to/OeKyqy I wish them well...