Saturday, 21 July 2012


[RT from yesterday] Global Warming's Terrifying New Math - superb, fact-based piece from Bill McKibben

Shameful: US Secrecy Holding Up Treaty To Help #Blind Access Copyrighted Works - this makes my blood boil

Look Out Reddit, Wikia Is On The Rise As Hollywood Turns To Community For The Dark Knight Rises - ah, #wikia

Autonomy Founder Lynch Said To Plan London Technology Fund - another nice boost for #london

City of Berlin owes trillions of euros to small town - so is that simple or compound interest?

C.P.E. Bach: Complete Keyboard Music (BIS) on Spotify - the most original of JSB's sons

Content Is Advertising, Advertising Is Content: Media Company Buys Ad Firm That Makes Good Content - the new fluidity

Caring for My Neighbourhood - New Initiative in #Brazil - nice initiative #opendata

Crowdsourced voice recordings: towards a disruptive technology for Parkinson's disease - innovative stuff

Whooping Cough Epidemic: Blame The Anti-Vaccination Movement - this shouldn't be happening in 21st century

Introducing Ubuntu Web Apps: setting the web free of the browser - nice, but how do these fit with Mozilla's web apps? 

Fred Willard arrested for masturbating to porn because that's not what porn is for, apparently - witty + good points

"Articles funded by SCOAP3 will be available #OpenAccess in perpetuity, under a CC-BY" - more good stuff from #CERN

Red Hat, patents, software - "should be treated as they are: state-granted monopolies"

RT @DavidAllenGreen Mandatory lie detector tests? Oh dear, more legal woo-woo. Guardian: >>yup, pure trickery

Increasing demand for Munich's management tool for templates and forms - good to see it spreading #linux

Resolution Introduced To Make Public Domain Congressional Research Finally Accessible To Public - absurd still waiting

From Kenya to Madagascar: The African tech-hub boom - great to see #africa

Open Source for America Asks Administration to “Free the Code" - well, obvs: we pay for the code (v @Abridgwater)

Deceiving the law - good 2008 Nature Neuroscience editorial on why lie detectors can't be trusted (v @DavidAllenGreen)

MT @pranesh_prakash EU: still doesn't consider this Treaty for the Visually Impaired a "binding legal instrument". #sccr24 >>shame on them

Petition the Olympic sponsors not to use outrageous tax dodge granted them - five already have agreed #london2012

Freak pavement explosions have injured at least seven people in #London - huh? (v @monkchips @DawnHFoster)

MT @jonanamary This - this is beautiful. #Olympics #London2012#McDonalds #graffiti (v @Eaterofsun) clever

US pushed to reform cotton subsidies in farm bill as Brazil watches - potentially big

RT @jamie_love US and EU pushing to move from the open session to the closed informals. #sccr24 >>shameful lack of transparency again

41,7 Grad im Death Valley: Meteorologen messen n√§chtlichen Hitze-Weltrekord - how long before 42? 43...?

Alternative Tube Maps - "a map populated with data on life expectancy & child poverty for each Tube station." striking

Quick Update on WIPO SCCR 24 Meeting on The treaty for People with Disabilities - summary of bad US & EU behaviour

#London2012: Coe sparks Olympics sponsorship row - what a pathetic figure he cuts here (v @DavidAllenGreen)

Murder rate falls as crime figures defy recession predictions - fascinating #uk

Couple Arrested For Dancing On NYC Subway Platform - "8 ninja cops came from out of nowhere"; nicely written piece

#Nokia Q2 Results: Bad bad and will be even more bad -, this is harsh: "history of the worst CEO of all time"

US Now Supporting Ridiculous Broadcast Treaty; Suggests It Could Cover Internet Too - new way of enclosing #PD content

#Chromium beta now available for the #RaspberryPi - first of many ports, doubtless

The lost decade of digital music sales - the figures (and graphs) speak for themselves

#Transparency in European Parliament: an academic exercise - slight progress, more needed #eu

Some maths behind the #G4S £284m contract - interesting numbers

FTAs not cause of trade boom in Asia, says ADB - worth bearing in mind for #TPP

Users Rise Up To Get YouTube MP3 Downloader Re-Instated - people power

Quick Notes from NGOs intervention from the floor during SCCR24 - so looks like Martin Pratt is the problem

#Genetherapy nears approval in Europe - pretty big if this goes through

Just say ‘No’ - "Parliament realises that it is only EU body that has democratic legitimacy" (v @teirdes)#ACTA

Obama Talks Toxic Clouds And Runaway Trains, But The Real Cybersecurity Solution Is Still Simple And Obvious - cyberFUD

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