Tuesday, 10 July 2012


“… consider it a Braxton Hick…” - http://bit.ly/MQiu1X wherein Mr Gove of this parish emerges with credit... #education #opendata

EU Council #transparency improves one notch - http://bit.ly/NTm7hD makes pleasant change

John #Adams: Complete Chronological Collection, So Far - http://bit.ly/NTmlFA fab music. true fact: I met him in an Edinburgh disco once

Judge: #TPB Green Proxy Host must also offline - http://bit.ly/NTnZqL more BREIN pointlessness, of course (v @AdV007)

#India Handset Manufacturers Revenues–HTC & Samsung Register Growth. Nokia drops, but is still #1 - http://bit.ly/PyJVxD #samsung soars away

Driven by #Android#smartphone shipments overtake feature phones for the first time in #China - http://tnw.co/NdPRce this was predictable

[RT] The Warehousing And Delivery Of Digital Goods? Nearly Free, Pretty Easy, Mostly Trivial - http://bit.ly/PumOFJ marginal vs fixed costs

Reforming #Copyright Is Possible - http://bit.ly/LXXNiQ how to liberate hostage ("orphan") works (v @technollama @ronanmkennedy)

Help Stop Software Patents in Europe (Again) - http://bit.ly/MQyGjG a quick letter to JURI MEPs today, please, if possible #swpats

UK Ministry of Defence Close To Gaining Patent On Key #GPS Technology; US Not Amused - http://bit.ly/Mg8Thf boot on other foot

great to see lots of people still sending flowers to MEPs for their rejection of #ACTA -http://bit.ly/NoaqBM why not join in?

Open Source License Compendium Manifesto - http://bit.ly/Nispra "how to to use#OpenSource Software in a regular manner" (v @dozykraut)

#KDE: Rely on #Qt, protect Qt's freedom, contribute to it - http://bit.ly/NUaeZ2 makes sense

Flower Shower Over European Parliament - http://bit.ly/McMLrX "looked like a florist’s shop, with bunches of flowers on every flat surface"

#SouthKorea must be dissuaded from resuming #whaling - http://bit.ly/OpZ4wg good background

Virtual Choir 3 Featured in the Olympic Celebrations - http://bit.ly/Nfd1Q5 nice#whitacre #london2012

Macmillan Knows #Publishing Is Doomed, So It’s Funding the Future -http://bit.ly/NCJs9m interesting (v @McDawg& +Heather Morrison)

Apple’s tablets are ‘cooler’ than Samsung’s, UK judge rules - http://bit.ly/MdAcHxbonkers

#ACTA's Back: European Commission Trying To Sneak In Worst Parts Using Canada-EU Trade Agreement As A Trojan Horse - http://bit.ly/Oq1jj7

#Kickstarter will start allowing #UK residents to create #crowdfunding projects this autumn - http://tnw.co/MVlERl at last; good news

European Parliament showered with flowers over #ACTA rejection -http://bit.ly/Na7Otu good vibes in the EP; MEPs impressed apparently

How Big Music Threatened Startups and Killed Innovation - http://bit.ly/MdK5VI truly a confederacy of dunces

VoiceBunny Launches “CrowdVoicing” Service, Aims To Be The Amazon Mechanical Turk of Voiceovers - http://tcrn.ch/MVBQ5d unusual

Chinese Companies Again Using Patents To Punish Foreign Competitors -http://bit.ly/MgURvO hey, US, sure you want stronger patents here?

Lamar Smith Looking To Sneak Through #SOPA In Bits & Pieces, Starting With Expanding Hollywood's Global Police Force - http://bit.ly/PHtS1E

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