Sunday, 8 July 2012


#Thunderbird: Stability and Community Innovation - the poor old bird gets it again (v @Codepope)#mozilla

official summary of #ACTA debate [pdf] - who said what (v @ronpatz)

#India to give free #generic drugs to hundreds of millions -; amazed it hasn't done this before

Can't We All Get Along: Principles Over Policy; Ideas Over Ideology - good points #internet #policy

It’s alive! Highlighting the revision history of #Wikipedia - tweaking revisions

Call it the Louis model: New website opens to help comedians sell their shows online for $5 - start of a revolution?

Organic Farmers File Appeal Against #Monsanto - let's hope they win this time

The Library of Utopia - can't we just get this sorted, please? (v @mrgunn)#opencontent #books

The Warehousing And Delivery Of Digital Goods? Nearly Free, Pretty Easy, Mostly Trivial - why #openaccess wins

not too late to send flowers to randomly-chosen MEP for rejecting #ACTA - go on, think of their faces...

BitTorrent Turns Web Browsers Into a File-Sharing Hub - more interesting innovation here

STUDY: Media Avoid Climate Context In Wildfire Coverage - see no evil, etc etc

Raspberry Pi Summer programming contest! - for young people... (no RP hardware necessary - emulators allowed...)

#Scientology memo asks members to censor critical web comments with trumped up "code of conduct" complaints - figures

Maple Seed #Drones Will Swarm The Future - clever design; worryingly simple (v @laurenweinsten)

Ex-#Nokia staff to build #MeeGo-based smartphones - hooray#linux

#Apple's Steve #Jobs Tapped France's Minitel Box For Pre-Internet Ideas - </insert obvious jokes about hypocrisy here>

States and industry get a legal smackdown on #climate - well spotted: important decision from Appeals Court

Post-#ACTA: declassified negotiation documents on criminal provisions - wow, unexpected: wonder what's in there?

Exit ACTA, Enter TPP - & arguably worse; luckily, after #SOPA &#ACTA, we know what to do (v @PostActa @access2smith)

RT @ninapaley I'm reviving Mimi & Eunice. >>1st ACTA's defeat, now this...

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