Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Dotcom judge quits the case - oh no, I feared this might happen #copyright

Thank you, Michael Tiemann! - seconded #osi

Charles Ives: Complete Chronological Catalogue - not the easiest of composers, but worth it

EU Proposes To Provide #OpenAccess To The Results Of Research It Funds - is this the tipping point?

Richard Stallman Speaks About UEFI - no surprises, but worthing his views #rms

Sakehe - "a group of words the meaning of which is not well understood"; fab stuff #ainu #linguistics

European consultation on #GM animals - good summary of ways in which you can respond #eu

Secrecy bids in Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit denied - right, too

Help OSI - Complete Our Survey! - sensible move

#Anonymous statement re. #ITU - interesting world where anonymous is (rightly) criticising institutions in this way

re OSI survey - seems it's from February...sorry about that

#OSI Announces Individual Membership - "non-profit organization that advocates for #opensource software"

Pro-Copyright Judges Never Drop Cases Over Conflicts, So Why Does Megaupload Judge Have To Step Down? - great point

Digital Economy Act: Respond or Repeal? - there's an#ofcom consultation that needs a response by next week #deact

PI founder Simon Davies to assess data protection reforms for the European Parliament - should be good

Legal warfare behind it, Google finally adds books to its Play store in France - what a struggle... #ebooks

#ACTA ratification faces #NZ hurdles - this is big: another country slamming the brakes on (v @PostActa @dairyflat)

Human rights issues with the draft Communications Data Bill - time to fight back

Snooper's Charter: a Bill without a proposal - betrayal not enough: UK gov wants to play dirty, too...

MP To Form Icelandic Pirate Party - surprised there isn't one already #is

Governments don’t have websites: Governments are websites - thought-provoking perspective

RT @PostActa here is the resolution @senadomexicano will present today to demand removal of mx signature from ‪#ACTA‬

Hong Kong Imported 10 Million Kilograms of Shark Fins Last Year - shame on #hongkong - & #spain, apparently (v @BoraZ)

US And EU Still Clueless About What The #SOPA And #ACTA Defeats Really Mean - read & weep

The More America Spends On The Drug War, The Cheaper Drugs Become - spectacular failure (v @eur_1965 @sdw)

#AU Downloads: 'It's cheaper to pay a wage, fly to the US and back twice' - shameless stuff (v @piawaugh @caitlen)

Thai Civil Society Groups Oppose Patent Application for HIV/AIDS Treatment - good to see #th

Easier to sell than hot dogs: the human tissue industry revealed - "a body can be worth up to $200,000"

Pi in the sky - "Raspberry Pi with a webcam and GPS up to a hydrogen balloon, which got nearly 40km up"

MIT Economist: Here's How #Copyright Laws Impoverish Wikipedia - by the numbers (v @tvol)

How free is my phone? - good question; here's the answer

Apple Has To Advertise That Samsung's 'Not Cool' Tablet Is No iPad Copycat - pretty bonkers all round...

Who needs data? Google launches Gmail SMS in #Africa - outside the (email) box....

Court May Order Google to Censor ‘Torrent,’ ‘RapidShare’ and ‘Megaupload’ - more bad stuff

Dominican Republic Files WTO Case Over Australian Tobacco Packaging - pathetic

Has Facebook started its inevitable decline? - well, course...

WikiLeaks calls for donations, dares Visa/MasterCard to shut them down - hmm

#Shell Oil's Social Media Nightmare Continues - couldn't happen to a nicer greedy, callous polluter

Help the O’Reilly animals - great idea - and about time, too...

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