Saturday, 7 July 2012


Richard #ODwyer extradition opposed by vast majority in UK - no surprise; so listen, Mrs May...

Here comes Skynet: Army #drones almost ready to share sky with airlines - inevitable

Digital Music Sales Up 14% So Far This Year - "sales of vinyl albums grew just as fast as digital sales": oh look

Paper reveals #NZ Govt #copyright advice - some grounds for hope? (v @samrussellnz)

Now anyone in the UK can be an early stage startup investor as Seedrs launches - interesting approach

How software-defined radio could revolutionize wireless - this will be big; #opensource leads the way, too

a quick reminder it would be nice to send flowers to a randomly-chosen MEP who rejected #ACTA - I sent mine yesterday

#EU Directive On #OrphanWorks So Bad It Makes Things Worse - is really disgraceful #copyright

RT @9600 if you don't have one already you need to get an rtl-sdr compatible USB dongle: … . Too much fun for ~£20

Software-defined Radio on a Shoestring - nice intro#opensource

UK government proposal to modernize #copyright underlines failure of EU approach to hostage works - #orphanworks

'Web snooping' inquiry: Public input sought - "call for evidence ends in August." we must act on this #uk

ITU-Mitgliedsstaaten streiten über Geheimhaltung - transparency indispensable for Net discussions (v @netzpolitik)

here's a new term for me: "Big Knowledge", i.e. Wikipedia & Google, in opposition to "Big Content" - nice (v @mmasnick)

Béla #Bartók: Complete Chronological Catalogue - one of my favourite composers: I've been waiting for this one...

Say hello to the Skype mafia - nice research 

Netz-Sperren wegen Urheberrecht: Österreich fragt Europa, Spanien sperrt - key issue here #censorship

#Amazon Reportedly Plans #Smartphone - they'd be crazy not to#android

Kommission warnt vor dem Verzehr von Walfleisch - so people who eat whale are poisoning themselves...

Judge Posner: Do Most Industries Even Need #Patents? - more people are asking this question at last

Aftermath of The Pirate Bay trial: Peter Sunde's Plea, in his own words - long but important; #sweden's disgrace

#Twitter to Announce a Big Search and Discovery Change Today - you mean something that is actually halfway useful?

If Hackers Didn't Exist, Governments Would Have to Invent Them - demonisation is key issue in post-SOPA/ACTA world

How Getting Internet Provisions Right In #TPP Trade Talks Could Boost Economy For All - pushback against media cos.

Throwing out #Acta will not bring a free internet, but cultural disaster - comments call out this tosh (v @PostActa)

New EU law to prevents private data cloud rummaging - this is important (v @AdV007)#privacy #cloud

Will Failures Of #SOPA & #ACTA Highlight The End Of The MPAA & RIAA's Disproportionate Influence On Policy? - hoping

ITU To Hold High-Level Talks On “Innovation-Stifling, Rampant” Patent Litigation - time to move from #FRAND to #RF

Be a test pilot for the ultimate developer laptop - (#Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with#Ubuntu 12.04LTS) - hmmm

In Supreme Court Filing, Libraries Say Decision in Wiley Suit Threatens Lending Rights - insane (v @copyrightgirl)

Could Oracle ruling lead to used e-book, music sales? - good analysis; not sure that 99-year licence trick wlll work

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