Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Russia: Lawmakers Consider Taxing Certain Bloggers - http://bit.ly/MRE2Xjpresumably the ones who write the "wrong" stories... (v @asteris)

US July 18, 2012 Intervention at WIPO SCCR 24 on Broadcasters’ Rights -http://bit.ly/Oayr1m strange you never hear about public's rights

Bacteria outbreak in N. Europe due to ocean warming, study says -http://reut.rs/NNUE2Q for those who think climate change only about weather

#Amazon expands in Europe, sets up design and development hub in London -http://tnw.co/OSZhqY more good news for #london

As sales surge, Google debuts its first #Nexus7 commercial -http://tnw.co/OSZuuc rather odd angle it takes, too

More Music on the Archive - http://bit.ly/SPP7MD that's the Internet Archive, which has a huge music collection

#Australia to publish live, free, satellite images - http://bit.ly/Oazkac under cc-by - great move

Schumer Calls for Free Vaccines in Response to Rise in Whooping Cough -http://gaw.kr/NLoDeE right idea; but isn't that EU-type socialism..?

Need to give farmers an alternative to Bt Cotton: Maharashtra -http://bit.ly/QqCyc4 "no longer a sustainable crop"; interesting #india

#Skype Won't Say Whether It Can Eavesdrop on Your Conversations -http://slate.me/NLqL63 bit of a hint there, I think...

Enable Adobe Flash and BBC iPlayer on the Google Nexus 7 -http://bit.ly/NY8e7B indispensable info for listening to Radio 3 (& other stuff)

USDA Prepares to Green-Light Gnarliest GMO Soy Yet - http://bit.ly/OZHTEZyou think weeds are super now? wait 'til they use 2 herbicides

A footnote to #ACTA in Europe? The EDPS speaks - http://bit.ly/SPWQKJconfirms previous distaste #privacy

US position at WIPO on "Nature of the Instrument" for copyright exceptions for disabilities - http://bit.ly/MDGQfS tl;dr - screw the blind

EU consults on Network & Information Security legislative initiative -http://bit.ly/OTdunM cybersecurity? </facepalm> (v @NeelieKroesEU)

EU opens public consultation on preservation of the open internet (#netneutrality) - http://bit.ly/PGBfko action needed (v @NeelieKroesEU)

GEMA Hikes Venue Performance Royalties 500%, Threatens Germany's Underground Club Scene - http://bit.ly/NYoIwr #GEMA, let me count the ways

New windows could generate electricity - http://bit.ly/M5ylu3 great idea, pity about low efficiency

When the Cloud feels creepy - http://bit.ly/NrgVHO are you ready for this future?

Ofcom's #DEAct 2014 plan requires compliant Parliament -http://bit.ly/MCAGsx sharp analysis; we need to watch this closely

US Drug War Expands to Africa, a Newer Hub for Cartels -http://nyti.ms/OiW2eo 'cos worked so well in mexico (v @TransformDrugs @zarasnapp)

Peer-to-peer production and the coming of the #commons - http://bit.ly/P0oFirexcellent intro to crucial area; cut out & keep (v @monkchips)

How Norwegians Reacted to Terrorism - http://bit.ly/PHbrEP "no changes to law to increase powers of police and security services, " kudos

#Canonical’s Unity Interface Reaches #Fedora - http://bit.ly/NGsHM1 potentially quite big #gnulinux

Guinea’s attempts to keep billions of mining assets falter - http://bit.ly/LHzW2Rthe vultures descend #resources #china

re Schneier blog post: Cyber-censorship in #Norway - http://bit.ly/MW9dzQgreat summary of what's currently happening (v @berrydm)

Privacy International commences legal action against UK government for exports of surveillance technologies - http://bit.ly/NYXmpX wow, bold

iPhone Sales Slow as Buyers Wait for Next Model - http://on.mash.to/P1u0GjOsborne effect strikes again... #apple

US maps Afghanistan’s geology… from 50,000 feet - http://bit.ly/LHFdHJ not that they have any plans to dig up bits of it soon... #mining

RT @Eaterofsun"US droughts have, for most part, become shorter, less frequent & less severe over the last century." http://bit.ly/P1AVPG 

Is European Commission sweet on land grabbing? Trade benefits, sugarcane concessions and dispossession in #Cambodia - http://bit.ly/OTzEX5

"Only people who do lousy work do it for free." - http://bit.ly/MCXJmW as GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap all prove... (v @wendyg)

Harsh Tweet Gets Fan Kicked Out Of Nerd Rapper's Show -http://bit.ly/PAm27O amazing tale

Broadcasting organizations (and MPA) views on why they need a treaty -http://bit.ly/NGDFkz risibly incoherent

UN torture expert banned from testifying at Manning hearings! -http://bit.ly/NrDOLl not that US has anything to fear here (v @birgittaj)

Australia Judge Calls Apple-Samsung Dispute Over 3G ‘Ridiculous’ -http://bloom.bg/PJf78U quite right: bang their heads together...

BBC Worldwide Labs announces a stellar line up of technology experts for its Advisory Board - http://bbc.in/QfnvD7 never heard of any of 'em

Civil society demands a more transparent EU lobby register -http://bit.ly/PARSl4 quite right

USTR Seeks Comments, Will Hold Hearings on the Entrance of Canada and Mexico Into the #TPP - http://bit.ly/LJfx28 good; now open up fully 

"nor does it make any logical sense to provide 20 years of protection for a signal that lasts for milliseconds"- http://bit.ly/OU4Oxs nope

Tor/Forge E-Books Are Now DRM-Free - http://bit.ly/LJnynT kudos: I hope lots of new customers buy them

The Moral Hazard of #Drones - http://nyti.ms/PKmCN1 the idea struck me too, but this piece explores it better & in depth (v @petersuber)

Developer says piracy forced Dead Trigger Android game to go free -http://bit.ly/MDuPDo yes: find a model that builds on wide uptake

#Obama Administration Blocks International Treaty To Benefit The #Blind -http://huff.to/PKsAgM good to see more people waking up to this

Your Gun Culture - http://bit.ly/P3NuKe bravo: more people in the US need to have the courage to stand up and dare to say the obvious

Publishing Execs Arrested, Face Jail Time, Because Book Tells People How To Back Up DVDs - http://bit.ly/MDx0H7 really, #Japan#copyright

Public Citizen Press Release: Obama Trade Pact Could Impede ‘AIDS-Free Generation’ - http://bit.ly/SQCl0j another reason to fight #TPP

sale of village magazine barred during Olympic race - http://bit.ly/PL58jv "area would be controlled by Locog" (v @ralpost @NickCohen4)

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