Monday, 2 July 2012


Is the EPP Group in Euro Parliament Trying a Last-Minute Coup on #ACTA? - outrageous if they are

Two job openings on the #FSF campaigns team - US only

Kansas Board of Health Revokes License of Doctor for Not Forcing Ten-Year-Olds to Give Birth - truly shameful

Hacking festival attracts 500 aspiring young coders - stuff #uk

Stir To Action #Kickstarter - "book will feature a selection of the most inspiring and transformative stories"

#FSF recommendations for free operating system distributions considering Secure Boot - good analysis

Webhost Refuses To Censor Its Own ‘Pirate Bay’ Anti-Censorship Tool - #BREIN again, of course...

Why the UK Communications Data Bill could be a PR disaster for the government - good analysis of why 

Music Piracy Is NOT a Problem, It’s an Excuse - thoughts from someone in music business

#ACTA procedural tricks alert - more thoughts on worrying threat this week

Why the European Council has killed any workable EU patent - let's hope; but I'm not convinced yet (v @jwildeboer)

The Agribusiness Coup in #Paraguay: Monsanto’s latest assault on democracy - astonishing & troubling if confirmed

Pharma giant failed to report 80,000 drug files on patient reactions to drugs - oh, how convenient...

Bund stellt Geodaten kostenfrei bereit - big win for#opengeodata#ordnancesurvey pl. note

How to write about technology - agreed: Neal Stephenson is peerless; quoted piece is best article Wired ever carried

#Gmail overtakes #Hotmail as world's largest email service - another milestone in the decline of #Microsoft

The Libor Scandal and the Price of Prosperity - deliriously over-the-top analysis, and quite right

Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7 Inch 4GB Camera: £43 - this is why #android is unbeatable in the long run (v @popey)

Drug-Sniffing #Drones Take Flight Over Bolivia - wow, soon they'll hunt us down by smell...

#Android ADK2012 is here and is powered by #Arduino technology - nice combo

RT @tom_watson Shetland asks if independence vote is chance to break from Scotland >>time for return to city states?

Did Jesus ever ride on a dinosaur? now the truth can be told - glad we got that one sorted out (v @DavidAllenGreen)

A Telling Language Lesson in #HongKong - "might as well have knelt before Mr. Hu in full kowtow" (v @GraniteStudio)

Millionen Amerikaner leiden unter Hitzewelle und Stürmen - job it's only the weather, and not the #climate

Azerbaijan: In a Pop-Music World, Still Moved by Mugam - good bkgrnd on a beautiful art form (v @Moonna87 @onewmphoto)

RT @EDRi_org MEPs just need to be at plenary tomorrow. S/D & Greens are both having grp meeting just before, so the numbers seem ok #ACTA

GOP leader On 30 Million Uninsured: 'That Is Not The Issue' - unless you're one of them, of course (v @laurenweinstein)

Remembering or Re-imagining British Hong Kong? - stuff (v @markmackinnon)

Turn Any TV Into a Smart One with This Awesome Gadget - more clever #android stuff: don't expect this on iOS soon

#London Sees A 43% Rise In Rough Sleeping - really bad

FunnyJunk lawyer aims to halt distribution of "BearLove" money - how much does this man want to be hated?

#GNU/#Linux Screenshots Directory - 100s of distros for your delectation - very impressive

Police fear repeat of summer riots - so make it an olympic event, let #london2012 SS deal with it... (v @AlexiMostrous)

Priceless Victorian rubbish found in Greenwich landmark - in pictures - well, imagine

This Week We Kill #ACTA – Or Get Locked Down In Monopolies For Decades - "in polite, courteous, and personal words"

How to spoof GPS to (potentially) take over a #drone - cut out and keep for future reference...

Civilian drones vulnerable to hackers, can be hijacked, used as missiles - interestinger & interestinger (v @drones)

"a government-approved "black box" which will decrypt the message" - but how??? (v @glynwintle @Info_Activism)#uk

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